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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  Korea


Country/State Lineup
Station Name TV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
Jeonju MBC 94.3 FMRadioJeonju64Korean
Jeonju MBC AMRadioJeonju64Korean
Jeonju MBC TVTVJeonju200Korean
JTV 90.1 FMRadioJeonju64Korean
K TVTVSeoul300Korean
KBC FMRadioSeoul64Korean
KBS Channel 1TVSeoul150Korean
KBS Channel 2TVSeoul150Korean
KBS World Channel 1RadioSeoul32Multilanguage
KBS World Channel 2RadioSeoul32Multilanguage
KCTV Channel 5TVSeoul300Korean
Kfish TVTVSeoul273Korean
Masan MBC 98.9 FMRadioSeoul64Korean
Masan MBC 990 AMRadioSeoul64Korean
Masan MBC TVTVSeoul300Korean
MBN TVTVSeoul200Korean
Mokpo MBC 102.3 FMRadioMokpo48Korean
Mokpo MBC AMRadioMokpo48Korean
Mokpo MBC TVTVMokpo200Korean
PBC 105.3 FMRadioSeoul32Korean
PBC TVTVSeoul250Korean
RTN TVTVSeoul200Korean
Samcheok MBC AMRadioSeoul64Korean
Samcheok MBC FMRadioSeoul64Korean
Samcheok MBC TVTVSeoul270Korean
TBC Dream FMRadioSeoul96Korean
TBC TVTVTaequ350Korean
TBS 95.1 FMRadioSeoul64Korean
TBS TVTVSeoul150Korean
UBC TV Channel 1TVUlsan300Korean
UBC TV Channel 1TVUlsan300Korean
Ulsan MBC 98.7 FMRadioSeoul64Korean
Ulsan MBC AMRadioSeoul64Korean
Ulsan MBC TVTVSeoul273Korean
Wonju MBC 1242 AMRadioSeoul64Korean
Wonju MBC 98.9 FMRadioSeoul64Korean
Wonju MBC TVTVSeoul221Korean
WOW TVTVSeoul200Korean
Yeosu MBC AMRadioSeoul96Korean
Yeosu MBC FMRadioSeoul96Korean
Yeosu MBC TVTVSeoul350Korean
YS MBCTVSeoul350Korean
YTN TVTVSeoul200Korean

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