Radio Tuner Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a free Linux based operating system, which is ideal for laptops, desktops and servers. This operating system has all the applications that you will need, like word processing, email applications, programming tools and so on. You can install a Gnome desktop environment on top of Ubuntu and the software is free. For the Gnome desktop the best FM-Radio Tuner is Gnomeradio. It will work with FM tuner card that is supported by video4linux.

The window for Gnomeradio is succinct and will show the station and frequency. You can set your favourite radio stations as presets. In the Gnomeradio Settings dialog box you will have to enter “/dev/radio0” for Radio Device. Here you can also add or delete the presets of the radio stations. Gnomeradio provides the function of recording the stream in WAV, MP3 or OGG format. When you press the recording button, a window will show you the status of recording, the station from where you are recording and the size of the file.

Gnomeradio can be reduced to a tray icon. This radio tuner has lot of keyboard shortcuts which you can use instead of opening the specific windows and clicking on the buttons. In the application you can access the help documentation by pressing the F1 key. For muting and undoing mute you can press m key. Increasing and decreasing the volume is by pressing the + and – keys. You can go directly to the next preset station by pressing p key. You can scan forwards and backwards by the f and b keys.

As this is an open source program, you can also contribute in the coding if you feel there is a bug. All patches are accepted provided that they do not conflict with the current design. The latest version of Gnomeradio requires the 2.14 or later versions of Gnome desktop and 0.10 or later versions of GStreamer. For setting up remote control you will need the LIRC setup. For the latest version of Gnomeradio version 1.8 for Ubuntu you will “universe” in your sources.list.

The new version of Gnomeradio has patches that has fixed a few bugs. You can fix a crash when you are editing presets. Instead of using the libegg tray icon you can now use GtkStatuslcon. If autodetection does not work, you can select backend using /apps/gnomeradio/driver in gconf. The recording status window is much better designed and recording is possible in GStreamer. The tray icon also now comes with a context-menu. The scanning function has improved and now Gnomeradio starts scanning for stations on the initial run and will add the detected stations to the presets if you so desire. A volume widget is also available which was used in other Gnome applications. The application now confirms more to HIG standards. The settings and recording are well integrated into one dialog box. A tango-like icon also was added.

Another radio tuner used in Ubuntu is actually an online radio stream tuner called Streamtuner. It mainly downloads from a variety of sources, different streams that are available.