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Current worldtvradio's TV channel lineup from J to N
Station NameLanguageCountryCityStation TypeSpeed
Click on channel name to open station page
J Golf ChannelChineseChinaPequinSports1000
JAL TV (Japanese Airlines)JapaneseJapanTokyoVariety / General Station700
Jam e Jam 1PersianIranTehranNews/Talk100
Jam e Jam 2PersianIranTehranVariety / General Station100
Jam e Jam 3PersianIranTehranVariety / General Station273
JC TVEnglishUnited StatesCA, Santa AnaMusic Television300
Jeju MBC TVKoreanKoreaSeoulVariety / General Station180
Jeonju MBC TVKoreanKoreaJeonjuVariety / General Station200
JET TVFrenchFranceParisOther382
Jewelry TVEnglishUnited StatesTN, KnoxvilleShopping300
Jordan TV Channel OneArabicJordanAmmanVariety / General Station225
Just TVPortugueseBrazilWebcastVariety / General Station150
K TVKoreanKoreaSeoulVariety / General Station300
Kabbalah TV - EnglishEnglishIsraelJerusalemReligious288
Kabbalah TV - GermanGermanIsraelJerusalemReligious132
Kabbalah TV - HebrewHebrewIsraelJerusalemReligious288
Kabbalah TV - RussianRussianIsraelJerusalemReligious288
Kabbalah TV - SpanishSpanishIsraelJerusalemReligious288
Kackar TVTurkishTurkeyIstambulVariety / General Station100
KAMU TVEnglishUnited StatesTX, TamuCultural224
Kanal 1TurkishTurkeyAna SayfaVariety / General Station56
Kanal 10SwedishSwedenStockholmReligious560
Kanal 5MacedonianFYROMSkopjeNews/Talk112
Kanal AvrupaTurkishTurkeyIstambulVariety / General Station200
Kanal BTurkishTurkeyAna SayfaVariety / General Station150
Kanal DTurkishTurkeyIstambulVariety / General Station300
Kanal D TVSerbianSerbiaBelgradeKids100
Kanal ETurkishTurkeyElazigVariety / General Station250
Kanal MaviTurkishTurkeyAna SayfaVariety / General Station128
Karadeniz TVTurkishTurkeyIstambulVariety / General Station100
KARE Channel 11EnglishUnited StatesMN, MinneapolisVariety / General Station320
Karesi TVTurkishTurkeyIstambulVariety / General Station102
Karibbean TVFrenchFranceParisMusic Television256
Kayseri Kanal 38TurkishTurkeyIstambulVariety / General Station141
KBS Channel 1KoreanKoreaSeoulFull Service150
KBS Channel 2KoreanKoreaSeoulFull Service150
KBSV TV 23 Assyria VisionMultilanguageUnited StatesCA, ModestoEthnic100
KCCG TV Channel 2EnglishUnited StatesMO, Kansas CityCommunity225
KCEN TV Channel 6EnglishUnited StatesTX, TempleVariety / General Station300
KCLV TV Channel 2EnglishUnited StatesNV, Las VegasCommunity100
KCTU TV Channel 5EnglishUnited StatesKS, WichitaVariety / General Station273
KCTV Channel 5KoreanKoreaSeoulFull Service300
KDCG TV Channel 22EnglishUnited StatesLA, OpelousasVariety / General Station330
KE TVThaiThailandBangkokFinancial News343
Key TVEnglishUnited StatesFL, Key WestOther100
Kfish TVKoreanKoreaSeoulSports273
KGEB TV 53EnglishUnited StatesOK, TulsaReligious225
KGOV TVEnglishUnited StatesCA, KernCommunity261
Khabar TV News NetworkPersianIranTehranNews/Talk273
Khorasan TVPashtoAfghanistanKabulVariety / General Station762
Kirsehir TVTurkishTurkeyKirsehirVariety / General Station102
Kiss TelevisionSpanishSpainMadridMusic Television200
Kitz TVGermanAustriaKitzbuehlVariety / General Station350
KLRN TVEnglishUnited StatesCA, PasadenaCultural242
KNBC Channel 4EnglishUnited StatesCA, Los AngelesNews/Talk350
Knesset TVHebrewIsraelJerusalemPolitics & Government100
Knife and Gun ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastShopping300
KPAS 56EnglishUnited StatesCA, PasadenaPolitics & Government242
KPBN Channel 11EnglishUnited StatesLA, Baton RougeSports120
KRIB TVEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMusic Television100
KRO KinderDutchNetherlandsAmsterdamKids500
KRO OpvoedenDutchNetherlandsAmsterdamKids800
KSTU Fox 13EnglishUnited StatesUT, Salt Lake CityNews/Talk300
KTBS Channel 3EnglishUnited StatesLA, ShreveportNews/Talk300
KTN TVUrduPakistanKarachiVariety / General Station56
KTTV My FoxEnglishUnited StatesCA, Los AngelesVariety / General Station270
KTUU TV NBC Channel 2EnglishUnited StatesAnchorageNews/Talk220
KUAM News Prime 1 (Monday)EnglishGuamHagatnaNews/Talk330
KUAM News Prime 2 (Tuesday)EnglishGuamHagatnaNews/Talk330
KUAM News Prime 3 (Wednesday)EnglishGuamHagatnaNews/Talk330
KUAM News Prime 4 (Thursday)EnglishGuamHagatnaNews/Talk330
KUAM News Prime 5 (Friday)EnglishGuamHagatnaNews/Talk330
KUAM News Prime 6 (Saturday)EnglishGuamHagatnaNews/Talk330
KUAM News Prime 7 (Sunday)EnglishGuamHagatnaNews/Talk330
KuLaK's WoodshedEnglishUnited StatesCA, Los AngelesMusic Television500
Kultura TVUkranianUkraineKievCultural350
Kurd SatKurdishIraqSuleimaniVariety / General Station102
Kurd TVKurdishIraqSuleimaniVariety / General Station242
Kurdistan TVKurdishIraqInternetVariety / General Station250
Kuwait Television KTV 3ArabicKuwaitKuwait CityVariety / General Station193
KVVU Fox 5EnglishUnited StatesNV, Las VegasVariety / General Station300
KW TVGermanGermanyWildauVariety / General Station564
KWQC- TV 6 First Alert WeatherEnglishUnited StatesIA, DavenportNews/Talk350
L.A. City View Channel 35EnglishUnited StatesCA, Los AngelesPolitics & Government80
LA 36 TVEnglishUnited StatesCA, Los AngelesVariety / General Station230
La 8 Emilia-RomagnaItalianItalyEmilia-RomagnaVariety / General Station222
La 8 VenetoItalianItalyVenetoVariety / General Station222
La 9ItalianItalyVenetoVariety / General Station222
La 9 SatItalianItalyVenetoVariety / General Station222
LA Chaine DemainFrenchFranceParisCultural100
La OtraSpanishSpainMadridVariety / General Station200
Labbaik TVPersianIranTehranVariety / General Station273
Labelle TVFrenchFranceParisMusic Television400
Lahse TVEnglishUnited StatesCA, Los AngelesShopping102
Last Minute TVGermanGermanyMannheimOther400
Lazio TVItalianItalyLazioVariety / General Station150
LC2 International TelevisionFrenchBeninCotonouVariety / General Station200
LCNFrenchCanadaQuebec CityNews/Talk330
LCP - Assemblée NationaleFrenchFranceParisPolitics & Government150
Legislative Assembly New BrunswickEnglishCanadaFrederictonPolitics & Government160
Leman Bleu TVFrenchSwitzerlandZurichVariety / General Station540
LFX MudigiJapaneseJapanTokyoVariety / General Station300
LG TV LaGrange TelevisionEnglishUnited StatesGA, LaGrangeVariety / General Station270
Liberty TVDutchBelgiumBrusselsShopping400
Lider TVAzeriAzerbaijanBakuNews/Talk100
Life TVEstonianEstoniaTallinnReligious350
Lira TVItalianItalySalernoVariety / General Station72
Lishui TV Channel 1ChineseChinaLishuiVariety / General Station300
Lishui TV Channel 2ChineseChinaLishuiVariety / General Station300
Live Ireland TVEnglishIrelandDublinShopping150
Live TVRussianArmeniaWebcastVariety / General Station550
LJBC TVArabicLybian Arab JamahiriyaTripoliVariety / General Station273
LLBN TVEnglishUnited StatesCA, Loma LindaReligious102
Local Media TVSpanishSpainMadridVariety / General Station300
Localia TVSpanishSpainHuescaVariety / General Station150
Lok SabhaEnglishIndiaNew DelhiPolitics & Government50
London TVEnglishUnited KingdomLondonVariety / General Station1800
Loveworld TVEnglishNigeriaLagosReligious150
LS 82 TV Canal 7SpanishArgentinaBuenos AiresVariety / General Station150
LSN TV Lifestyle Network TelevisionEnglishUnited StatesCA, Los AngelesVariety / General Station500
LSTV 1ChineseChinaLishuiVariety / General Station300
LT 85 TV Canal 12SpanishArgentinaMisionesVariety / General Station150
Lusophonie Parisienne Web TVPortuguesePortugalInternetVariety / General Station330
Lyxnos TV Channel 32GreekGreecePatrasOther40