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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  USA-Illinois


Country/State Lineup
Station Name TV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
WJMK Jack 104.3 FMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WJOL 1340 AMRadioIL, Joliet32English
WKRS 1220 AMRadioIL, Waukegan32English
WKSC KISS 103.5 FMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WKSO Kiss 97.3 FMRadioIL, Natchez32English
WLIT The Lite 93.9 FMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WLS 890 AMRadioIL, Chicago24English
WLTL Rock 88.1 FMRadioIL, La Grande40English
WLUW 88.7 FMRadioIL, Chicago128English
WMAY 970 AMRadioIL, Springfield32English
WMVP ESPN Radio 1000 AMRadioIL, Chicago30English
WNNS Lite Rock 99 FMRadioIL, Riverton32English
WNOI 104 FMRadioIL, Flora96English
WNTA 1330 AMRadioIL, Rockford32English
WNUA Smooth Jazz 95.5 FMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WNUR 89.3 FMRadioIL, Chicago128English
WNVR Polskie Radio 1030 AMRadioIL, Chicago64Polish
WNWI 1080 AMRadioIL, Chicago32Multilanguage
WOJO La que Buena 105.1 FMRadioIL, Chicago32Spanish
WONC Pure Rock 89.9 FMRadioIL, Naperville44English
WONU Shine 89.7 FMRadioIL, Bourbonnais64English
WPGU 107.1 FMRadioIL, Champaign128English
WPNA 1490 AMRadioIL, Chicago128Multilanguage
WPPN Pasion 106.7 FMRadioIL, Chicago32Spanish
WPWX Power 92 FMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WQFL Positive Hit Radio 101.0 FMRadioIL, Rockford32English
WQLZ The Rock Station 92.7 FMRadioIL, Riverton32English
WQNA The Edge 88.3 FMRadioIL, Springfield128English
WQQB All the Hits Q 96 FMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WRLL Real Oldies 1690 AMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WRLR Radio Active 98.3 FMRadioIL, Round Lake32English
WRMN Radio Shopping Show 1410 AMRadioIL, Elgin16English
WRSE 88.7 FMRadioIL, Elmhurst128English
WRTB Bob 95.3 FMRadioIL, Rockford32English
WRXQ The Southlands Classic Rock 100.7 FMRadioIL, Joliet32English
WRZA 99.9 FMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WSCR The Score 670 AMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WSRB Soul 106.3 FMRadioIL, Chicago48English
WSSR Star 96.7 FMRadioIL, Joliet32English
WSTW FMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WSWT Lite Rock 107 FMRadioIL, Peoria32English
WTAO Rock 105 FMRadioIL, Marion32English
WTMX The Mix 101.9 FMRadioIL, Chicago128English
WTRX The Oldies Channel 93.7 FMRadioIL, Pontiac32English
WUIS 91.9 FMRadioIL, Springfield24English
WUSN US 99.5 FMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WVIK Augustana 90.3 FMRadioIL, Rock Island56English
WVIL 101.3 FMRadioIL, Chatham32English
WVIV Radio La Kalle 103.1 FMRadioIL, Chicago32Spanish

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