Radio Digital Tuner

A tuner is a tuning device, which when connected to the antenna will receive and separate the signals. The Digital Tuner can receive signals through cable, airwaves or satellite. A Radio Digital Tuner can also receive audio signals as well as data via a satellite. The regular radio stations like FM can also be tuned into digitally by a digital radio tuner, instead of the regular analog dial tuning. Most of the modern models of radios now have a digital tuner, with buttons for increasing and decreasing the frequencies, instead of the turning of a knob. This tuner provides, better finer tuning capabilities, as the frequency can be increased or decreased in smaller points, and the frequencies can be clearly seen as numbers on the display of the radio. One, does not have to stare at a numeric table with a pointer, and try to figure out the frequencies. 

Another advantage of a digital tuner is the capacity of the radio to have presets. You can preset a number of channels, and this gives the convenience of not having to tune to that channel repeatedly. Once a channel is preset, one can tune into that channel by the press of a single button. The number of presets will depend on the model of the radio, but usually there will be a minimum of 5 presets.

Scanning for radio channels has also become easy with the digital tuner, as many radios have an automatic scan function which will start scanning the frequencies in a sequential order and locks on to the first channel that it starts receiving. One can repeat this scan until one has got the desired channel.

The HD radio would not have been possible, without the Radio Digital Tuner. Now radio stations are able to transmit analog and digital signals simultaneously, and a radio with a digital tuner will be able to receive these audio signals and also certain data digitally. All AM and FM frequencies can be received by the digital tuner and this tuner has made the modern radio very sleek in appearance.

Companies who manufacture audio equipment, have seen the potential of the radio digital tuner, and have come out with many different models of Clock Radios. These clock radios also have a CD player which makes the device more versatile.

One such device is the Sony Dream Machine ICF-CD843V, which is a CD clock radio with a digital tuner. This radio is capable of tuning into AM, FM, weather channels and also certain TV channels. It has a nice design for a bedside device, and can also play any CD or CD-R or CD-RW discs. The alarm can be set for three different times, and the sound of the alarm can be set to buzzer, to play a CD or a particular station on the radio. It also has a nap timer which can be set between 10 minutes to 2 hours. The alarm will again ring after the main alarm has gone off, to the time you have set on the nap timer.