Portable Satellite Radio Receiver

Satellite radio service has an appeal for many people in the United States, because of certain exclusive programming and an overall excellent entertaining content. Sirius and XM have been broadcasting exceptionally good radio programs, through out mainland United States and Canada. The popularity of the satellite radio service has given rise to several innovations in the models of satellite radios. With the advancement in technology several companies were able to deliver satellite radios with advanced features and making them smaller in size. But only in 2004 a major milestone was achieved when Delphi Corp. and XM Satellite Radio announced the first Portable Satellite Radio Receiver. Until that time you could only buy models that were exclusively made for use in a vehicle or home. In 2004 the Delphi MyFi XM2GO, was capable of receiving signals in the vehicle, at home and even on the go. This was a truly portable model as it had a built-in antenna, as well as one which you could clip on to your body. 

The Portable Satellite Radio Receiver, as mentioned, comes with a built-in antenna capable of receiving the satellite signals, and you just have to plug in the supplied headphones, and you can enjoy music and all the programming on the go. Such radios are usually powered by rechargeable batteries, although you will also get an AC adapter in the package. These radios are sold as packages which will include sometimes the vehicle or home docking kits. The MyFi XM2GO includes both the complete kits and personal accessories. For certain models you will have to buy these kits separately. When you use the Portable Satellite Radio Receiver on the go, the reception may not be stable if the antenna's direct line of sight to the sky is obstructed by trees, tall buildings or even by your body. You will receive the best reception only in an open surrounding.

The different models of the Portable Satellite Radio Receiver, also double up as good music players. They all have a memory which can store MP3 and WMA files, and you can create your own music library. These portable radios also have a recording function which will let you record live streams of programming. This actually enables you to pause, rewind and replay live radio. This function is quite powerful as you can just replay a favourite song you have just heard, and also later fast forward over something that you do not like. 

As for the music player, the MP3 and WMA files take up more memory space than the live radio recordings. For example if your radio has a 40 hour memory, and if you want to split this capacity evenly between the files and live radio, you will get 20 hours of radio recording, but only 9 to 10 hours of music from the MP3 and WMA files.

The major advantage of a Portable Satellite Radio Receiver, is that you need to pay only one subscription fee, even though you use the device to receive the satellite signals in many places and also on different receivers.