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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  USA-Texas


Country/State Lineup
Station Name TV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
KOAI Smooth Jazz 107.5 FMRadioTX, Dallas32English
KODA Sunny 99.1 FMRadioTX, Houston32English
KODA Sunny HD2RadioTX, Houston32English
KOHM South Plains Public Radio 89.1 FMRadioTX, Lubbock64English
KOOI 106.5 FMRadioTX, Longview32English
KOOP 91.7 FMRadioTX, Austin56English
KOVE Recuerdo 106.5 FMRadioTX, Houston32English
KOYE La Invasora 96.7 FMRadioTX, Longview32Spanish
KPFT 90.1 FMRadioTX, Houston24English
KPRC 950 AMRadioTX, Houston32English
KPTY Party 104.9 FMRadioTX, Houston32Spanish
KQBU Que Buena 93.3 FMRadioTX, Houston32Spanish
KQQK XO 107.9 FMRadioTX, Houston32Spanish
KQRX Bob 95.1 FMRadioTX, Midland20English
KQXT Q 101.9 FMRadioTX, San Antonio20English
KQXT Q Smooth Jazz HD2RadioTX, San Antonio32English
KQXX Classic Rock HD2RadioTX, McAllen32English
KQXX Oldies 105.5 FMRadioTX, McAllen32English
KRGE Radio Vida 1290 AMRadioTX, Weslaco32Spanish
KRIO Radio Esparanza 910 AMRadioTX, McAllen32Spanish
KRLD 1080 AMRadioTX, Dallas32English
KRPT The Outlaw 92.5 FMRadioTX, San Antonio32English
KRTU Jazz 91.7RadioTX, San Antonio128English
KRTX Radio Tejano 980 AMRadioTX, Houston32Spanish
KSBJ Enter His Gateso 89.3 FMRadioTX, Humble20English
KSBJ God Listens Radio 89.3 FMRadioTX, Humble32English
KSEV The Voice 700 AMRadioTX, Houston20English
KSFA 860 AMRadioTX, Lufkin32English
KSHN All Nine Radio 99.9 FMRadioTX, Liberty20English
KSII Kiss 93.1 FMRadioTX, El Paso32English
KSKY 660 AMRadioTX, Dallas32English
KSLR The Word 630 AMRadioTX, San Antonio20English
KSWP 90.9 FMRadioTX, Lufkin32English
KTBZ Liquid Buzz HD2RadioTX, Houston32English
KTBZ The Buzz 94.5 FMRadioTX, Houston32English
KTCU The Choice 88.7 FMRadioTX, Fort Worth64English
KTEP 88.5 FMRadioTX, El Paso21English
KTEX 100.3 FMRadioTX, Harlinghen32English
KTEX Classic Country HD2RadioTX, Harlinghen32English
KTKR The Ticket 760 AMRadioTX, San Antonio32English
KTRH 740 AMRadioTX, Houston32English
KTRH Newsradio HD2RadioTX, Houston32English
KTRU 91.7 FMRadioTX, Houston44English
KTSA 550 AMRadioTX, San Antonio24English
KTSU NPR 90.9 FMRadioTX, Houston192English
KTXK 91.5 FMRadioTX, Texarcana22English
KTYS The Twister 96.7 FMRadioTX, Arlington32English
KUHF 88.7 FMRadioTX, Houston128English
KUT 90.5 FMRadioTX, Austin32English

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