Station Name: Radio The 80s

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Brazil

The internet has broadened people’s horizons in many ways, and one way this is done is through the innovative idea of internet radio. Internet radio stations are ones that are broadcast over the internet. You can listen to them while the broadcast is being delivered over the internet, which is called ‘streaming’ video. There are radio stations online that are connected to traditional radio stations and there are also those that are just found solely on the internet.

Radio The 80s is an internet radio station broadcast from Brazil to the rest of the world. All you have to do to listen in is visit our site. You can listen to the station live using Windows Media Player. This webcast radio station speaks Portuguese and plays 80s hits for you to enjoy. Whether you want to see what different types of 80s hits are around, or whether you just want to hear some Portuguese, you can tune into this station.

Internet radio stations such as these are beneficial to both radio stations as well as those who listen to them. Being broadcast over the internet means that geography is never a limitation and radio shows can be heard anywhere in the world, which widens the fan base of a radio station.

If you’re a listener, then you get many advantages too. Radio The 80s is a great way to broaden your musical horizons. If you like 80s music but think you’ve already heard everything there is to hear, you can try listening to internet radio stations such as this to see what other countries are interested in. It’s also a great way to hone your Portuguese if you know any. You can do all this without having to leave your home or pay any extra cash to buy new music, which is where the great appeal of internet radio stations comes from.

Radio The 80s

Sao Paulo

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Radio The 80s
Radio The 80s - Internet radio station From :: Brazil
Country/State Brazil
City Webcast
Language Portuguese
Speed 20
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type 80s
Player Windows Media
Home Page Radio The 80s Homepage
ScheduleRadio The 80sSchedule Not Available
Tune in Launch Station