Radio Tuner Software

The use of the internet is increasing throughout the world, and people are dependent on it for communication, news, entertainment, social networking and a whole host of other things. Radio stations broadcasting streams, using the internet as a platform, has redefined the term radio. Internet radio or Web radio is the rage now, and anybody, anywhere in the world, is able to access any of the radio stations on the internet. In order to listen to internet radio, you need to have a Radio Tuner Software installed on your computer. Just as the conventional radio needs a tuner, so does the internet radio. The only major difference is that the internet radio tuner is a software. 

There are different types of radio tuner softwares available on the internet. From the very sophisticated to the absolute basic, all kinds of radio tuner softwares are available for download, at varying prices and also free. David Zidar a student of Computer Science in Sweden, has created a free radio tuner software, called Screamer Radio. With this application you can listen to internet radio streams from all over the world. The tuner has a database of stations that are categorized by continents and genre. The extensive list includes Internet-only stations and also terrestrial stations. With this application you can record the stream, and also choose the bit-rate for the recordings, which will be in MP3 format. 

This tuner although it is free, packs in a lot of features, usually found in costlier softwares. There is a “stereo reverse” feature which allows you to choose the level of stereo separation you need in your stream. It also has an “auto volume” selection which will increase the volume, with a bit of compression. The display interface for this software is brief, but covers the important things, like the station, URL, the title playing, artist, and the bit-rate stream.

There is a paid, radio tuner software available, called the Online Radio Tuner 2.1.3. The size of this software is 11.83MB, and is tested to be free of all spyware programs. This software runs on Windows Vista, 2000, and XP operating system, and needs Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0. This software has a user friendly interface and the playlist supports PLS, M3U, ASX, WPL, WAX and WMX. The audio formats that it supports are MP3, WMA, OGG and AAC(+). You can preset and save the radio stations that you like and manage them easily. Changes in song can be notified by balloon tips or notifiers that look like the ones used by MSN. You have the option of showing what you are listening to in MSN messenger. Scheduling functions are available along with global hot keys. The software also provides you with a recording function, by which you can record the stream in MP3 format. 

The radio tuner softwares, has changed how one listens to radio. The ease with which they are available makes it easy for anyone with a computer to listen to internet radio. There are radio tuner softwares available for Mac operating systems as well.