Online Satellite Radio

Satellite radio is a digital broadcast that converts the analog audio signal in to the digital format and then transmits it to a no. of receivers which then decode and provide the digital audio with greater amount of clarity and it is better than the normal radio systems. The working of a satellite radio station is as follows first when you switch on your radio receiver placed in your vehicle or in your home; it sends a signal to the satellite which may be a request for a channel of radio. This signal is transmitted at a particular frequency and it is readable only by the satellite situated in the space, revolving in its orbit around the earth. Now the satellite reads the signal and then processes the request and then encodes it. This signal is then transmitted back to that particular earth based station. The online satellite identifies each of the receivers separately by its unique codes. The satellite is placed at such an angle by which it can transmit and receive the signal from any receiver in the continent. Although there are problems of interference caused by the skyscrapers in many of the U.S. cities, therefore the rate of transmission is around 2.3 GHz (gigahertz). It provides the s-band signal. The places other than U.S. the transmission speed is within 1.4 GHz.

The online satellite radio is no different from this except that the signal is transmitted from your computer to the satellite. In this your computer must be connected to the internet via modem. This will allow you to access the radio stations that are available on the internet. To receive a satellite radio service online you need to subscribe for the online radio service. You can log on to many of the satellite radio websites on the internet and can subscribe from there. Now once you have got the connection you need to just log on to the website and enter your username and the password to access your account. Once you choose a radio channel your computer sends the request via modem to the server which sends the signal to the satellite which in turn sends the appropriate signal back to the server. This server transmits the signal in the form of data back to your computer. By this way you can access the online satellite radio channels. You can choose to store or record the song if you are provided the service or you can organize the playlist of your radio channels. The service provider will store your settings and is fully secured; your information will remain confidential. You can choose to make payment by using your credit card, or by internet banking or by using services like PayPal. These songs are digitally processed and you can choose live online satellite radio also. The best online satellite radio provider companies are Xm and Sirius satellite Radio Company. These are the rival companies and they provide lucrative offers to attract customers. They are really good and very popular. They provide more than hundred online satellite radio channels and commercial free radio channels also. They provide digital songs with crystal clear clarity of sound and are available around the globe.