Station Name: Radio 10

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Argentina

Radio 10 is a radio station with a rather interesting history from the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina. You can always visit the station's home page for more information and generally what makes the station go places. If you are from the City of Cordoba, Radio 10 is an internet station worth checking out and you might just enjoy the true nature of a classical station.

It has a speed of 20 and after accessing it through the Windows Media; you might be on your way towards listening live to a full service that has its uniqueness that anybody might be looking for. It is a radio you can listen to online, whether you are in the capital or away. You might want to visit the schedule of the programs and have a feel of what to expect from listening to this radio station. Radio 10 is an interesting talk show station in the heart of the Argentinean capital that does broadcast from Buenos Aires at 710 KHz, with the radio power being rather effective at 100 kW.

 The radio has quite a line of affiliates from basically all parts of the country and under the ownership of a Journalist by the name Daniel Hadad. From the year 1999, the Argentinean Internet radio grew in popularity, mostly as a result of talk shows that are still very popular. This is because the programs still make use of humor, very well liked and popular songs as well as news and songs sometimes sang by hosts.

 It is a successful radio station as depicted by calls it gets from the audiences to air their varied views concerning current affairs, with the host cutting them short, sometimes to create humor and make the talk as interesting as it can possibly be. The light tone of the shows and the humor segments have transformed the station, making it one of the most well received and high rated radio stations all over Argentina.

Radio 10


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Radio 10
Radio 10 - Internet radio station From :: Argentina
Country/State Argentina
City Buenos Aires
Language Spanish
Speed 20
Sound Stereo
Radio/TV Radio
Live/On Demand Live
Station type Full Service
Player Windows Media
Home Page Radio 10 Homepage
ScheduleRadio 10Schedule Not Available
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