Radio S50 Satellite Sirius

The S50 is a portable satellite radio which receives Sirius satellite radio service. This radio is extremely compact and measures only 1.9 inches in width, 3.9 inches in height and 0.7 inches in depth. The S50 is manufactured by Directed Electronics and comes in a black color. It works on rechargeable batteries, which have an approximate life of 6 hours. You can get live Sirius streams on this radio only when it is plugged into a car or home docking kit, and connected to a satellite antenna. You will not receive live broadcast on the go. However you can listen to recorded or stored content when you are on the go.

The S50 Sirius Satellite Radio packs quite a few sophisticated features and controls, although it is of such a compact size. The radio has a storage space of 1GB, and live radio, recording capability.  You can also store and play MP3 and WMA files on this device. The radio has an elegant black design, and has a brilliant TFT display screen that can show up to 262,000 colors. The front face of the radio has just the screen and no buttons, which makes it look quite sleek. The buttons are all on the left and right sides. The radio comes with a car docking kit and a home docking kit will cost extra. The car docking kit will hold the radio upright on the dashboard. The radio is equipped with an FM transmitter, by which you will be able to listen to Sirius satellite radio, on your in-dash FM stereo. The controls are easy to use even while driving, and also it has a audio navigation control which will speak the name of the channels and setting screens while you are driving, so that you need not take your eyes off the road. The other accessories which are included is the antenna, a remote control, headphones, a belt clip, and a USB cable for connecting the radio to your PC having Windows 2000 or XP operating system. This cable is useful for loading your MP3 and WMA files and managing the radio content and downloading firmware updates.

Due to the S50's recording capability, you can pause, rewind and replay live radio content. This is an excellent feature to have as you can even jump over the content you do not like and also replay the music you just heard. There is heart icon which lets you store your favourite song list. The list not only has the name of the artist and title of the song, but also its tune. This song list will be available to you any time you want, and can be used to alert you when any of your favourites are being played on any of the channels. The S50 can record up to 50 hours of live music, and with the  settings controls you can delete a channel that you would not want recorded. You can also schedule a recording with this radio when it is in the dock. You can even leave it on, in the night and get recorded content in the morning.