Radio Tuner Widget

A widget is a control, in the form of a graphical user interface. It is a point of interaction, with an application, and holds all the data of the application, as well as the one processed by it. Widgets are now widely used for controlling different applications, and one of the form the widget takes, is of a radio tuner.

Radio entertainment has been there since the discovery of the valve and has evolved into top quality entertainment which is broadcast over a wide variety of sophisticated devices. From the local FM broadcasts, to a country-wide satellite radio service, this form of entertainment still holds sway over a large majority of people. To receive any form of radio signal one needs a tuner, either as a built-in component in a radio or as a separate device that has to be connected to a receiver.

Now a vast majority of people are looking to the internet for communication and entertainment. Hence now radio stations are also broadcasting over the internet. You require a Radio Tuner Widget installed on your computer to receive the different radio stations. There are many different types of Radio Tuner Widgets, that cater to different radio services and stations. The Radio Tuner Widget will also differ according to the operating system that you use on your computer. The Radio Tuner Widget has totally revolutionised the coverage of any radio station, as anyone in the world can access it over the internet. There are thousands of radio stations now available on the internet and most of these services are free. There are paid ones too, like the Sirius Satellite Radio service which has over 120 commercial-free channels. To access this service on the internet you have to download the Sirius Tuner Widget, which is available for free. There are many versions of this widget available and they work on the Windows operating system, along with the Yahoo Widgets Engine. This Radio Tuner Widget looks exactly like a model of a portable Sirius Tuner and you can control it directly with the buttons that are displayed. You will be able to enjoy the service, once you have paid the subscription fee to Sirius.

For Mac computers there is the Radio Tuner widget, which works on the OS X 10.4. You will also need a RealPlayer version 10.1 for Intel-based Macs and version 10 for PPC. You will also need Flip4Mac installed on your computer. This Radio Tuner Widget lets you copy the link of a radio station that you like and you can thus build a whole collection of different radio streams. The site where this Radio Tuner Widget is available for a free download, also has a database of links of various radio stations so that you can get started immediately. You can also share a link of a radio station that is not on their database. You will have to reload the RealPlayer once after you have installed the Radio Tuner Widget. If your stream stops suddenly, it means that RealPlayer is buffering or re-buffering and you will need to switch to the dashboard display, for it to complete the buffering.