Station Name: Radio Hey Sever

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Czech Republic

Radio Hey Sever is a radio station that broadcasts from Sever. The station is available on the internet, meaning that one can perform online streaming tasks very easily. All the information that you need to know about the station, including lists of programs, is available online. More importantly, you can listen to it online from any corner of the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

The radio broadcasts in the Czech language and makes use of stereo sound, which is transmitted through a speed of 64MB. The station is always available live rather than on demand. This makes it a very reliable source of information and entertainment.

Radio Hey Sever can best be categorized among contemporary varieties of stations. It is a hot favorite among the youth and adults. In order to listen online, you should have a Windows Media player. This is the standard multimedia tool in all computers that run on Windows operating systems.

When you want to listen to the station, you should go to the homepage of the radio’s website. All the tuner information that you need is all right here. In order to tune in, you need to click on the button that contains the words “launch station”. In some cases, the station is available on a higher speed of 128 MB.

The broadcast server has never changed since the launch of the station. Therefore, listeners have been enjoying continuous programming right from the beginning. Any updates required in order for the station to work well are always added without any interruption occurring in the sequencing of programs.

Online streaming makes it easy for different multimedia features to be incorporated into the station, including video, sound, animations and high-quality graphics. Also worth mentioning is clarity of all these features. You need to try out this station in order to experience a whole new world of entertainment.

Radio Hey Sever


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Radio Hey Sever
Radio Hey Sever - Internet radio station From :: Czech Republic
Country/State Czech Republic
City Sever
Language Czech
Speed 64
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type Adult Contemporary
Player Windows Media
Home Page Radio Hey Sever Homepage
ScheduleRadio Hey SeverSchedule Not Available
Tune in Launch Station