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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  USA-Texas


Country/State Lineup
Station Name TV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
KAAM Legends 770 AMRadioTX, Dallas32English
KACV 89.9 FMRadioTX, Amarillo32English
KAFX KFox 95.5 FMRadioTX, Lufkin32English
KAGG Aggie 96 FMRadioTX, Bryan32English
KAJA KJ-97 97.3 FMRadioTX, San Antonio32English
KAMU 90.9 FMRadioTX, Bryan176English
Kamu Radio 90.9 FMRadioTX, Tamu180English
KANM 99.9 FMRadioTX, Bryan128English
KBAL Texas 106.1 FMRadioTX, San Saba32English
KBAL Texas 1410 AMRadioTX, San Saba24English
KBBT The Beat 98.5 FMRadioTX, San Antonio32English
KBEC Classic Country 1390 AMRadioTX, Waxahachie27English
KBFM Wild 104 FMRadioTX, Harlingen32English
KBFM Wild HD2RadioTX, Harlingen32English
KBGO Oldies 95.1 FMRadioTX, Waco32English
KBJS 90.3 FMRadioTX, Jacksonville32English
KBME The Sports Animal 790 AMRadioTX, Houston32English
KBNJ 91.7 FMRadioTX, Austin32English
KBRQ The Bear 102.5 FMRadioTX, Waco32English
KCBI 90.9 FMRadioTX, Fort Worth20English
KCJZ Power 106.7 FMRadioTX, San Antonio32English
KCLW Classic Country 900 AMRadioTX, Hamilton32English
KCOR 95.Recuerdo 1 FMRadioTX, San Antonio32Spanish
KCTI 1450 AMRadioTX, Gonzales32English
KCYY Y100 FMRadioTX, San Antonio32English
KDBN The Bone 93.3 FMRadioTX, Dallas32English
KDGE The Edge 102.1 FMRadioTX, Dallas32English
KDMX Mix 102.9 FMRadioTX, Dallas32English
KDXX Radio La Picuda 107.1 FMRadioTX, Dallas32Spanish
KEBE 1400 AMRadioTX, Jacksonville128English
KEGL LA Preciosa 97.1 FMRadioTX, Dallas32Spanish
KELZ Power 106.7 FMRadioTX, San Antonio32English
KERA 90.1 FMRadioTX, Dallas24English
KESS La Buena 107.9 FMRadioTX, Dallas32Spanish
KEYE 1400 AMRadioTX, Perryton20English
KEYE 96.1 FMRadioTX, Perryton32English
KFMK Jammin 105.9 FMRadioTX, Austin32English
KFMK La Preciosa HD2RadioTX, Austin32Spanish
KFZO La Kalle 99.1 FMRadioTX, Dallas32Spanish
KGNC FM 97.9 FMRadioTX, Amarillo32English
KGNZ 88.1 FMRadioTX, Austin32English
KGSR 107.1 FMRadioTX, Austin20English
KGWP Radio Impacto 91.1 FMRadioTX, Pittsburg20Spanish
KHCB Radio Network 105.7 FMRadioTX, Houston96English
KHCB Red de Radio Amistad 1400 AMRadioTX, Houston96Spanish
KHFI Kiss 96.7 FMRadioTX, Austin32English
KHFI New CHR HD2RadioTX, Austin32English
KHJZ Smooth Jazz 95.7 FMRadioTX, Houston32English
KHKS Kiss 106.1 FMRadioTX, Dallas32English
KHKS Kiss 106.1 FMRadioTX, Dallas32English

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