Radio Tuner Works Because

A tuner is an adjustable device in a radio which is able to sift through the different frequencies, and  able to tune on to a particular one. The antenna of the radio receives thousands of frequencies or Sine waves at a time. The tuner does the job of separating a single frequency from the whole lot that  the antenna receives. The Radio Tuner Works Because of a principle called resonance. The tuner is able to resonate at the same rate as the needed frequency, and is able to magnify that particular frequency, ignoring all the others. The tuner or resonator can easily be created with a capacitor and an inductor.

The function of the tuner is to cause the radio to receive, just one frequency or sine wave. The Radio Tuner Works Because the inductor and capacitor are connected in parallel, and the capacitor is made the variable. This will create a resonant circuit, that responds to an alternating current of one frequency. After the tuner separates the required frequency, the audio has to be extracted from this sine wave. This is the job of the demodulator, which is made up of a electronic component called the diode. After that the radio amplifies the output of the diode and sends it to the speakers where you hear the audio. This simple set up of tuner and demodulator is called a crystal set or a simple radio receiver.

Radio Tuners in the 1980's and 1990's were designed for receiving the AM/FM broadcast bands. FM became more popular because of stereo and music broadcasting. After with the advancement in technology, satellite radio has become very famous and tuners are designed to receive the particular signals of satellite radio. Radio tuners have become more complex and have many more features but the basic principle of resonance is still the same, and still Radio Tuners Work Because of this.

There is another type of radio tuner which allows transmission rather than receiving a frequency. This is called an antenna tuner, and allows a transmitter to be efficiently operated with antennas. You can operate an antenna system over a wide range of frequencies with this type of tuner.

The radio tuner has evolved from the simplest of designs consisting of capacitor and inductor to the most complex and compact satellite radio tuners. Most radio tuners are a built-in device inside a radio. But there are many tuners that are sold separately, that have to be connected to a receiver or radio. These type of tuners usually have a particular design that will make them receive a signal that the receiver is unable to receive. For example a satellite radio tuner needs to be attached to a receiver that does not have the capacity to receive satellite radio signals. The tuner has to be connected to the receiver which is compatible, with a connecting cable. The tuner will receive the satellite frequency and relay it to the receiver, with this cable. These tuners are not stand-alone devices and have to be connected to a receiver to get the audio output.