Radio Tuners

The radio was, and still remains one of the major source of entertainment and news, around the world. The radio cannot function without a device called the tuner, which is able to separate the different frequencies, and tune on, to the desired one. A tuner can be classified into groups, according to the type of frequency it is designed to receive. For example we have FM tuners, AM tuners, DAB tuners, satellite radio tuners and so on. You can also classify them according to the place in which they are used like in home, or in a vehicle, or on a boat, or on a computer.

As mentioned there are many types of Radio Tuners and you have to decide what type of broadcast you want to listen to, before buying a radio tuner. There are thousands of radio stations broadcasting different programs all over the world. The common coverage of a conventional radio station is 20 to 25 kilometer radius. Whereas a satellite radio service might be able to cover a full continent. The design of the tuners also will differ accordingly. An FM tuner will be a simple device built-in to your radio or head unit of your vehicle. If you have an ordinary radio or receiver and you want to listen to a particular satellite radio service then you have to go in for such a radio tuner. Also your receiver should be compatible with this tuner.

There are hundreds of satellite radio tuners available in the market today. In the United States the two most popular satellite radio services are Sirius and XM. There are many models of Radio Tuners for these two satellite services. For example there is the Pioneer Inno, which receives XM satellite radio, is extremely compact and is the size of an iPod. You can also record live satellite radio and listen to your own stored collection of songs, with this device.
Radio Tuners are becoming more and more compact as the technology advances. There are Radio Tuners for satellite radio services that are available as Plug-and-Play devices. These portable Radio Tuners can be used at home and in your vehicle, with the proper docking units. The compatibility of Radio Tuners with different receiver sets is also increasing. There are separate adapter cables available which can interface between the tuner and receiver, to make them compatible. The Delphi Roady XT is the world's smallest plug-and-play XM satellite radio tuner. This tuner has a FM transmitter by which it can broadcast the XM radio channels, to a FM radio over its unused frequencies. This gives a wireless connectivity between the tuner and the receiver. The tuner comes with a car kit, and you can also use it at home with a home docking station or with an XM boombox. The dimensions of this tuner is only 3.7 inches wide, 2.25 inches high and just 0.615 inch deep. It weighs only 2.8 ounces. You can preset 30 of your XM favourite channels on this tuner. The front has user-friendly controls for easy access to all its features.