Station Name: Radio Guangzhou 96.2 FM

Internet Radio stations and Television From: China

Radio Guangzhou 96.2 FM is one of the two main radio stations that broadcast in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. The station presents programs in both Cantonese and Mandarin. These two are the most commonly-spoken languages in Guangzhou.

Today, this station has made significant upgrades, including entry into the cyberspace, where it can today be accessed. Its operation speed is efficient and it makes the station easily accessible live online. This is unlike other stations which only become available on demand.

This Radio Guangzhou offers both Chinese music and educational programs. Every week, the station also airs a 15-minute English program known as Guangzhou Today. This program is the main reason many people in the English-speaking world like listening to this station online.

You need to have a Windows Player Media on your computer in order to stream programs from this station. Before streaming, it is good to set time such that it reads Guangzhou local time.

It is interesting to note that many changes are taking place in Chinese media today, especially with the onset of online media houses. Although China has a tendency to censor all media, including online communication platforms, it is surprising that more and more Radio Guangzhou programs are finding their way into the cyberspace and listeners are always giving regular comments without any form of censorship.

With online communication, one gets to share video-based information with other listeners as well as presenters. One can also get into the limelight through music sharing. Artists who want a platform to make their music popular can make use of the online media to popularize new songs that are of high quality. When you compare this station with others with an online presence, you will be able to acknowledge that this Radio Guangzhou 96.2 FM is miles ahead in terms of variety and quality of programs.

Radio Guangzhou 96.2 FM


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Radio Guangzhou 96.2 FM
Radio Guangzhou 96.2 FM - Internet radio station From :: China
Country/State China
City Guangzhou
Language Chinese
Speed 20
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type General Station
Player Windows Media
Home Page Radio Guangzhou 96.2 FM Homepage
ScheduleRadio Guangzhou 96.2 FMSchedule Not Available
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