Radio Tuner Sound Effect

The audio effect or sound effect is paramount in a radio tuner, as this will recreate the sound that was originally recorded. The initial recording plays a critical role in sound effect, and has to be done professionally with the best of equipment. There are many companies which are offering such services.

There are many products available online, which have radio tuner with good sound effect. There is the Cool 1.8 inch LED MP3+MP4 Watch with FM Tuner, which comes with a 1GB flash memory. The product is packed with many features, and has a music player which plays MP3 and MP4 formats, and has a superior FM Radio. It also has a Photo Album and E-book reader, and a digital watch. With the high focus 1.8 inch TFT screen you can watch MP4(AVI) video. You can enjoy 8 hours of music playback. JPEG format is supported and you can see the picture and lyrics of the music being played. It has a high quality recording in digital sound, with song circulation function. The playback mode will give you a super bass 3D sound effect, and comes with a 5 mode graphic equalizer, and built-in speakers. It has a USB 2.0 high speed transfer socket.

Another product is a Speed control MP3 player with an LCD display and a capacity of 2GB flash memory. The product comes in a peanut shaped design, with a built-in USB port, which can be directly plugged into your PC for MP3 and PC file transfer. It has a digital recording function, with a built-in microphone which can record 100 minutes of high quality sound recording. There is an FM radio tuner integrated into the product which works on 88 to 108 MHz frequencies. The product comes with a function, where you can control the speed of music which is being played. The recording function has many modes like long VOR, fine VOR, long record and fine record. You can choose between a manual replay and a auto replay. The repeat function also has modes like repeat one, introduce, repeat all, random and repeat folder. It comes with a variety of Sound Effect like Natural, Rock, Pop, Classic, Jazz, Soft and DBB. It supports ID3, so that you will get title and lyrics displayed. It is able to create folder for file management.

The Meizu M3 is another product in the range of radio tuner sound effect. It is an MP4 player of 2GB capacity, with a FM tuner. This is a very sleek product with only a thickness of 7 millimeters, with a sliding, touch keypad. The player is able to play music in WMA,VBR, WMA Lossless, FLAC, OGG and WAV formats. On the high definition 1.5 inch screen you can view photos and AVI videos. The playback mode can be adjusted to Pop, Classical, Rock, Jazz and live music, and also has a bass booster. The product has a playback time of 23 hours. The features include a game, calculator, calender and stopwatch. The FM tuner comes with FM EQ and FM recording reservation. It supports JPG, BMP, and GIF formats for photo viewing. It has a built-in microphone for high quality recording.