P2P TV and Radio Directory

Peer To Peer Television and Radio Directory

It is time to add P2P channels to our directory

With more than 5000 channels available worldwide, Peer to Peer television is not longer the future, today it is becoming the preferred mean to broadcast television on internet, not only by channels owners and producers but for their viewers and fans.

To Broadcast TV by internet is just a natural evolution of internet and the Television Industry. TV producers can reach markets that were only available to big stations broadcasting by satellite, with huge investements in techology and frecuency rentals, many TV channels explored also an alternative solution that involved internet, they produce and broadcast their own channels, in this case the investement is also very high since al costs are measured mainly in two factors: stream speed and number of simultaneous users which despite of today are more affordable still been very expensive, therefore, not suitable for stations with low budgets. But, there is a solution that is cheaper than satellite and normal internet streaming; it is P2P TV, this technology allows to cut broadcasting costs at the point that now even small local channels or TV enthusiasts can easily setup and broadcast a live TV or radio station with low or not investement at all, since bandwith is shared by viewers the image quality is very good and with an unlimited number of simultaneous users.

There are several websites that offer all the tools necessary to broadcast a station with not investment at all, those websites allow users to add tv channels or radio stations with only two requirements an internet connecction and a webcam or a TV tuner. Even though sites like Ustream or JustinTV are very popular, there are millions of internet users that have not idea of how they work or what channels they offer, we will try to make an ordered list of those channels.

As I mentioned before, many channel names are given by the broadcaster, but they do not reflect the real content that is broadcasted, therefore our P2P TV directory is ordered by language and a short description of each channel content (available when we visited the channel for the first time) ...

I hope you like this guide.... Enjoy


All channels included in our P2P TV directory are freely available on internet, many of them are broadcasted by station owners directly while others are not. before you start browsing the directory please be sure to understand that:

  • We have no way to know if broadcasting rights were granted for each channel listed
  • Some channel names are different to the name of the broadcasted channel
  • It is common that private broadcasters change channel content or stop the transmission without warnings
  • We can't guarantee channel quality, availability or content since WE ARE NOT Broadcasting those channels nor hosting their streams
  • We provide links to the stream directly where possible or to the broadcaster page when a direct link is not allowed
  • If a channel included in our lists is broadcasted without channel owner knowledge, please let us know we will drop the link ASAP


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