Radio With Digital Tuner

There is a new technology, called the HD Radio which is used by AM and FM stations to broadcast audio and transmit data digitally. This technology enables the radio station to also transmit the analog signals simultaneously, in conjunction with the digital signals, within the same channel. In order to receive these hybridized digital-analog signals, you should have a Radio With Digital Tuner. The digital tuner is a device which will receive digital broadcasts over the air or when they are beamed down through satellites. These tuners can also tune in to radio stations digitally, in comparison to the standard analog dial or knob. You will be able to tune on the radio frequency by using the +/- buttons, and the frequency will be shown on the display in numbers. Previously you had to turn the dial and look at the pointer moving on a numeric table on the front panel of your radio. The digital tuner also allows you to preset a certain number of your favourite radio stations, so that you do not have to search for them every time. Certain digital tuners also have the auto scan function, by which it will automatically scan and tune into the next available radio station.

Radio With Digital Tuner can also receive the usual radio signals as well as the audio signals via a satellite. With the growing popularity of HD Radio, there are many models of Radios With A Digital Tuner available in the market. At present there is no subscription charged on HD radio broadcasts, and there are more stations broadcasting with this technology, then any other digital radio technology. 84% of the United States is covered by more than 1900 channels, which are broadcasted with this technology.

A Radio With Digital Tuner is made by many audio equipment companies and come in many sleek models. The most popular models are the clock radios with an attached CD player. One such model is the Timex T618TT Clock Radio. The radio has a digital AM/FM tuner, a CD player and an alarm clock. It is a sleek model and will sit elegantly on your bedside table. The radio has four soothing nature sounds for the alarm function. The radio has a memory capacity, for you to preset 18 of your favourite radio stations. You can configure the radio for a seven days, five day or two day alarm setting, and it comes with a calendar. The CD player is a multifunction, front-loading stereo. The player uses the superior three-beam laser tracking technology, for a superior audio, and is compatible with CD-R and CD-RW. The radio has an easy-to-read, large LCD display. You can adjust the intensity of the amber glow backlight in the display.

The Timex T309TT is another Radio With digital Tuner. The alarm to this clock radio can be adjusted to play your favourite AM/FM stations, at a particular time, or it also has soothing sounds of nature which you can awake to. It also has a snooze alarm and a battery backup.