Radios With Digital Tuners

Radios With Digital Tuners are becoming more popular, with the increase in digital broadcasting. Previously radio stations were able to produce analogue signals, that were received by the standard radio tuner. This type of radios are the ones with the dial knob, which you turn to tune in to your station. With advancement in technology, radio stations are now able to relay their broadcasts in either Digital Audio Broadcast or in a “simulcast” where the analogue and digital signals are broadcasted simultaneously over a single channel. To receive these digital radio signals you need Radios With Digital Tuners. Such a radio will have a display that shows the frequency, and you have to use the +/- buttons to tune in to different frequencies. Radios With Digital Tuners also have the Auto Tune function, where your tuner will automatically scan the frequencies for the next available radio station, and tune into it. Another advantage digital tuners have over the previous ones, is the ability to preset channels on your radio. The digital tuner when coupled with a memory storage, will enable you to preset a certain number of you favourite radio stations. This will save you the time and botheration of repeatedly tuning searching and tuning these stations.

Radios With Digital Tuners use different technology from the normal FM/AM radios. The digital tuner is able to decode the digital radio signal, and the radio is able to give an audio output which you can hear. The tuner uses mp2 digital compression technology, and the digital signal cannot be decoded by an analogue radio. Also digital radio broadcasts are over a totally different set of frequencies, compared to FM/AM broadcasts. Digital broadcasts not only relay sound but also data. This allows listeners to receive any kind of data or even programs that can be run on computers. At present there is no subscription needed for receiving digital broadcasts.

Digital radio stations are transmitted in multiplexes, which are nothing but a large number of stations grouped together. It will depend on the models of the Radios With Digital Tuners, as to how many channels can be picked up. It will also depend on where you are located. If you have a sophisticated radio, and the digital tuner is able to receive a particular multiplex, then you will be able to enjoy all the channels available on that multiplex. Certain countries have national multiplexes, and you can find out the required model of digital tuner to receive all the radio stations.

Radios With Digital Tuners are available in a wide variety of models. A cheaper model will have fewer presets and may not be able to receive all the multiplexes that are available in your area. You can decide whether you want a home model or a portable model. The home models are bulky, and look like any other audio equipment. The portable ones are more versatile and can be carried anywhere. There are Radios With Digital Tuners that combine a CD player and an alarm clock. These models are very popular as they serve many functions.