Radio X Tuners

Radio X Tuners is a service run by Mike Williams, in Flint, Michigan which specializes in the repair restoration and modification of FM tuners. Mike Williams has over 25 years of experience in electronics repair. He also runs a complete audio service for all makes and models. Radio X Tuners has also been appointed the authorized dealer and service center of Blue Circle, which is a manufacturing company of hand-crafted electronics and accessories since 1988. Radio X Tuners provide a discount to all repeat customers and have a special price for members of the Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Forums.

Radio X Tuners also has a website by the same name, and is going to feature the recent audio equipments that come across the bench for repair or modification. At this time the site is featuring two rare SAE MK 8 tuners, one with a silver panel and the other in black. The Pioneer company later changed these models and renamed them. The inside is the basic tuner, using the familiar front-end which many high-end Pioneer models used during that time period. The tuner has a very sensitive 5 ganger and the IF section uses 5 ceramic filters, with a large high Q detector. The stereo demultiplexer used is the MC1310A PLL. The audio output of this tuner is very nice as it has high quality audio components and film coupling caps. The site also features Mike's own MK8, which is a black faced rack mounting unit. This tuner has been totally restored and upgraded with Stealth diodes and huge caps in the power supply, and also matched filters and two filter adder board. The result is a sensitive and nice sounding tuner of its class.

Radio X Tuners is now operating full-time since last month, and this has reduced the time needed to complete the servicing of your audio equipments. Radio X Tuners started out as a part-time hobby business, eight years ago, and now is ramping it up full-time. Previously it used to take 4 weeks to get the equipments on the bench, but now Mike hopes to significantly reduce this time. Radio X Tuners, specializes in tuner repair and sometimes the tuners that are brought in are just out of alignment. The services offered in such cases are the Standard Tune, Super tune and Extreme tune. In Standard Tune, there is a full alignment done of your FM and AM sections, including the front-end, IF, MPX and audio adjustments. Usually these alignments can be done without the manual, but if the customer is particular, then he has to provide the manual. The Super Tune includes all that is done in the Standard Tune, plus high quality gold plated sockets are installed for the IF filters, and a set of matched filters are used. The Extreme Tune service includes the previous two, plus an add-on IF filter board is added. The added filter board will be able to increase the number of filters in your tuner, and adds to the IF amplification. This will give you narrower bandwidth for DX'ing, and helps in reducing the hiss in stations. The level of the MPX section is raised so that there is more noise reduction.