Portable Satellite Radios

XM or Sirius, are the two famous names in the portable satellite radio segment and it is absolutely joyous experience to listen to them. They offer distinctive quality of stereo sound, plenty of much sought after news/sports options, a vast variety of un-interrupted music channels, enhanced reception range in comparison to the conventional radio. However, there is the monthly fee for accessing the service. 
The devices introduced by the service provider, prominently XM & Sirius, are very trendy and resemble with the looks and acts of MP3 players. The convenience to enjoy the music on go has made these services a mega hit. Have a look at the famous picks amongst the portable satellite radios.
a)    Sirius Stiletto 100
Stiletto 100 is still a favorite choice amongst many, even though it is one of the earlier portable satellite radio players. The unique feature is that it can not only be recorded and stored for 100 hours of the absolute favorite programming but can also be listened live via connectivity through wireless internet and satellite. It has the feature of one-touch recording for 10 hours of particular songs. It helps to tag specific songs for online purchase later.
Amongst the other features, it has wider display, it has sports ticker to track the favorite teams, Sirius programming can be played in conjunction with “MP3” and “WMA” music files. It has the internal memory where these songs can be stored.
b)    Sirius Stiletto 2
Sirius Stiletto 2 is specifically designed to enjoy the music on the go, it may be live or a recorded one. The similar feature of 100 hours recording of Sirius programming is present in this device as well. Apart from the satellite connection, the programming can be listened through the connectivity of wireless internet if the device is with in the range.
Stiletto 2 can be connected to the MP3 player. It also offers some features, such as superb bells and the whistles, tagging for later online purchase, pausing, later playback and sports ticker.
c)    Pioneer inno 2
It is the second generation portable satellite radio player. Pioneer inno 2 is very popular amongst the XM radio player. It has the feature of recording the music from the various channel of XM besides listening to it. It enables to hear the recorded songs where there is no satellite reception, for an example while travelling in an aero-plane at more than 30000 feet. Features like tagging and later online purchase is also available in it.
MP3 and the WMA music collection can be enjoyed with this device. This digital music can be mixed and matched with the recorded items. Up to 50 hours recording of XM music is the unique feature of the device.
d)    Delphi Sky Fi3
It is a different kind of portable satellite radio. It needs a particular kit named “SKYFi3 Wearable Live Kit” to make it compatible to the device. It is an usable XM device once the kit is connected. Delphi Sky Fi3 has wider display screen. Internal memory of the device helps to record XM programming up to 10 hours and for listening at comfortable time. It has the feature of pausing and replaying for 30 minutes of the previous programming. This device is compatible to the “MP3 & WMA” music files recorded on the “micro SD memory card”. It gives the monochrome display.