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Internet Radio stations and Streaming Television

Congratulations! You’ve found the only World TV and Radio Tuner site, which means that you can listen to radio and television broadcasts from around the globe as often as you want to. Our listings include stations from across the world in a variety of languages ranging from Turkish to Irish. To watch or listen, simply tune in to our free Internet radio and television broadcasts by using WorldTVRadio Tuner.

Featured Radio Station Listings

Find out how people from different countries view the current events by listening to news and talk radio stations such as Pakistan TV World News, Phoenix TV (Germany), Press TV (Iran), or RAI in Italy. Or, find out how different governments across the world handle global problems by tuning into the Parliament of Australia channel. When you have a plethora of radio stations at your fingertips, there’s no limit to the amount of knowledge that you will discover!

Free Streaming Online Television Stations

Are you curious about global music tastes? How about shopping for unique goods from vendors strewn across the world? By tuning into our free streaming online television listings, you can view the world from the comfort of your own home. Or, take our free television stations with you as you travel – you can find out what’s happening in your destination country before you even arrive! Whether you just want to find out about the weather, or whether you are interested in local cultural happenings, you can find all the details that you’ll need for your trip simply by tuning into the WorldTVRadio Tuner.

Some Channels of Interest

Oberlausitz TV

If you happen to speak German, then this station may be of interest to you. Nothing is more entertaining than German variety stations – you never know what the topic of conversation may be!

Ocho TV

Ocho TV is broadcast in Spanish, and based in Jalisco, Mexico. This variety station covers all the latest news, events, and Mexican happenings, so that you can stay up-to-date with hot Mexican topics.

Oh! Sama TV

Oh! Sama TV comes to you live from Japan. This station broadcasts all the latest and greatest Japanese music videos, and it also includes some entertaining segments. There’s a reason why Japanese television is prized the world over – tune in to find out why!

Party TV

Have you ever wondered what people in Romania listen to? Well, why not tune into Party TV broadcasting live from Bucuresti, Romania. This music television station will keep you abreast of all the latest Romanian singers and voices from around the globe.

Reggae Sun TV

Who couldn’t use a bit of island heat? Reggae Sun TV pumps out reggae beats live from Kingston, Jamaica, every single day. Even if you can’t make it to the islands, you can still listen to some island sounds by tuning into Reggae Sun TV.

What the WorldTVRadio Tuner Can Do For You

Tuning your television or radio will allow you to listen to local events, but there’s a whole world of happenings just waiting to be discovered. The WorldTVRadio Tuner allows you to put your fingertips on music, religion, politics, and many other topics from across the globe.

Whether you want to listen to the radio in Spanish or whether you just want to find out what’s happening across the U.S.A, tuning into any station on WorldTVRadio Tuner will put you in touch with your global neighbors.

All of our radio and television stations are completely free, and we have thousands of different stations for you to choose from. Look for your favorite station by name, genre, country, or language – it’s just that simple.

To use WorldTVRadio Tuner, simply install the files that you want onto your computer. Since all of the channels listed here are streamed live from other places across the world, there aren’t any copyright concerns to worry about. You also don’t have to think about clogging your computer with large files or contracting viruses, since the files that you install won’t affect your computer at all.

To get started with WorldTVRadio Tuner, simply download our 15 day free trial copy. You’ll have instant access to more than 1240 different TV channels, and more than 7,500 radio channels. If you aren’t comfortable downloading software, choose our online tuner and listen to your channel of choice by using your browser.

If you’re tired of being confined to local television and radio stations, then get ready to change the way that you think and view the world with WorldTVRadio Tuner. Our speedy, free, and extensive service will help you stay in touch with the world with a simple click of your mouse.

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Current worldtvradio's TV channel lineup from # to B
Station NameLanguageCountryCityStation TypeSpeed
Click on channel name to open station page
O TV MusicUkranianUkraineKievMusic Television150
O TV Oglinda TelevisionRomanianRomaniaBucurestiVariety / General Station250
Oberlausitz TVGermanGermanyBerlinVariety / General Station700
Oberpfalz TVGermanGermanyAmbergVariety / General Station700
Ocho TVSpanishMexicoJaliscoVariety / General Station220
OCTT City Channel 13EnglishUnited StatesD.C. WashingtonCommunity100
OCTT City Channel 16EnglishUnited StatesD.C. WashingtonCommunity100
Odoroku TVJapaneseJapanTokyoVariety / General Station512
ODTU TVTurkishTurkeyIstambulCultural300
Off The Beaten PathEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastVariety / General Station540
Ogg TVDutchNetherlandsGroningenVariety / General Station300
Oh! Sama TVJapaneseJapanWebcastMusic Television300
Oireachtas MultiscreenEnglishIrelandDublinPolitics & Government1100
Ojos Solidarios TVSpanishSpainLas PalmasCultural58
OK 43 TVGermanGermanyEssenVariety / General Station353
Okto TVGermanAustriaViennaVariety / General Station192
Okto TVCzechCzech RepublicPragueMusic Television787
Olelo FOCUS Channel 49EnglishUnited StatesHI, HonoluluCommunity273
Olelo NATV Channel 53EnglishUnited StatesHI, HonoluluCommunity150
Olelo OAHU Channel 52EnglishUnited StatesHI, HonoluluCommunity273
Olelo Traffic CamsEnglishUnited StatesHI, HonoluluTraffic Webcam273
Olelo VIEWS Channel 54EnglishUnited StatesHI, HonoluluCommunity273
Oman TVArabicOmanMuscatReligious56
Omega TVGreekGreeceRhodesVariety / General Station199
Omroep Gelderland TVDutchNetherlandsGelderlandVariety / General Station300
Omroep Zeeland TVDutchNetherlandsZeelandVariety / General Station490
On Grace TVPortugueseBrazilSao PauloReligious160
On Top TVDutchNetherlandsWebcastMusic Television273
On Top TVEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastSports273
Once TVSpanishMexicoMexico CityVariety / General Station150
Onda Jerez TelevisionSpanishSpainJerez de la FronteraVariety / General Station230
Onda TVItalianItalyPalermoVariety / General Station166
One TVMalteseMaltaVallettaNews/Talk300
Only Motors TVEnglishUnited KingdomWebcastSports800
OPA TVGreekCanadaTorontoMusic Television150
Open Student Television NetworkEnglishUnited StatesMI, Ann ArborCultural300
ORF StarmaniaGermanAustriaViennaVariety / General Station150
Orlando TV NetworkEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastVariety / General Station540
ORTB TVFrenchBeninCotonouVariety / General Station300
OTVCroatianCroatiaZagrebVariety / General Station102
Pacifico Television Canal 42SpanishPeruLimaReligious140
Pakistan TV World NewsEnglishPakistanKarachiNews/Talk151
Pakistan Vision Channel 1UrduPakistanKarachiNews/Talk100
Pakistan Vision Channel 2UrduPakistanKarachiNews/Talk100
Pakistan Vision News in EnglishEnglishPakistanKarachiNews/Talk151
Pakistan Vision News in UrduUrduPakistanKarachiNews/Talk151
Panama City Beach TVEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastVariety / General Station92
Panjin TVChineseChinaPanjinVariety / General Station100
Paprika TVSlovenianSloveniaLjubljanaMusic Television330
Paradise TVFrenchFranceInternetMusic Television256
Paralympic Sport TVGermanGermanyBonnSports350
Paris Cap TVFrenchFranceParisVariety / General Station360
Parlament - NationalratGermanSwitzerlandZurichPolitics & Government200
Parlament - StänderatGermanSwitzerlandZurichPolitics & Government200
Parliament of AustraliaEnglishAustraliaSydneyPolitics & Government100
Pars TVPersianIranTehranVariety / General Station102
Party TVRomanianRomaniaBucurestiMusic Television250
Pasa TVPersianIranTehranVariety / General Station302
Pasadena 56EnglishUnited StatesCA, PasadenaCommunity242
Payame TVPashtoAfghanistanKabulVariety / General Station762
PBC TVKoreanKoreaSeoulReligious250
PBC TV Channel 20EnglishUnited StatesFL, Palm BeachCommunity220
PBS Nightly Business ReportEnglishUnited StatesD.C. WashingtonFinancial News250
PDS TV Channel 14EnglishUnited StatesFL, Pinellas CountyVariety / General Station350
Peace TVMultilanguageIndiaNew DelhiReligious150
Pentagon ChannelEnglishUnited StatesD.C. WashingtonOther200
Peru TV OnlineSpanishPeruInternetVariety / General Station225
PETN TV City ChannelGermanGermanyLeipzigVariety / General Station1000
PETN TV Movie ChannelGermanGermanyLeipzigMovies Channel1000
PETN TV Music ChannelGermanGermanyLeipzigMusic Television1000
PETN TV Sports ChannelGermanGermanyLeipzigSports1000
PG 24CzechCzech RepublicPragueOther1000
Phoenix TVGermanGermanyBerlinNews/Talk451
Pinole TV Channel 26EnglishUnited StatesCA, PinoleCommunity260
Pinole TV Channel 28EnglishUnited StatesCA, PinoleCommunity260
Pittsfield City Link TVEnglishUnited StatesMA, PittsfieldCommunity503
Pittsfield ETVEnglishUnited StatesMA, PittsfieldCommunity503
Piublu TVItalianItalyLombardiaVariety / General Station330
Play TVItalianItalyMilanSports100
Play TVSlovenianSloveniaWebcastMusic Television1000
Pleamar TVSpanishSpainCadizVariety / General Station250
PMI TVPersianIranTehranVariety / General Station102
PNBox TVItalianItalyPordenoneVariety / General Station400
Pod TVJapaneseJapanTokyoVariety / General Station56
Podroze TVPolishPolandWarsawOther190
Polsat TVPolishPolandWarsawVariety / General Station685
Popular TVSpanishSpainCadizVariety / General Station180
Pratech TVRomanianRomaniaBucurestiOther300
Press TVEnglishIranTehranNews/Talk340
Price-Drop TVEnglishUnited KingdomLondonShopping220
PrimAntenna TVItalianItalyRivoliVariety / General Station273
Primetime TVGermanGermanyPluderhausenShopping300
Primo CanaleItalianItalyGenovaVariety / General Station282
Pro Line TVBulgarianBulgariaSofiaMusic Television300
Promar TVSpanishVenezuelaBarquisimetoVariety / General Station56
Promocja TVPolishPolandInternetShopping382
PSC TV Palestinian Satellite ChannelArabicPalestineRamallahVariety / General Station225
PSN SuperestacionSpanishMexicoTijuanaVariety / General Station270
Public TVChineseChinaBeijingCultural200
Pueblo de Israel TVSpanishEl SalvadorSan SalvadorReligious150
Q TV Quingdao TelevisionChineseChinaQuingdaoVariety / General Station600
QOOB TVItalianItalyInternetMusic Television300
Quiche TVChineseChinaBeijingSports330
Quran TVPersianIranTehranReligious273
QVC TV UKEnglishUnited KingdomLondonShopping350
QVC TV USAEnglishUnited StatesPA, West ChesterShopping280
R King TVFrenchFranceInternetVariety / General Station260
Race OnlineEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastSports540
Raceworld TVDutchNetherlandsAmsterdamSports300
Radio Ena 87.6 FMMultilanguageAustraliaAdelaideMulticultural128
Radio Italia TelevisionItalianItalyRomeMusic Television90
Radio SNJ TVItalianItalyInternetMusic Television300
Radio Web Caribe TVSpanishColombiaSanta MartaMusic Television160
RAI Futura TVItalianItalyMilanVariety / General Station341
RAI News 24ItalianItalyRomeNews/Talk300
Rambler TVRussianRussian FederationMoscowVariety / General Station156
Rang A Rang TVArabicUnited StatesVA, ViennaEthnic105
Rapture TVEnglishUnited KingdomLondonVariety / General Station400
Rathergood TVEnglishUnited KingdomWebcastVariety / General Station450
RBC TVRussianRussian FederationMoscowFinancial News351
RBN TV Canal 21PortugueseBrazilJaragua do SulVariety / General Station185
RC TVEnglishUnited StatesGA, RoswellVariety / General Station150
RCTV Radio Caracas TelevisionSpanishVenezuelaCaracasVariety / General Station56
Real Estate TVEnglishUnited KingdomLondonOther1200
Realitatea TVRomanianRomaniaBucurestiVariety / General Station262
Red Advenir TelevisionSpanishBoliviaLa PazReligious150
Rede CBSPortugueseBrazilBrasiliaMusic Television131
Rede Genesis de TelevisaoPortugueseBrazilBrasiliaReligious150
Rede Mundial de TelevisaoPortugueseBrazilRio de JaneiroReligious225
Rede Opiniao TVPortugueseBrazilArarasVariety / General Station50
Rede Super GospelPortugueseBrazilMinas GeraisReligious250
Rede TV 10PortugueseBrazilWebcastMusic Television200
Rede TV SulPortugueseBrazilFlorianopolisFull Service170
Rede TV VianaPortugueseBrazilPalotinaVariety / General Station150
Rede TVEPortugueseBrazilPorto AlegreCultural80
Rede TVE RegionalPortugueseBrazilCampo GrandeCultural66
Rede Visao AbortoPortugueseBrazilBrasiliaCultural150
Rede Visao de TVPortugueseBrazilBrasiliaCultural150
Reel Good TVEnglishUnited StatesVA, Virginia BeachMovies Channel360
Reggae Sun TVEnglishJamaicaKingstonReggae100
Regio 22DutchNetherlandsHoornVariety / General Station512
Regio TVGermanGermanyStuttgartVariety / General Station300
Rei TVItalianItalySiciliaVariety / General Station115
Research ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastCultural1500
Rete Versilia NewsItalianItalyViareggioNews/Talk200
Retesole Perugia LazioItalianItalyLazioVariety / General Station200
Retesole Perugia UmbriaItalianItalyUmbriaVariety / General Station200
Revelation TVEnglishUnited KingdomLondonReligious400
RFL TVGermanGermanyLandshutVariety / General Station300
RFO Polynesia TVFrenchFrench PolynesiaBora BoraNews/Talk150
Rheinmain TVGermanGermanyBad HomburgVariety / General Station314
Riigikogu ChannelEstonianEstoniaTallinnPolitics & Government260
RIK SatGreekCyprusNicosiaCultural20
RIT TV Rede Internacional de TelevisaoPortugueseBrazilSan PauloReligious105
RMF Maxxx TVPolishPolandWarzawaMusic Television400
RMK TVItalianItalySciaccaVariety / General Station100
RNN7 TVDutchNetherlandsZuid HollandVariety / General Station320
Rock Me TVEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMusic Television540
Rock Me TV CountryEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMusic Television540
Rock Me TV Hard Hip-Hop Boot CampEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMusic Television540
Rock Me TV Hard NewsEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMusic Television540
Rock Me TV Hard RockEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMusic Television540
Rock Me TV Hip-HopEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMusic Television540
Rock Television 70s RockItalianItalyInternetMusic Television355
Rock Television 80s RockItalianItalyInternetMusic Television355
Rock Television 90s RockItalianItalyInternetMusic Television355
Rock Television Hard & Heavy RockItalianItalyInternetMusic Television355
Rock Television Neo RockItalianItalyInternetMusic Television355
Rock Television Progressive RockItalianItalyInternetMusic Television355
Rock Television Soft & BaladsItalianItalyInternetMusic Television355
Roj TVKurdishIraqInternetVariety / General Station250
Roma UnoItalianItalyRomaVariety / General Station291
Romusic TVRomanianRomaniaBucurestiMusic Television200
ROO TVEnglishAustraliaCanberraVariety / General Station300
Rrokum TVAlbanianAlbaniaTiranaMusic Television540
RTB Channel 1MalayBruneiBandar Seri BegawanNews/Talk300
RTB InternationalMalayBruneiBandar Seri BegawanFull Service128
RTB JournalFrenchBurkina FasoOuagadougouNews/Talk200
RTB NewsMalayBruneiBandar Seri BegawanNews/Talk300
RTB Video MaxMalayBruneiBandar Seri BegawanFull Service300
RTC Tele-LiegeDutchBelgiumBrusselsNews/Talk300
RTE NewsEnglishIrelandDublinNews/Talk100
RTH 2000 Channel 1EnglishHaitiInternetVariety / General Station424
RTI TV Radio y Television InsularSpanishSpainLas PalmasVariety / General Station250
RTK 1 Nedelji KolazAlbanianAlbaniaN/ANews/Talk40
RTK 1 HaberAlbanianAlbaniaN/ANews/Talk40
RTK 1 Info 17:00AlbanianAlbaniaN/ASports40
RTK 1 MostoviAlbanianAlbaniaN/ANews/Talk40
RTK 1 MozaikAlbanianAlbaniaN/ANews/Talk40
RTK 1 VestiAlbanianAlbaniaN/ANews/Talk40
RTK 1 VijestiAlbanianAlbaniaN/ANews/Talk40
RTK 1 YekhpeAlbanianAlbaniaN/ANews/Talk40
RTL 102.5 TVItalianItalyRomaMusic Television150
RTL Business ClassDutchNetherlandsAmsterdamFinancial News500
RTL TVGermanLuxembourgLuxembourgVariety / General Station273
RTL TV 2GermanLuxembourgLuxembourgVariety / General Station150
RTL Z TVDutchNetherlandsAmsterdamFinancial News230
RTM Channel 1MalayMalaysiaKuala LumpurVariety / General Station150
RTM Channel 2MalayMalaysiaKuala LumpurVariety / General Station150
RTN TVKoreanKoreaSeoulOther200
RTN TV Real Estate NetworkGermanGermanyMunchenOther500
RTPI TV Radio Tele Providence InternationalFrenchHaitiPort-au-PrinceReligious273
RTR PlanetaRussianRussian FederationMoscowVariety / General Station229
RTRS TVSerbianBosnia and HerzegovinaThe HagueVariety / General Station160
RTS TelevisionItalianItalySalentoVariety / General Station150
RTS TV 1 Radio Televizija Srbije 1SerbianSerbiaBelgradeVariety / General Station150
RTS TV 2 Radio Televizija Srbije 2SerbianSerbiaBelgradeVariety / General Station150
RTV 38ItalianItalyFirenzeVariety / General Station225
RTV ChannelDutchNetherlandsAmsterdamMusic Television440
RTV DrentheDutchNetherlandsDrentheVariety / General Station260
RTV EsteponaSpanishSpainEsteponaVariety / General Station150
RTV NieuwsGermanBelgiumBrusselsNews/Talk400
RTV Noord-Holland TVDutchNetherlandsNoord-HollandVariety / General Station404
RTV Oost TVDutchNetherlandsOostVariety / General Station520
RTV PinkSerbianSerbiaBelgradeVariety / General Station300
RTV Radio y Television de VeracruzSpanishMexicoXalapaVariety / General Station50
RTV West TVDutchNetherlandsZuid HollandVariety / General Station540
RU Internet TV Channel 1ThaiThailandBangkokVariety / General Station185
Ruparty TVGermanGermanyRheda-WiedenbrückMusic Television314
Ruposhi Bangla TVBanglaBangladeshInternetNews/Talk800
Rusiya Al-Yaum TVArabicRussian FederationMoscowNews/Talk500
Russia TodayEnglishRussian FederationMoscowNews/Talk420
Rustavi 2 TVGeorgianGeorgiaTbilisiFull Service56
RUV TVIcelandicIcelandReykjavikVariety / General Station290
RVTV Channel 14EnglishUnited StatesOR, Rogue ValleyCommunity225
RVTV Channel 15EnglishUnited StatesOR, Rogue ValleyCommunity225
RVTV Channel 9EnglishUnited StatesOR, Rogue ValleyCommunity225