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Internet Radio stations and Television channels from::  USA-Illinois


Country/State Lineup
Station Name TV/RadioCitySpeedLanguage
3ABN RadioRadioIL, West Frankfort32English
KXEN 1010 AMRadioIL, Mitchell16English
Radio Antioch 1710 AMRadioIL, Antioch24English
WBBM B 96 FMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WBEZ Chicago Public Radio 91.5 FMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WBGL Family Friendly Radio 91.7 FMRadioIL, Champaign32English
WBIG Radio Shopping Show 1280 AMRadioIL, Aurora32English
WBNQ 101.5 FMRadioIL, Bloomington32English
WBNQ 101.5 FMRadioIL, Bloomington32English
WBWN B 104 FMRadioIL, Bloomington32English
WBWN B 104 FMRadioIL, Bloomington32English
WCAZ 990 AMRadioIL, Carthage9English
WCBU 89.9 FMRadioIL, Peoria128English
WCCQ 98.3 FMRadioIL, Joliet48English
WCIC Family Friendly Radio 91.5 FMRadioIL, Peoria32English
WCKG Free 105.9 FMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WCPT 850 AMRadioIL, Chicago24English
WCRX 88.1 FMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WCSU The Flight 610 AMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WCVS Classic Rock 96.7 FMRadioIL, Springfield32English
WDBX 91.1 FMRadioIL, Carbondale64English
WDCB 90.9 FMRadioIL, Glen Ellyn32English
WDLM Moody Broadcasting Network 89.3 FMRadioIL, East Moline32English
WDRV The Dirve 97.1 FMRadioIL, Chicago16English
WEBX The Rock 93.5 FMRadioIL, Champaign32English
WEIU Hit Mix 88.9 FMRadioIL, Charleston32English
WEKZ Big Radio 1260 AMRadioIL, Freeport20English
WERV The River 95.9 FMRadioIL, Aurora32English
WFMB 104.5 FMRadioIL, Springfield32English
WFYR River Country 97.3 FMRadioIL, Peoria32English
WGCA The Mix FM 88.5 FMRadioIL, Quincy24English
WGCI 107.5 FMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WGKC Classic Rock 105.9 FMRadioIL, Champaign32English
WGLO 95.5 FMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WGLT Blues 89.1 FMRadioIL, Normal128English
WGLT News 89.1 FMRadioIL, Normal128English
WGN The Voice of Chicago 720 AMRadioIL, Chicago16English
WGRB Inspiration 1390 AMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WGRN The Grin 89.5 FMRadioIL, Greenville32English
WGTO 910 AMRadioIL, Chicago22English
WHCI Hellenic Radio 107.5 FMRadioIL, Chicago64Greek
WIBI Family Friendly Radio 89.7 FMRadioIL, Mount Vernon32English
WIDB 104.3 FMRadioIL, Carbondale64English
WIDB The Remedy 104.3 FMRadioIL, Carbondale128English
WIIT 88.9 FMRadioIL, Chicago156English
WILL 580 AMRadioIL, Urbana64English
WILV Love 100.3 FMRadioIL, Chicago32English
WIND 560 AMRadioIL, Chicago22English
WIXO The X Rocks 99.9 FMRadioIL, Peoria32English
WJBC The Voice of McLean County 1230 AMRadioIL, Bloomington24English

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