Pioneer satellite radio

Pioneer has been the leading name in the satellite radio market .It provides uninterrupted unlimited music to all its listeners. There are also a plethora of listening options. There are lots of products flooding in the market by pioneer. Pioneer inno, pioneer GMX-XMP3 etc are famous products from the pioneer.
Pioneer INNO
It is the most portable satellite radio receiver that allows the users to listen to live radio and favorite tunes that has been stored in the device which resembles an ipod. It measures 2.2 inches wide, 3.7 inches tall and is 0.6 inches deep. It is so portable that one can even carry it in their jeans pocket. It is far slimmer when compared to Delphi. Its interface is attractive and easy to learn and the recordings can be scheduled or recorded live. The disadvantage of INNO is that it has only 5 hours of satellite playback and the storage of 1 GB may be too small for some listeners who would like to access huge volume of play lists. There is no possibility of adding extra storage space. The inno is compact and provides great reception and allows users to enjoy live audio as well as tracks of their own interest. Adding better battery life and storage power would make the device better.
Pioneer XMP3
Pioneer XMP3 is the improved version of the INNO. It looks similar to an mp3 player and is better than the inno .It can record up to 100 hours of satellite radio and provides 2 GB storage space. This is really a better feature when compared to its ancestor INNO.A microSD card is required for using it with mp3 or WMA files. The color display is clearer and larger than INNO and it is much easier to read the screen.XMP3 can be easily set as a home receiver with the components that comes with the kit. It can be set up in vehicles by using the car kit that comes separately. Live audio can be listened if one has adequate exposure to satellite. One can also hear their favorite songs that are stored in the memory. Recording is also made possible which the user can schedule or do it lively. When buying the device one must check for firmware issues. About 10 hours of XM can be recorded with a button and around 5 channels can be recorded at once. The recordings can be scheduled either a day in a week or once a week or once a month. Recordings occupy considerable space in the memory. Hence one can switch off the feature if they don’t want recorded content. The XMP3 also has the facility to see the upcoming program thus the user can get an idea about the program before he watches it. The sound quality of XMP3 is definitely much better than INNO .One more additional feature of XMP3 is that it is possible for the users to pause even the live programs. Except for some few operational bugs, the new launch of the pioneer is definitely worth a try!