Station Name: Radio Flaix Bac

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Andorra

In Andorra, Radio Flaix Bac is one of the online radio stations, located in the Andorra La Vella city. Ordinarily, there are radio stations that one may not have the opportunity to listen to. This scenario has been completely altered by the introduction of internet radio stations and television.

As mentioned earlier, sometime back it would have been ordinarily impossible for a lot of people to even know about this station, let alone listening to it.
However, with their broadcasts focused on oldies collections, Radio Flaix Bac has a broad appeal to audiences even outside of the city of Andorra La Vella, and away from the country of Andorra itself. This has been made possible by the internet.

Radio Flaix Bac is a radio station that broadcasts its programs over the internet. This simply means that from wherever you are, you can easily get to listen to the station from an internet connected computer. Moreover, with well developed speed, the clarity and quality of programs are very good, hence the growing appeal of the station.

Programs are broadcast live in the Catalan language from the Radio Flaix Bac station. However, with music being what it is, and in particular the oldies, many fans go to the Radio Flaix Bac homepage specifically because of their favorite music. Actually, it has been said that only music transcends all barriers, including the language barrier. This is indeed a classic case of universality of music.

One can tune in to Radio Flaix Bac from any part of the world to catch up with their favorite oldies hits. In fact, some people are known to be so attached to the oldies that even though Radio Flaix Bac has no schedule of programs; it does not really matter since the growth in audience numbers keeps rising.

Radio Flaix Bac

Andorra La Vella

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Radio Flaix Bac
Radio Flaix Bac - Internet radio station From :: Andorra
Country/State Andorra
City Andorra La Vella
Language Catalan
Speed 32
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type Oldies
Player Winamp /Quick Time / Other
Home Page Radio Flaix Bac Homepage
ScheduleRadio Flaix BacSchedule Not Available
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