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Korea, France, Ecuador, Canada, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Algeria, Thailand – what do all these places have in common? They’re among the hundreds of countries that broadcast free TV channels that you get with WorldTVRadio Tuner. WorldTVRadio Tuner is an amazing little piece of software that connects you to thousands of free web radio stations and online TV stations without antennas, hardware, awkward cards and adapters or illegal gadgets or gizmos. It’s all free, it’s all legal and it all comes straight to your computer.

Want to watch a football match in Angola from Kentucky? Tune in with WorldTVRadio Tuner. Got a hankering for some real authentic Arabian pop hits? You can hear it instantly (really, it just takes seconds) on your computer using WorldTVRadio Tuner’s online tuner, Toolbar Edition or Standalone Edition.

There are tons of ways to find what you want from a world of free radio and TV stations.

Search Free International TV Shows by Name

Looking for a BBC broadcast? Something from ABC? Catching up with Bloomberg TV? If you know the name of the station you want, you can find it easily by browsing the channel lineup by name. You can sort through our entire library of free online TV channels alphabetically – from A to Z, we’ve got ‘em all. List too long (we’re sorry – we’ve got a lot of channels!)? Just hit CTRL-F and type a few letter of the free TV station you’re looking for.

Find Free Online TV Channels by Language

Has this ever happened to you?: You’re stuck in a foreign hotel and all they have on TV are channels in a  language you can’t understand. If you’re dying to hear a voice in your mother tongue, pop on to WorldTVRadio Tuner and begin searching by language. English, Spanish, German, French, Danish – whatever language you prefer, the WorldTVRadio Tuner has a long list of channels for you.

Browse Free Internet TV Stations by Type

In the mood for some sports? How about a movie? Or maybe you’d like to take in a few music videos? Browse our free online TV networks, broadcasts and stations by sorting by type. You can find all the best comedy, news, financial news, shopping, traffic cam, weather channels and more with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Look for Free Local TV Broadcasts by Country

Want the latest news from a particular area? Get the weather report before you arrive by searching by country. From Afghanistan to Vietnam, we’ve got a full list of all the local international broadcasts available to you through WorldTVRadio Tuner.

WorldTVRadio Tuner Version 7.0

The latest version of WorldTVRadio Tuner is our best to date – that’s because it’s based on feedback from our dedicated users. There are three ways to use WorldTVRadio Tuner:

WorldTVRadio Online Tuner

WorldTVRadio online tuner is the quickest and easiest way to get free radio and TV stations streaming directly to your computer. It’s as simple as finding a channel in our TV Channel lineup and clicking launch. The station begins playing in your browser.


•    No installation or downloads required
•    Free!
•    Hundreds of TV stations
•    Thousands of radio stations
•    Live simulcast TV shows and exclusive web broadcasts

WorldTVRadio Tuner Toolbar Edition

The WorldTVRadio Tuner Toolbar Edition melds easy functionality with another price you can’t beat – free! This free toolbar lets you keep in touch with our staff so we can add the features you want and improve upon our software. The WorldTVRadio Tuner Toolbar sits unobtrusively in your browser


•    Free!
•    Launches the free WorldTVRadio Tuner straight from your browser
•    Works seamlessly with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari
•    Stay updated with latest software versions and database additions
•    Help make WorldTVRadio Tuner better

WorldTVRadio Tuner Standalone Edition

WorldTVRadio Tuner Standalone Edition is the ultimate version of WorldTVRadio Tuner and gives you the full range of functionality, more channels and an integrated audio capture interface as well. It’s like TiVo for your world radio tuner!

•    One-time payment of $9.99
•    More channels than the free versions
•    Time-shift your programs to listen at your leisure
•    Capture, record and burn your favorite shows
•    Pause live broadcasts

Stop settling for the handful of channels that your local cable or satellite provider gives you. Tap into an entire world of eclectic TV programming, international news reports and authentic culture, music and movies. The WorldTVRadio Tuner is available for free and lets you take in all the sights and sounds that this wide world has to offer.

Television channels - Alphabetic List Page 2

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Current worldtvradio's TV channel lineup from C to D
Station NameLanguageCountryCityStation TypeSpeed
Click on channel name to open station page
C3 TVKoreanKoreaSeoulReligious273
C9 TelevisionFrenchFranceLyonVariety / General Station289
Cable Channel 78EnglishUnited StatesFL, Fort LauderdaleVariety / General Station50
Cable DeportesSpanishEcuadorQuitoSports80
Cable NoticiasSpanishEcuadorQuitoNews/Talk80
Cable Pulse 24EnglishCanadaTorontoNews/Talk36
Cablevision Channel 9FrenchCanadaMontrealVariety / General Station220
Cadenatres Canal 28SpanishMexicoMexico CityVariety / General Station100
Cal Poly Pomona 1EnglishUnited StatesCA, PomonaCultural240
Cal Poly Pomona 2EnglishUnited StatesCA, PomonaCultural240
Cal Poly Pomona 3EnglishUnited StatesCA, PomonaOther240
Calais TVFrenchFranceCalaisVariety / General Station273
Calvary Chapel TVEnglishUnited StatesCA, Santa AnaReligious290
Camera dei DiputatiItalianItalyRomePolitics & Government100
CamOrakel TVGermanGermanyBerlinOther550
Campus TVGermanGermanyWildauCultural550
Canal 10SpanishMexicoQuintana RooVariety / General Station273
Canal 10 Yuna VisionSpanishDominican RepublicBonaoVariety / General Station280
Canal 11 TelesecundariaSpanishMexicoMexico CityCultural102
Canal 11 TVSpanishMexicoMexico CityVariety / General Station36
Canal 12SpanishEl SalvadorSan SalvadorVariety / General Station102
Canal 12 iMedia TVSpanishMexicoMexico CityCultural102
Canal 13SpanishArgentinaBuenos AiresVariety / General Station400
Canal 13SpanishChileSantiagoVariety / General Station115
Canal 13SpanishMexicoMexico CityCultural102
Canal 13 CableSpanishChileSantiagoVariety / General Station115
Canal 14 CapacitacionSpanishMexicoMexico CityCultural102
Canal 15SpanishMexicoMexico CityCultural102
Canal 15 Universidad de Costa RicaSpanishCosta RicaSan JoseReligious300
Canal 16SpanishMexicoMexico CityCultural102
Canal 17SpanishMexicoMexico CityCultural102
Canal 17 El Canal de la FeSpanishEl SalvadorSan SalvadorReligious273
Canal 18SpanishMexicoMexico CityCultural102
Canal 2SpanishNicaraguaManaguaVariety / General Station102
Canal 2 Cordoba CBA TVSpanishArgentinaCordobaVariety / General Station120
Canal 2 TemucoSpanishChileTemucoCultural300
Canal 2 Via PatagonicaSpanishArgentinaPuerto DeseadoVariety / General Station100
Canal 21SpanishEl SalvadorSan SalvadorVariety / General Station242
Canal 21 CascavelPortugueseBrazilCascavelFull Service150
Canal 22 InternacionalSpanishMexicoMexico CityCultural102
Canal 23SpanishMexicoMexico CityCultural102
Canal 24 Caribbean Super StationPapiamentuArubaOranjestadVariety / General Station225
Canal 26 NoticiasSpanishArgentinaBuenos AiresNews/Talk428
Canal 29 ValladolidSpanishSpainValladolidVariety / General Station160
Canal 3SpanishArgentinaChubutVariety / General Station100
Canal 4 EsquelSpanishArgentinaEsquelVariety / General Station100
Canal 4 San JuanSpanishArgentinaSan JuanVariety / General Station102
Canal 44 XHIJSpanishMexicoCiudad JuarezNews/Talk150
Canal 5 TucumanSpanishArgentinaSan JuanVariety / General Station102
Canal 53 El Canal del conocimientoSpanishMexicoMonterreyCultural56
Canal 54SpanishChileSantiagoVariety / General Station200
Canal 6 Aire de PosadasSpanishArgentinaPosadasNews/Talk53
Canal 7SwedishSwedenStockholmVariety / General Station240
Canal 7 TVSpanishArgentinaSantiago del EsteroVariety / General Station100
Canal 7 TVSpanishSpainMadridVariety / General Station370
Canal 81SpanishChileSantiagoVariety / General Station250
Canal 9 ArgentinaSpanishArgentinaBuenos AiresVariety / General Station100
Canal 9 Color VisionSpanishDominican RepublicSanto DomingoVariety / General Station52
Canal 9iSpanishGuatemalaGualanVariety / General Station100
Canal AlgerieAlgerianAlgeriaAlgiersVariety / General Station100
Canal CastelloSpanishSpainCastellonVariety / General Station135
Canal CuatroSpanishColombiaCaliCultural150
Canal de NoticiasSpanishVenezuelaCaracasNews/Talk273
Canal del CongresoSpanishMexicoMexico CityPolitics & Government220
Canal del CongresoSpanishPeruLimaPolitics & Government100
Canal del ParlamentoSpanishSpainMadridPolitics & Government220
Canal do BoiPortugueseBrazilCampo GrandeOther100
Canal EAFIT EnVivoSpanishColombiaMedellinCultural100
Canal El Once DigitalSpanishArgentinaBuenos AiresVariety / General Station150
Canal Latino TVSpanishSpainBarcelonaVariety / General Station112
Canal Luz SatelitalSpanishArgentinaBuenos AiresReligious50
Canal SavoirFrenchCanadaMontrealCultural100
Canal TeCatalanSpainAmpostaVariety / General Station125
Canal TVFrenchFranceParisMusic Television273
Canal TV WebPortugueseBrazilCearaFull Service150
Canal UniversitarioPortugueseBrazilVitoriaCultural100
Canale 10ItalianItalyNapoliCultural273
Canale 66ItalianItalySzczecinVariety / General Station112
CanalmozaFrenchFranceParisMusic Television300
Cancun Live TVSpanishMexicoCancunOther102
Cartoon ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastKids400
Cartoons ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastKids1000
Cash TVFrenchFranceInternetOther1000
Cay TVTurkishTurkeyRizeVariety / General Station50
CBC Channel 8EnglishBarbadosSaint GeorgeVariety / General Station350
CBC News British ColumbiaEnglishCanadaVancouverNews/Talk56
CBC News EdmontonEnglishCanadaEdmontonNews/Talk169
CBC News NorthEnglishCanadaYellowknifeNews/Talk56
CBC News North IgalaaqInuktitutCanadaYellowknifeNews/Talk56
CBC Newsworld Canada NowEnglishCanadaTorontoNews/Talk170
CBC Newsworld Hourly NewscastEnglishCanadaTorontoNews/Talk52
CBC Newsworld The NationalEnglishCanadaTorontoNews/Talk52
CBS TVKoreanKoreaSeoulVariety / General Station143
CCA Channel 27EnglishUnited StatesNM, AlbuquerqueCommunity273
CCM Channel 6EnglishUnited StatesMD, RockvilleCommunity150
CCM Channel 6EnglishUnited StatesMD, RockvilleCommunity150
CCQ TVChineseChinaChongqingVariety / General Station317
CCTV 1ChineseChinaPequinNews/Talk220
CCTV 2ChineseChinaPequinFinancial News1000
CCTV 3ChineseChinaPequinMusic Television900
CCTV 4ChineseChinaPequinCultural200
CCTV 4EnglishUnited StatesNV, Clark CountyCommunity225
CCTV 5ChineseChinaPequinSports300
CCTV 6ChineseChinaPequinMovies Channel900
CCTV 8ChineseChinaPequinVariety / General Station900
CCTV 9EnglishChinaPequinCultural300
CCTV E&FSpanishChinaPequinCultural280
CCTV XW NewsEnglishChinaBeijingNews/Talk128
CD TV Camara de Diputados TelevisionSpanishChileSantiagoPolitics & Government200
CDN Canal 37SpanishDominican RepublicSanto DomingoNews/Talk100
CDN TVSpanishDominican RepublicSanto DomingoVariety / General Station52
Center TVGermanGermanyKolnFull Service350
Cerritos TV3EnglishUnited StatesCA, CerritosCommunity200
Ceuta TelevisionSpanishSpainCeutaVariety / General Station150
CGN TVKoreanKoreaSeoulReligious141
Channel 10 NewsHebrewIsraelJerusalemNews/Talk240
Channel 11ThaiThailandBangkokVariety / General Station50
Channel 125EnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastOther330
Channel 125 Backyard WrestlingEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastSports330
Channel 125 Combat TVEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastSports330
Channel 20EnglishUnited StatesFL, West Palm BeachVariety / General Station225
Channel 5 NewsEnglishBelizeBelize CityNews/Talk1100
Channel 6EnglishUnited StatesTX, AustinCommunity100
Channel 9 National Nine NewsEnglishAustraliaCanberraNews/Talk220
Channel JJapaneseJapanTokyoVariety / General Station300
Channel M NewsEnglishUnited KingdomManchesterNews/Talk400
Channel UKEnglishUnited KingdomWebcastVariety / General Station273
Channel VChineseChinaPequinVariety / General Station350
Chat Show TVEnglishUnited KingdomWebcastVariety / General Station300
Chengdu TV 2 EconomyChineseChinaChengduFinancial News300
Chengdu TV 3 LifeChineseChinaChengduVariety / General Station300
Chengdu TV 4 FilmChineseChinaChengduMovies Channel300
Chengdu TV 5 CommonChineseChinaChengduVariety / General Station300
Chengdu TV 6 KidsChineseChinaChengduKids330
Chengdu TV NewsChineseChinaChengduVariety / General Station370
Chic ChannelThaiThailandBangkokOther200
ChilevisionSpanishChileSantiagoVariety / General Station100
Chonju MBC TVKoreanKoreaSeoulVariety / General Station200
CHS TVEnglishUnited StatesCA, CarlsbadCollege221
Chuncheon MBC TV Channel 10KoreanKoreaChuncheonVariety / General Station100
Chung-Ju MBC TVKoreanKoreaSeoulVariety / General Station250
City Cable 5EnglishUnited StatesWA, SpokaneCommunity350
City Net 30 TVEnglishUnited StatesOR, PortlandCommunity150
City NewsEnglishCanadaTorontoNews/Talk500
City TVBulgarianBulgariaSofiaVariety / General Station300
City TV Channel 21EnglishUnited StatesNE,LincolnCommunity112
City TV Channel 24EnglishUnited StatesCA, San DiegoCommunity283
City TV Channel 25EnglishUnited StatesFL, Coral SpringsVariety / General Station270
City TV Channel 5EnglishUnited StatesNE,LincolnCommunity112
CJB TVKoreanKoreaSeoulVariety / General Station250
Clap TVFrenchFranceInternetVariety / General Station350
Class CNBCItalianItalyMilanFinancial News522
Class NewsItalianItalyMilanNews/Talk522
Classic FM TVEnglishUnited KingdomLondonMusic Television400
CliplandGermanGermanyWebcastMusic Television350
Clubb TVFrenchFranceParisMusic Television273
CM TV El Canal de la MusicaSpanishArgentinaBuenos AiresMusic Television1000
CMD Cadena del MilagroSpanishPuerto RicoSan JuanReligious90
CN8 Comcast Network ChannelEnglishUnited StatesPA, PhiladelphiaVariety / General Station540
CN8 Comcast Network Channel BostonEnglishUnited StatesMA, BostonVariety / General Station540
CNBC AwaazEnglishIndiaNew DelhiFinancial News232
CNBC TV 18EnglishIndiaNew DelhiFinancial News100
CNL AmericaEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastReligious273
CNL EuropeEnglishGermanyBerlinReligious273
CNL SiberiaUkranianUkraineKievReligious273
Coffe Shop TVEnglishUnited StatesFL, Daytona BeachOther240
Comedy ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastComedy400
Comedy ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMovies Channel1000
Community Access TV CATV 12EnglishUnited StatesND, BirsmackCommunity112
Consumenten TVDutchNetherlandsAmsterdamVariety / General Station800
Coral Gables TVEnglishUnited StatesFL, Coral GablesVariety / General Station150
Cornerstone TelevisionEnglishUnited StatesPA, WallReligious100
Country ChannelEnglishUnited KingdomWebcastCultural1800
CP24 Cable Pulse 24 NewsEnglishCanadaTorontoNews/Talk56
CPAC EnglishEnglishCanadaOttawaPolitics & Government320
CPAC FloorEnglishCanadaOttawaPolitics & Government320
CPAC FrenchFrenchCanadaOttawaPolitics & Government320
Create and CraftEnglishUnited KingdomLondonShopping350
Credo TVRomanianRomaniaWebcastOther300
CRN TV Canal Regional de NoticiasSpanishSpainMadridNews/Talk330
Cruise 1323 AMEnglishAustraliaAdelaideClassic Hits32
C-Span 1EnglishUnited StatesD.C. WashingtonPolitics & Government100
C-Span 2EnglishUnited StatesD.C. WashingtonPolitics & Government100
C-Span 3EnglishUnited StatesD.C. WashingtonPolitics & Government100
CSU TV Chicago State UniversityEnglishUnited StatesIL, ChicagoCultural150
CSUMB TVEnglishUnited StatesCA, Monterey BayCultural270
CT 24CzechCzech RepublicPragueNews/Talk400
CTI TVChineseTaiwanTaipeiNews/Talk200
CTN TVEnglishUnited StatesFL, ClearwaterReligious102
CT-N TV StreamEnglishUnited StatesCT, BridgeportCommunity212
CTNi TVMultilanguageUnited StatesFL, ClearwaterReligious330
CTS TVChineseChinaBeijingNews/Talk120
CTS TVKoreanKoreaSeoulReligious300
CTS TVChineseTaiwanTaipeiVariety / General Station102
CTTV Channel 15EnglishUnited StatesFL, TampaVariety / General Station150
CTVChineseChinaBeijingVariety / General Station200
CTV 24SpanishUnited StatesFL, MiamiMusic Television150
Cuba Si TVSpanishCubaHavanaVariety / General Station141
Cubavision InternacionalSpanishCubaHavanaVariety / General Station141
Cubaweb TVSpanishCubaHavanaVariety / General Station141
Cultura TVDutchNetherlandsAmsterdamCultural800
CVC Boas Novas TVPortugueseBrazilSao PauloReligious200
Cyber ComicEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastComedy800
Cyberjaya TVMalayMalaysiaKuala LumpurVariety / General Station118
Cybertica TV - TropicalFrenchFranceParisMusic Television307
Cybertica TV UrbanFrenchFranceParisMusic Television512
Cyprus SatGreekCyprusNicosiaVariety / General Station220
CZTV Channel 1ChineseChinaShangaiVariety / General Station314
CZTV Channel 2ChineseChinaShangaiNews/Talk314
D+ TVPortugueseBrazilSao PauloVariety / General Station150
D1 TelevisionItalianItalyRomeVariety / General Station270
Da-Ai TVChineseTaiwanTaipeiVariety / General Station300
DAF TVGermanGermanyKulmbachFinancial News300
Dail EireannEnglishIrelandDublinPolitics & Government1100
Daiwa TVJapaneseJapanTokyoFinancial News80
Daystar TVEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastReligious512
Daytona Beach TVEnglishUnited StatesFL, Daytona BeachCommunity240
DDI NewsEnglishIndiaNew DelhiNews/Talk64
DDS Channel 1DutchNetherlandsAmsterdamVariety / General Station150
DDS Channel 2DutchNetherlandsAmsterdamVariety / General Station150
DDTV Digital Direct TVRomanianRomaniaBucurestiVariety / General Station250
Deejay TVItalianItalyMilanMusic Television242
DEL TVGermanGermanyBerlinSports2500
Deluxe MusicEnglishUnited KingdomWebcastMusic Television600
Deluxe Music TVGermanGermanyWebcastMusic Television450
Deluxe Music TV Stream 2GermanGermanyM√ľnchenMusic Television300
Denaro TVItalianItalyNapoliFinancial News300
Der SchmuckkanalGermanGermanyDusseldorfShopping500
Deutsche Welle (Real Player)GermanGermanyBonnCultural250
Deutsche Welle (Windows Media)GermanGermanyBonnCultural250
DG MBC TVKoreanKoreaSokchoVariety / General Station200
DHD 24GermanGermanyDusseldorfAdult Contemporary330
Dhoom TVUrduPakistanKarachiVariety / General Station56
Didar Global TVPersianCanadaHamiltonVariety / General Station100
Digital 15 TVSpanishDominican RepublicSanto DomingoVariety / General Station150
Direct 8FrenchFrancePuteauxVariety / General Station212
Direct 8FrenchFranceParisVariety / General Station270
Discover IslamEnglishBahrainManamaReligious44
DiscoveryEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastCultural300
Di-Ve Net News TVMalteseMaltaVallettaNews/Talk300
Divine Truth TVEnglishSouth AfricaCape TownReligious150
DKNet TVSwedishSwedenStockholmReligious310
DM TVPortugueseBrazilGoianiasVariety / General Station160
DMC TVThaiThailandBangkokReligious450
DMC TV Stream 2ThaiThailandBangkokReligious450
Dogu TVTurkishTurkeyIstambulVariety / General Station100
Dominican York TVSpanishUnited StatesNY, New YorkVariety / General Station273
Dominican York TV 1SpanishDominican RepublicInternetVariety / General Station273
Donau TVGermanGermanyDaggendorfVariety / General Station300
Dong Nai 1VietnameseVietnamHo Chi MinhVariety / General Station270
Dong Nai 2VietnameseVietnamHo Chi MinhVariety / General Station270
Donna VideoGermanBelgiumBrusselsMusic Television220
Doordarshan NewsEnglishIndiaNew DelhiNews/Talk56
Dornet TVSwedishSwedenStockholmVariety / General Station300
Dorotea TVSwedishSwedenLeplandVariety / General Station755
Dost TVTurkishTurkeyIstambulVariety / General Station112
Dr Gene Scott TVEnglishUnited StatesCA, Los AngelesReligious56
Dragon TVChineseChinaBeijingSports273
Drama and Cop ChannelEnglishUnited StatesUS, WebcastMovies Channel1000
Dream TVTurkishTurkeyIstambulVariety / General Station100
Dubai TV NewsArabicUAEDubaiNews/Talk122
Dubai TV NewsArabicUnited Arab EmiratesDubaiNews/Talk120
Dubbed TVEnglishUnited KingdomWebcastVariety / General Station800
Duna I TVHungarianHungaryBudapestFull Service352
Duna II Autonomia TVHungarianHungaryBudapestFull Service300
Duna Net TVHungarianHungaryBudapestFull Service300
Dzhina TVBulgarianBulgariaSofiaMusic Television300