Radio Classics Sirius

Sirius Satellite Radio broadcasts more than 130 channels and is known for its excellent programming content. The radio service covers the whole of mainland United States and Canada, with its three powerful satellites, that give a high quality digital audio reception. The channels cover music, talk, sports, news and entertainment. There are 69 music channels that have music from genres like Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Classical, Country, Christian, Jazz, Latin, Dance and International. You will get a play-by-play coverage of all the popular games of America, on the line up of sport channels. There are also interviews of famous sports players and personalities, and coverage of behind the scenes, preparations of a sporting event. The sports and games include NBA, NFL, NHL, Soccer, PGA Tour, College, NASCAR and many more. The entertainment channels feature famous talk shows, comedy programs, children's programs and E! Entertainment. There is an excellent news coverage by the wide array of news channels like CNN, BBC, CNBC, Fox News, Bloomberg and many more. 

Sirius features Radio Classics on its channel number 118. This is a channel devoted to the classic radio programs of old times. It features the best old dramas, mysteries, comedies and other assortment of programs which were a big hit in the past. You will find comedy programs like The Jack Benny Program, Abbot and Costello and W.C. Fields. You will also get to hear the radio version of the classic movies like Key Largo and Casablanca with the sound track of the original cast members like Bogart and Bacall. The other golden oldies are Gunsmoke, The Mysterious Traveler and The Shadow. 

Radio Classics is actually a radio network owned by RSPT LLC, which broadcasts the old time US radio programs. They syndicate, the Radio Spirits, branded program, to over 200 terrestrial radio stations. They also provide their content to Sirius, who broadcasts it on their channel 118. Before the Sirius, XM merger there were two different channels with different programming on each, but after the merger the channels were combined. Radio Classics Sirius is hosted by Greg Bell who is an experienced program, news and sports director, and also has been a popular anchor and reporter. The different programs are broadcasted in 30 minutes blocks, and are rotated in different time slots of the week, so that listeners in different time zones are able to hear the programs at convenient times. The programming is inter-spaced with commercials, which does not exceed eight minutes in an hour. Sometimes you will get to hear some old vintage commercials, but most of the time there are modern commercials provided by Sirius or their sponsors. 

Radio Classics Sirius has radio programs dating as far back as 1949. There are the Red Skelton programs that date back to June 1950, and it is interesting to see how the programs sounded in those days. There are many, other famous programs like Alan Young Show, Judy Canova, Honest Harold, Life with Luigi, Family Theater, Philo Vance, Broadway Is My Beat and many more.