Radio S50 Satellite Sirius

The best satellite radio service in the United Sates, Sirius satellite radio, has more than 130 channels of high quality programming. The channels contain commercial-free music, sports, news, talk and entertainment. The 69 music channels cover almost all genres of music, including Rock, Pop, Country, Hip-Hop, Jazz and many more. You can listen to the most famous talk shows hosted by  well-known personalities, including Howard Stern, Oprah Winfrey to name a few. The entertainment channels provide a wide variety of entertainment for all age groups, and you have channels like comedy, Disney and E! Entertainment. The sport channels cover all the popular sports, and you get a play-by-play coverage of all the main games. This satellite radio service is the perfect media which will provide non-stop entertainment and information anywhere you go. To receive this service you need to pay a monthly subscription fee and you need a Sirius satellite radio.

There are many models of Sirius satellite radios available in the market, and the most versatile ones are the portable models. The Sirius Satellite Radio S50 is one such model and the package contains, the radio, cigarette lighter power adapter, an AC adapter, remote control, car antenna, USB cable, car mount, PC software, earbud headphones and belt clip. As we can see the radio comes with a car kit, which enables you to play it over your car stereo, and also a home kit is available separately. This radio is very sleek and measures only 2 x 1 x 5 inches, and weighs only one pound.

The Sirius Satellite Radio S50 is packed with great features, although it looks deceptively small. The radio has a bright easy to read TFT color display measuring 176 x 220, that will show all the programming data and sports scores. The best feature of this radio is its capacity to store up to 50 hours of live Sirius broadcasts. You just need to press the heart-shaped button, and the radio will start saving your favourite programming for future playbacks. This radio is also a player and you can store MP3 and WMA files and create your own personal music library. Surfing the different channels is an easy task with this radio and you can also preset 30 of your favourite channels.

There are many, automatic and one-touch features in the S50 that will enhance your listening experience. For the sports fans there are the Game Alerts, which will automatically give you a prompt when your favourite teams are playing on any of the channels. The sports ticker will keep displaying up-to-the-minute scores, throughout the day. The Jump button can take you straight to the Sirius traffic or weather reports or to any other favourite channel. The set of accessories provided, make it very easy for you to listen to this radio over your car stereo. There is a sleek car cradle for the radio which can be mounted on your dash and it has a media dial that makes it very easy to surf the many channels that Sirius broadcasts. There is also a voice that will announce the name of the channels as you are surfing, so you need not take your eyes off the road.