Station Name: Radio Algerie Chaine 3

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Algeria

Radio Algerie Chaine 3 is a state-owned Algerian radio station that broadcasts from Algiers, the country’s capital. This radio has much to offer Algerians and the rest of the world. Yes, everyone all over the world now has access to internet radio and this station is now on cyberspace.

The medium of communication in this station is French. French is used because that many Algerians understand this international language pretty well. Actually, Algerian was a colony of French. Therefore, the country linguistic heritage has a very strong French flavor in it in terms of institutional and intergovernmental communications trends.

There is a lot to learn from Algeria’s media landscape. More stations continue to come up, in spite of claims by media activists that censorship by the government is very rampant. The international broadcasting trends are changing. National governments do not regulate media as strictly as they used to do sometimes in the past. The same case applies to the Algerian scenario.

Back to the internet radio phenomenon, you need a Windows Media Player. This software comes preinstalled in computers with Windows operating system. Since this is the most commonly used operating system in the world, it is true to say Radio Algerie Chaine 3 is very easy to access from every edge of this world.

The main objective of Radio Algerie is to inform and entertain listeners. Over the years, this state-run radio has, along with other provincial radio stations, managed to create a sense of nationhood within the country. The radio has also contributed to strengthening of the country’s relatively new institutions in a post-independence political landscape that is known worldwide for its volatility.

Radio Algerie Chaine 3 is one of the most trusted sources of accurate news of national relevance. It is amazing to note today that Algerians in the Diaspora can clearly listen to the same stations that their brothers and sisters at home listen to, including Radio Algerie Chaine 3.

Radio Algerie Chaine 3


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Radio Algerie Chaine 3
Radio Algerie Chaine 3 - Internet radio station From :: Algeria
Country/State Algeria
City Algiers
Language French
Speed 20
Sound Mono
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type General Station
Player Windows Media
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