Internet radio stations and TV online from Louisiana - USA

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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  USA-Louisiana


Country/State Lineup
Station Name TV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
KBZE The Breeze 105.9 FMRadioLA, Morgan City32English
KEUN Air America 1490 AMRadioLA, Eunice24English
KEUN Best Country 105.5 FMRadioLA, Eunice48English
KFTE Planet Radio 96.5 FMRadioLA, Lafayette32English
KHEV The Rock of New Orleans 104.1 FMRadioLA, New Orleans32English
KHLL The Hill 100.9 FMRadioLA, West Monroe20English
KJMJ Radio Maria 580 AMRadioLA, Alexandria16English
KLRZ The Rajun Kajun 100.3 FMRadioLA, Larose32English
KLSA Red River Radio 90.7 FMRadioLA, Shreveport24English
KMLB 1440 AMRadioLA, Monroe32English
KQXL 106.5 FMRadioLA, Baton Rouge32English
KRMD Super Talk 1340 AMRadioLA, Shreveport32English
KRVE The River 96.1 FMRadioLA, Baton Rouge32English
KRVS Radio Acadie 88.7 FMRadioLA, Lafayette24English
KSLU Alternative Public Radio 90.9 FMRadioLA, Hammond128English
KTDY 99.9 FMRadioLA, Lafayette32English
KTGV The Groove 105.1 FMRadioLA, Jonesville32English
KUMX Hallelujah Worldwide 106.7 FMRadioLA, New Orleans64English
KVPI Oldies 92.5 FMRadioLA, Ville Platte32English
KXKS Kiss Country 93.7 FMRadioLA, Shreveport32English
KXUL 91X 91.1 FMRadioLA, Monroe10English
WCDV Sunny 103.3 FMRadioLA, Baton Rouge32English
WERX Max 94.1 FMRadioLA, Baton Rouge32English
WEZB B 97 FMRadioLA, New Orleans32English
WFMF 102.5 FMRadioLA, Baton Rouge64English
WIST 690 AMRadioLA, New Orleans56English
WJBO 1150 AMRadioLA, Baton Rouge48English
WJFM Jimmy Swaggart Ministries 88.5 FMRadioLA, Baton Rouge32English
WKBU Bayou 95.7 FMRadioLA, New Orleans32English
WLMG Magic 101.9 FMRadioLA, Metairie32English
WLNO 1060 AMRadioLA, New Orleans32English
WNOE 101.1 FMRadioLA, New Orleans32English
WODT Sports Radio 1280 AMRadioLA, New Orleans32English
WQUE Q 93 FMRadioLA, New Orleans32English
WRKF 89.3 FMRadioLA, Baton Rouge24English
WRNO The New Voice 99.5 FMRadioLA, New Orleans32English
WSHO Sonshine 800 AMRadioLA, New Orleans20English
WSKR The Score 1210 AMRadioLA, Baton Rouge32English
WTKL Kool 105.3 FMRadioLA, New Orleans32English
WWL 870 AMRadioLA, New Orleans32English
WWNO 89.9 FMRadioLA, New Orleans32English
WWOZ 90.7 FMRadioLA, New Orleans24English
WXOK Heaven 1460 AMRadioLA, Baton Rouge32English
WYLD 98 FMRadioLA, New Orleans32English
WYNK 101.5 FMRadioLA, Baton Rouge32English

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