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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  USA-Texas


Country/State Lineup
Station Name TV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
KHKX Country Kicks 99.1 FMRadioTX, Oddesa20English
KHKZ Hot Kiss 106.3 FMRadioTX, Dallas32English
KHKZ Hot Kiss 106.3 FMRadioTX, McAllen32English
KHKZ Hot Kiss HD2RadioTX, Dallas32English
KHMX Mix 96.5 FMRadioTX, McAllen32English
KHMX Mix 96.5 FMRadioTX, Houston32English
KHMX Mix HD2RadioTX, McAllen32English
KHOY Catholic Radio 88.1 FMRadioTX, Laredo20English
KHYI 95.3 FMRadioTX, Plano32English
KIIZ Z 92.3 FMRadioTX, Killeen32English
KILE 1560 AMRadioTX, Houston32Multilanguage
KILT 100.3 FMRadioTX, Houston32English
KILT Sports Radio 610 AMRadioTX, Houston32English
KINV Recuerdo 107.7 FMRadioTX, Austin32Spanish
KIOC Big Dog 106.1 FMRadioTX, Beaumont32English
KIXL The Word 970 AMRadioTX, Austin16English
KJAK Christian Radio 92.7 FMRadioTX, Lubbock16English
KJIC Christian Music 90.5 FMRadioTX, Santa Fe24English
KJIC Gospel Music Blue 90.5 FMRadioTX, Santa Fe24English
KJKK Jack 100.3 FMRadioTX, Dallas32English
KJRT Kingdom Keys Network 88.3 FMRadioTX, Amarillo128English
KJYO KJ 103.3 FMRadioTX, Nacogdoches32English
KJYO KJ HD2RadioTX, Nacogdoches32English
KKHS Student RadioRadioTX, Dallas56English
KKHT The Word 100.7 FMRadioTX, Houston16English
KKRW The Arrow 93.7 FMRadioTX, Houston32English
KKRW The Loop HD2RadioTX, Houston32English
KKUS The Ranch 104.1 FMRadioTX, Tyler32English
KLAQ 95.5 FMRadioTX, El Paso32English
KLAT La Tremenda 1010 AMRadioTX, Dallas32English
KLBJ 590 AMRadioTX, Austin16English
KLBJ 93.7 FMRadioTX, Austin32English
KLGO The Word 99.3 FMRadioTX, Austin16English
KLLI Free 105.3 AMRadioTX, Dallas32English
KLOL Mega 101.1 FMRadioTX, Houston32English
KLTN Estereo Latino 102.9 FMRadioTX, Houston32Spanish
KLTY 94.1 FMRadioTX, Dallas24English
KLUP 930 AMRadioTX, San Antonio20English
KLUX 89.5 FMRadioTX, Corpus Christi32English
KLVI 560 AMRadioTX, Beaumont32English
KMBH 88.1 FMRadioTX, Harlingen32English
KMFA 89.5 FMRadioTX, Austin128English
KMIL 1330 AMRadioTX, Cameron24English
KMJI Magic 93.3 FMRadioTX, Texarkana68English
KNFX Fox 99.5 FMRadioTX, Bryan32English
KNLE Candle 88.1 FMRadioTX, Austin20English
KNON 89.3 FMRadioTX, Dallas32English
KNTH 1070 AMRadioTX, Houston32English
KNTO Radio Vida 1440 AMRadioTX, Dallas16Spanish

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