Portable Satellite Radio

Among the various satellite radio services available in the world, XM and Sirius are very popular in the United States for their exclusive program content and high quality digital broadcasts. Each one them have more than 120 channels of top quality entertainment comprising of music, news, entertainment and sports. To listen to any satellite radio service you need a satellite radio that will receive the satellite signals and convert them to audio. There are many models of satellite radios available and each can receive only one satellite radio service, which it is designed for. You cannot listen to XM on a Sirius satellite radio. Previously models of satellite radios were designed to operate in a particular location like in the home or in a vehicle. With technological advancement it is now possible to make a Portable Satellite Radio, and many people are preferring these types of radios. The portability of these devices make it possible to save on the subscription fees, as you need not have two subscriptions, one for the radio at home and for one in the vehicle.

Portable Satellite Radio is quite similar in appearance to any other portable music player like an iPod and so on. These devices are equipped with built-in antennas that receive the satellite signals. Most of them work on rechargeable batteries. They come with a set of headphones, which are easy to carry around. You may not get a perfect reception, as the signal can be blocked by surrounding tall buildings and trees. Sometime you can block the signal by your own body, depending on the way you carry the device and in which direction you are facing. Almost all Portable Satellite Radios are equipped with a recording function and storage capacity. This enables you to record and store live radio content, and usually in the good models you will be able to store up to 100 hours of program. Apart from live radio content you can also store MP3 and WMA files. You should keep in mind though that MP3 and WMA files take up much more storage space then live radio content and you will be able to store only half of the hours of music in these file formats.

Many Portable Satellite Radios now come with a car or home kit, so that it can be used as a tuner device and you can play the satellite radio over your home theater system or the head unit of your vehicle, and of course pay only one subscription fee. This way you will also be able to enjoy the satellite radio music over a surround sound system or over a superior car stereo.

While shopping for a Portable Satellite Radio, look for a model that has a easy-to-read display screen which is big in size. Fortunately most of these devices give a 6 line display and are quite bright. Also look for models that offer more channel presets, as it is easier to have all your favourite channels saved as presets, rather than to scan for them every time.