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Radio tuners have come a long way since digital dials and rabbit ears.  In part, it is because of the constant feed back that is generated by users of the receivers.  Almost every product can be found to have some type of review based arena for public comment.  There is a section where the user can indicate how many stars the product would have.  This is a quick way of rating the product.  Usually the rating is a total of five stars, with five being the best possible rating.  There is also a place to put the user’s name or nickname, the date the comment/review was posted and then the review itself.  Consider the following summaries regarding the Pioneer Inno XM: 

User reviews

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4.5 stars

"They keep getting better!"

by dygit on May 5, 2006

Pros: Size, sound quality, performance, ease of use, lots of features!

Cons: Tech support is non existent currently, should have included car kit; case is only adequate

Summary: This is my 4th xm radio - started with the 1st Sony, then SkyFi, MyFi and now Inno.  They just get better and better. I think CNET is a bit unkind saying memory is too small. You can record 50 hours of XM or split the 1GB memory with 25 hrs. of Xm and about 8 hours of mp3/wma files. This was not meant to be a MP3 player like the ipod.

The reception is great; footprint is small; easy to use. The Napster software is great for fooling with your library and playlists. Downloads are easy too.

I love being able to schedule long recordings of XM then filtering out the music I do not want to keep. You can mix your playlists up with XM recorded music and your mp3s and also set them to play randomly. It is capable of doing so much - check out the review at also.

My 2 biggest gripes are that the car kit is extra ($70) and the battery could last longer. I will probably buty an extra battery or perhaps an aftermarket battery that has more capacity will come online.  You can get antenna headphones at,.  Have had now for a month - like it more & more - can run battery for 10 hours plus in mp3 mode - 5 hours+ in sat mode. I think I like the record mode most - creating a playlist of your favorite music is so easy....

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3.5 stars

"Cool little unit, needs headphones with built-in antenna for outdoor use"

by dannonebr on May 2, 2006

Pros: Really small, controls easy to use, nice accessories

Cons: Needs proper placement for 100% reception , maximum volume level could be higher, watch included belt clip

Summary: I received the Pioneer Inno about 5 days ago with the intent of using it primarily for walking with the dog and replacing an existing XM unit in the home. I also have a separate XM unit in my truck. I?ve used the Inno for about 6 hours while walking and about 3 hours in the docking port in the house as of this writing.

Upon purchasing the Inno, my primary concerns were reception, size and ease of use.

Concerning the reception, the Inno receives signal about 93% to 95% of the time. Placement of the Inno with it?s built-in antenna is critical. It must face a south east to south west view of the horizon. I clip the Inno to the collar of my sweatshirt while walking south, and clip it to the rear back pocket of my pants while walking north. Dense overhead tree growth will reduce the reception as will tall buildings. XM has no terrestrial transmitters in my town (in Grand Island Nebraska), and at best we only have 10 FM radio stations. I?ve owned several walkman/headphone type FM radios in the past and they too lose signal about 1% or 2% of the time, verses the Inno, about 3% to 5% of the time, all attributed to placement if the Inno with it?s built-in antenna. However, XM content vastly makes up for the difference. Reception in my home with the included antenna and docking port is 100% of the time.

The size of unit is incredible, it?s small, smaller than a deck of cards including the battery. The controls are very easy to use. The display works well, and as like most devices such as cell phones with color displays, the display is difficult to read in direct sunlight with sun glasses on. Take off the shades, and it can be read. The included black leather-ette case with belt hook has snaps that can?t be trusted. They work loose and out pops the Inno. The volume could use a bit more boost and is not loud enough for me, I like my rock loud. But the included headphones are OK. Battery life is about 2 to 3 hours between charges. I have not tried the built-in FM transmitter.

I have ordered the Belkin F5X002 antenna/headphones. They have been back ordered and are not available anywhere that I have found until Belkin ships them. If the reviews are correct, I expect the headphones to bring the reception to near 100% while walking.

In conclusion, I think the Inno is one very cool little unit. I’m rating it a 7 without the Belkin headphones, otherwise it would be a 9 or 10. Bluetooth would be cool as well. I recommend it.”

Although reading reviews is helpful when deciding which product is best for you, it often comes down to preference, affordability and utility.  Try the product out and be mind of the 30-day return policy.