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Radio and TV in Any Language from Any Country

What if you could have the many voices of the world at your fingertips? With WorldTVRadio Tuner, you can tune into any television station or any radio station from across the world. Whether you speak French, German, Greek, or any other language, we have radio and television stations that will keep you well-informed and entertained on a daily basis. On this page, you will find both television and radio stations from Mexico, Switzerland, Chile, Korea, and many other countries waiting to be discovered.

Variety is the Spice of Radio and Television Life

On this page, you will find many different variety (general) stations. Some stations that may pique your interest include UCV TV from Valparaiso, Chile; Ulsan MBC TV from Korea; UN TV from Manila, Philippines, and many more. Whether you want to spend your days watching talk shows from other countries or whether you want to hear your first language once again, we have all kinds of variety channels for you to select from.

A Variety of Religious Channels

You may have noticed that it’s hard to find religious television channels these days. While regular satellite and cable stations may not broadcast religious news, events, and happenings, we have a different kind of approach to religion at WorldTVRadio Tuner. We offer many different kinds of religions programming ranging from religious television channels based in Italy (such as Villaggio Hare Krishna Medolago) to religious channels based in Puerto Rico (such as Victoria Vision). Whether you follow the Catholic faith or the Jewish faith, we have a religious television station waiting for you.

Some Interest Channels to Help You Out

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of more than 1240 television stations and 7400 radio stations, so we’ve compiled a list of stations from this page that may interest you. Go ahead and click on any one of these stations in order to experience your programming selection right away.


Broadcasted in Spanish, VideoMAX is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This station consists of all the latest music videos from San Juan and from across the world. If you want to move your feet, then this is the station for you.

Vizion Plus

If you speak Albanian, then you’ll love the spicy news topics that are dealt with on a daily basis on Vizion Plus. This channel comes to you live from Albania, and it is a great way to see global events from a different point of view.

Waikiki Beach Camera

If you’re stuck in an office all day long, why not enjoy watching a live video of Waikiki Beach? Simply look at the sand and the waves will help the day pass quicker, and you’ll also get a bird’s eye view of Waikiki Beach life. The Waikiki Beach camera is based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Walla News TV

The news topics discussed on Wall News TV are controversial and informative. If you speak Hebrew, then the Wall News TV broadcasts may be just what you have been looking for. Wall News TV is based in Israel, Jerusalem, and new topics are discussed daily.

Western Channel

The Western Channel broadcasts Western movies all day long – why pay for an additional movie station when you can just tune into the Western Channel? This channel is based in the United States, and it is broadcast in English.

The WorldTVRadio Tuner Difference

It’s easy to become frustrated with the minimal amount of channels offered through satellite and cable companies. Even though you can sign up for addition channels, this often means paying a hefty monthly fee. That’s why WorldTVRadio Tuner is gaining a lot of global attention – we offer free streaming video and radio broadcasts from around the globe in nearly every language under the sun.

Not to mention the fact that we have thousands of radio and television channels to select from. To search through all of our channels, all you have to do is select the language, genre, or country that you want to explore, and get ready to listen to a whole different kind of broadcast.

To begin enjoying the WorldTVRadio Tuner experience, simply sign up for our 15 day free trial. Then, install the files that you want to listen to, and get ready to tune into the world. Since our broadcasts are streamed, there are no copyright laws to worry about. In addition, you don’t have to fret over any potential computer viruses or occupied hard drive space.

Still, if you aren’t keen on the idea of installing files to your computer, you can select the online tuner option. Once selected, you can watch television or listen to radio right on your browser, so you don’t have to worry about downloading anything. In a nutshell, the WorldTVRadio Tuner makes staying in touch with people across the globe easy – simply sign up, select, and begin to enjoy the world from a whole new angle.

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Current worldtvradio's TV channel lineup from U to Z
Station NameLanguageCountryCityStation TypeSpeed
Click on channel name to open station page
U Virtual canal 1 Tec. De MonterreySpanishMexicoMonterreyCultural225
U Virtual canal 2 Tec. De MonterreySpanishMexicoMonterreyCultural237
U Virtual canal 3 Tec. De MonterreySpanishMexicoMonterreyCultural237
U Virtual canal 4 Tec. De MonterreySpanishMexicoMonterreyCultural225
U Virtual canal CEM 1 Tec. De MonterreySpanishMexicoMonterreyCultural150
U1 TVGermanSwitzerlandZurichVariety / General Station150
UATV University of Alaska TelevisionEnglishUnited StatesAK, JuneauCultural240
UBC TV Channel 1KoreanKoreaUlsanVariety / General Station300
UBC TV Channel 1KoreanKoreaUlsanVariety / General Station300
UC TV University of California TelevisionEnglishUnited StatesCA, La JollaCultural100
UCLA TV Channel 29EnglishUnited StatesCA, Los AngelesCultural170
UCV TVSpanishChileValparaisoVariety / General Station270
UKRSat TVUkranianUkraineKievVariety / General Station80
Ulsan MBC TVKoreanKoreaSeoulVariety / General Station273
UN TVEnglishPhilippinesManilaVariety / General Station100
UN TV Channel 1EnglishUnited StatesNY, New YorkOther100
UN TV Channel 2EnglishUnited StatesNY, New YorkOther100
UN TV Channel 3EnglishUnited StatesNY, New YorkOther100
UN TV Channel 4EnglishUnited StatesNY, New YorkOther100
UN TV Human Rights CouncilEnglishUnited StatesNY, New YorkOther100
UN TV United Nations TelevisionEnglishUnited StatesNY, New YorkOther100
Unitel TVSpanishBoliviaLa PazFull Service220
UNITVPortugueseBrazilPorto AlegreCultural36
Unity BroadcastingEnglishUnited StatesMI, FultonCommunity56
Universidad del Mar TelevisionSpanishChileAntofagastaCollege151
UPV TVSpanishSpainValenciaCultural448
Urbe TVSpanishVenezuelaMaracaiboVariety / General Station300
URJC TVSpanishSpainMadridCultural210
USTVChineseChinaBeijingVariety / General Station200
Utifilm TVHungarianHungaryBudapestVariety / General Station330
UTR TVUkranianUkraineKievVariety / General Station440
UTR TV AmericasUkranianUkraineKievVariety / General Station440
UTR TV EurasiaUkranianUkraineKievVariety / General Station440
UW TV Channel 1EnglishUnited StatesWA, SeattleCultural221
UW TV Channel 2EnglishUnited StatesWA, SeattleCultural221
Valencia Ahora TVSpanishSpainValenciaVariety / General Station492
Vara Humor TVDutchNetherlandsAmsterdamVariety / General Station800
Varosi TVHungarianHungarySzegedVariety / General Station266
Vatican TVItalianVaticanoVatican CityOther200
VeeSee TVEnglishUnited KingdomLondonOther800
Vega TVSpanishDominican RepublicLa VegaVariety / General Station170
Venezolana de TelevisionSpanishVenezuelaCaracasVariety / General Station100
Vesti 24RussianRussian FederationMoscowVariety / General Station350
Vicksburg Channel 23EnglishUnited StatesMI, VicksburgCommunity225
Victoria VisionSpanishPuerto RicoSan JuanReligious56
Videncia TVSpanishSpainValenciaOther220
VideolinaItalianItalyCagliariMusic Television273
VideoMAXSpanishPuerto RicoSan JuanMusic Television150
VideoMax Canal 52SpanishPuerto RicoSan JuanMusic Television141
VideorolaSpanishMexicoGuadalajaraMusic Television450
Vikom TVSerbianBosnia and HerzegovinaBanja LukaVariety / General Station150
Villaggio Hare Krishna MedolagoItalianItalyBergamoReligious150
Viseu TVPortuguesePortugalViseuVariety / General Station102
Vision CablecomSpanishMexicoMexico CityVariety / General Station330
Viva TVBulgarianBulgariaSofiaMusic Television300
VIVE TVSpanishVenezuelaCaracasCultural100
Vizion PlusAlbanianAlbaniaN/ANews/Talk85
Vlok TVDutchNetherlandsKatwijkVariety / General Station300
VNN TVVietnameseVietnamHo Chi MinhVariety / General Station370
VOA Bosnia EditionBosnianBosnia and HerzegovinaSarajevoNews/Talk56
VOA LivePersianAfghanistanInternetNews/Talk232
VOA Pashtoo NewsPashtoAfghanistanKabulNews/Talk330
VOA Persian EditionPersianIranTehranNews/Talk330
VSU TVEnglishUnited StatesGA, ValdostaCultural225
VTC 1VietnameseVietnamHo Chi MinhVariety / General Station274
VTC 2VietnameseVietnamHo Chi MinhVariety / General Station274
VTC 5VietnameseVietnamHo Chi MinhVariety / General Station274
VTV 1VietnameseVietnamHo Chi MinhVariety / General Station242
VTV 3VietnameseVietnamHo Chi MinhVariety / General Station232
VTV 4VietnameseVietnamHo Chi MinhVariety / General Station176
VTV Kanal VIPTurkishTurkeyAntalyaVariety / General Station150
W39CD TVEnglishUnited StatesMS, FultonReligious36
WABC Channel 7EnglishUnited StatesNY, New YorkVariety / General Station330
WACX SuperchannelEnglishUnited StatesFL, OrlandoReligious100
Waikiki Beach CameraEnglishUSA HawaiiHI, HonoluluGeneral Webcams220
Walla News TVHebrewIsraelJerusalemNews/Talk240
WAM TVEnglishUnited KingdomLasswadeVariety / General Station430
WAPA TelevicentroSpanishPuerto RicoSan JuanVariety / General Station100
WBQP TV Channel 12EnglishUnited StatesFL, PensacolaVariety / General Station450
WCLF CTN TVEnglishUnited StatesFL, LargoVariety / General Station150
WCTV Channel 48EnglishUnited StatesVA, ChesapeakeCommunity141
WDR Westdeutscher RundfunkGermanGermanyKolnNews/Talk200
WDSU Channel 6EnglishUnited StatesLA, New OrleansNews/Talk300
Web TV ARFPortugueseBrazilWebcastOther32
Web TV AtalaiaPortugueseBrazilWebcastReligious172
Web TV BuscakiPortugueseBrazilWebcastVariety / General Station150
Web TV Clips Maresia FMPortugueseBrazilWebcastMusic Television225
WESH Orlando NewsEnglishUnited StatesFL, OrlandoVariety / General Station300
Western ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMovies Channel1000
Western TVGermanGermanyWurzburgMovies Channel560
WETN TVEnglishUnited StatesIL, WheatonCultural340
Wetter FernsehenGermanGermanySingenWeather300
WFMHebrewIsraelJerusalemMusic Television300
WGAY TV Proud ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastVariety / General Station250
WHDH TV News 7EnglishUnited StatesMA, BostonNews/Talk125
WHEC NBC Channel 10EnglishUnited StatesNY, RochesterVariety / General Station350
WHL Web TVEnglishCanadaWebcastSports400
WHOH TV Channel 75EnglishUnited StatesNY, Village of HastingsCommunity94
WHT World Harvest TelevisionEnglishUnited StatesIN, South BendReligious36
WIM TV 1RussianRussian FederationMoscowMusic Television120
WIM TV 2RussianRussian FederationMoscowMusic Television120
WIM TV 3RussianRussian FederationMoscowMusic Television120
WIM TV 4RussianRussian FederationMoscowMusic Television120
WIMN Mega TV Canal 20SpanishPuerto RicoSan JuanVariety / General Station150
Win TV WorldEnglishTrinidad and TobagoPort of SpainVariety / General Station350
Wizard TVPortugueseBrazilSao PauloVariety / General Station227
WJDW Channel 21EnglishUnited StatesVA, BishopReligious273
WJRT Channel 12EnglishUnited StatesMI, FlintVariety / General Station400
WKFK Channel 7EnglishUnited StatesMS, PascagoulaVariety / General Station330
WKRG News 5EnglishUnited StatesAL, MobileNews/Talk800
WM TVGermanGermanyMunsterNews/Talk300
WMCI TVEnglishUnited StatesME, PittsfieldCultural200
WMTY TVEnglishUnited StatesAL, HamiltonCommunity150
Womb TVEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMusic Television150
Wonju MBC TVKoreanKoreaSeoulVariety / General Station221
Word of God EnglishEnglishGreeceAthensReligious100
Word of God GreekGreekGreeceAthensReligious70
Word of God ItalianItalianGreeceAthensReligious70
Word of God RussianRussianGreeceAthensReligious70
Word on da StreetsEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMusic Television250
World Made ChannelMultilanguageNetherlandsInternetVariety / General Station250
Worm TVGermanGermanyInternetMusic Television150
WOW TVKoreanKoreaSeoulVariety / General Station200
WPTV BiznesPolishPolandWarsawFinancial News200
WPTV FilmPolishPolandWarsawMovies Channel350
WPTV GamesPolishPolandWarsawOther400
WPTV LifestylePolishPolandWarsawOther400
WPTV MotoPolishPolandWarsawOther400
WPTV MuzikaPolishPolandWarsawMusic Television400
WPTV NewsPolishPolandWarsawNews/Talk400
WPVI ABC Channel 6EnglishUnited StatesPA, PhiladelphiaVariety / General Station310
WRNN TVEnglishUnited StatesNY, New YorkNews/Talk100
WSCF TV 31EnglishUnited StatesFL, MelbourneVariety / General Station273
WSJU Canal 30SpanishPuerto RicoSan JuanVariety / General Station150
WSPF TV Channel 35EnglishUnited StatesFL, Saint PetersburgVariety / General Station260
WSVN TV News 7EnglishUnited StatesFL, MiamiNews/Talk273
WTC TV AnkaraTurkishTurkeyIstambulFinancial News100
WTK TelewizjaPolishPolandPoznanVariety / General Station150
WTM WeerGermanBelgiumBrusselsWeather300
WTV 8MalayMalaysiaKuala LumpurVariety / General Station102
WTV NewsChineseChinaWuxiNews/Talk348
WTVC Web TVPortugueseBrazilBrasiliaOther120
Wuerfelzucker TVGermanGermanyEssenMusic Television500
WUWF TVEnglishUnited StatesFL, PensacolaCultural400
WVIT NBC 30EnglishUnited StatesCT, HartfordNews/Talk350
WVUE TV FOX 8 LiveEnglishUnited StatesLA, New OrleansNews/Talk273
WVVH TV Hamptons TelevisionEnglishUnited StatesNY, East HamptonsCommunity1100
WW TVGermanGermanyWiedNews/Talk600
wweb TVEnglishUnited KingdomWebcastReligious100
WZRA TV Channel 48MultilanguageUnited StatesFL, MiamiVariety / General Station273
WZRA TV Channel 48GreekUnited StatesFloridaVariety / General Station273
WZTV 1ChineseChinaPekinVariety / General Station500
WZTV 2ChineseChinaPekinVariety / General Station500
WZTV DSSHChineseChinaPekinVariety / General Station500
WZTV JJKJChineseChinaPekinVariety / General Station500
WZTV XWZHChineseChinaPekinVariety / General Station500
WZTV YSWHChineseChinaPekinVariety / General Station500
X TVPersianIranTehranVariety / General Station273
Xalima TVFrenchSenegalDakarVariety / General Station100
XATV Channel 1ChineseChinaXian CityNews/Talk330
XATV Channel 2ChineseChinaXian CityNews/Talk330
XATV Channel 3ChineseChinaShaanxiVariety / General Station332
XATV Channel 4ChineseChinaShaanxiVariety / General Station332
Xin TV Channel 3ChineseChinaPekinSports200
XZ TV 1ChineseChinaPekinVariety / General Station350
XZ TV 2ChineseChinaPekinVariety / General Station350
XZ TV 3ChineseChinaPekinVariety / General Station350
Yanagida TVJapaneseJapanTokyoVariety / General Station56
Yeosu MBC TVKoreanKoreaSeoulVariety / General Station350
YLE NewsFinnishFinlandHelsinkiNews/Talk400
Yomiuri TVJapaneseJapanTokyoNews/Talk300
YourVida TVPortuguesePortugalWebcastMusic Television350
YS MBCKoreanKoreaSeoulSports350
YTN TVKoreanKoreaSeoulNews/Talk200
Yuma 77EnglishUnited StatesAZ, YumaNews/Talk160
Yumurcak TVTurkishTurkeyIstambulKids150
Z TVSwedishSwedenStockholmMusic Television540
Zapperz TVDutchNetherlandsWebcastVariety / General Station1000
ZDF InfokanalGermanGermanyMainzNews/Talk300
Zdrave TVBulgarianBulgariaSofiaVariety / General Station1100
Zen.On Campus TVGermanGermanyPotsdamVariety / General Station600
Zenit TVHungarianHungaryBudapestVariety / General Station331
ZH TVChineseChinaBeijingVariety / General Station564
Zile TVTurkishTurkeyZileVariety / General Station150
Zona 31SpanishArgentinaBuenos AiresVariety / General Station120
Zuglo TVHungarianHungaryBudapestVariety / General Station320