Radio tuner problems

The radio tuner is used to receive a radio signal and convert it into a audio signal and relay it through speakers. The radio tuner is on of the easiest means of listening to music and news while we are travelling or are outside our houses. The radio tuner is designed to interpret the various signals that are bouncing back and forth. The radio tuner has changed a lot over the years to accommodate new features and advances in technology.

The simple radio tuner is a basic instrument that simply receives the signal that we set it to receive and convert it into audio. The basic concept of receiving a specific band width is what causes problems for a radio receiver. The amount of band widths that are available is huge and they are separated by a very minute frequency. This leads to overlapping of signals. This is the most common problem in a radio tuner. We must all be very familiar with this. When we get the station or the frequency just right and get into enjoying the song or listening to the news feed the overlapping happens. We end up hearing the nearest station. There are various reasons for this. The overlapping of the frequency happens when the tuner is not very strong or its tuning capacity does not allow it to isolate the frequency.

This can be overcome by going for a digital version. The tuner will have the capacity to cut out any station or frequency that comes close to the user’s choice. This is a recent innovation and is not found in the old sets. The other more common issue is of signal strength. When a person stays too close to a relay station he will get a very strong signal and overlapping is very common. In such situations the complicated setups are used which route only the wanted frequency and do not allow the other frequencies to filter in. this is very useful while using a radio tuner in the city. For people who stay in the remote locations weak signal is a problem. This of course is caused due to the distance. To overcome this problem a signal booster is introduced into the radio tuner setup. This is found in many products. They boost the frequency that they receive and hence the user can get a clearer sound.

A digital tuner is the best solution to all the inherent problems of a radio tuner. They are made to give the best listening experience. With the use of superior sound engineering the output has better quality. The digital tuners can receive a satellite signal which makes them work even in the most remote of areas. But they do not find favour with the purists who stick to the old tuner which tunes manually and does not give the best clarity. They joy of it is to tune it manually and minutely oneself and enjoy the result of the tuning and the concentration.