Radio Tuner Hardware

The Radio Tuner is a device which helps you to select a particular radio frequency over others which are present. The tuner has an adjustable knob or a button by which you can lock on to a radio frequency or a band of frequencies. The tuner is able to perform this function by using electrical resonance. The tuner is usually connected with other devices like the amplifier or loudspeaker, so that the frequency you have selected through the tuner is audible to you.

The hardware of the most simple radio tuner would consist of a circuit having an inductor and a capacitor, coupled with a detector which is also known as a demodulator. There are sophisticated radio tuners available which are designed to receive exclusively the FM broadcast band. This frequency has been popular among audiophiles and now there are tuners which are included in low cost chips for A/V systems. There is also a unique type of radio tuner which is called an antenna tuner. A transmitter fitted with this tuner can effectively operate with antennas and transmission lines which are not matched in impedance. This tuner is used to operate an antenna system, over a wide range of frequencies. 

The Kenwood company has manufactured a radio tuner called Here2Anywhere, for users of Sirius Satellite Radio. With this tuner you will be able to enjoy the satellite radio service in your home as well as in your car. This tuner has a compact design and is light in weight. It comes with optional docking kits, and is designed to work indoors, and in a moving car, and the interchangeability is easy and quick.  

This radio tuner has an LCD display with changeable font size and a four-line scrolling function. You can preset it to 24 of your favourite satellite radio stations. It has a memory which can store and recall or look-up, 36 artists or song titles, which you have heard previously. The tuner is quite sophisticated and has features which you will not normally find in a typical tuner of this size.

With the advent of the internet, the Web radio has become very famous and people from all over the world can now have access to hundreds of radio channels. As in the conventional radio receivers, the computer also needs a radio tuner to receive the different internet radio stations. The hardware is completely different and for receiving the internet radio you have to install a radio tuner card or a radio tuner software with you media player on your computer. The hardware of the card will enable your computer to tune in on radio stations which broadcast via the internet. A software is also needed to go along with the card so that you can manage the tuner on your computer screen.

Now-a-days the TV tuner and radio tuner cards or software come as one package, so that you can receive streaming internet TV programmes as well as the internet radio stations. These are sophisticated cards and software which are now easily available at very low costs and some of the programs are free to download.