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Hey, there sports fans! Do you want the best sports coverage available? At WorldTVRadio Tuner we know that there is nothing better than watching your favorite sport live and in person. We also know that our listeners are extremely busy and can't make it to every single baseball, football or soccer game - especially if they are living and working halfway across the world. This is why we offer more than one hundred sports radio station in a wide array of languages so you can listen to up to the minute coverage of yo矔r favorite sports and your favorite teams so you never have to miss one second of the action. Some of the popular live, streaming sports stations available from WorldTVRadio Tuner include 3UZ Sports 927 Am from Melbourne, DR Radio Sport from Copenhagen, ERA Sport 101.8 FM from Athens and Nanjing Sports from Beijing. With our great selection of sports radio stations, you will have access to sports coverage in not just English, but French, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and many, many other languages from around the world. And the best thing is that all of our quality sports stations are available absolutely free, meaning that whether you are at work, at home or on the road, our streaming Internet radio sports coverage allows you to not only stay close to the great sports action, but also close to your native language and people. So visit WorldTVRadio Tuner whenever you want to hear sports, news and entertainment from your home country.

Sports stations on worldtvradio lineup::

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryLanguageSpeedCityVisits
Internet radio currently available through worldtvradio
1116 AM SEN Sports SENtralEnglishSports12Melbourne106
3UZ Sports 927 AMEnglishSports32Melbourne51
5AA FiveAA 1395 AMEnglishSports32Adelaide16
5TAB Tab Radio 88.0 FMEnglishSports32Mount Gambier9
6RR Racing Radio 1206 AMEnglishSports16Perth0
7EX 1008 AM The ToteEnglishSports32Hobart12
Antena 2 650 AMSpanishSports24Bogota314
Athletic Radio 104.2 FMGreekSports50Heraklion11
BBC Radio 5 Live Sports ExtraEnglishSports45London101
CFGO The Team 1200 AMEnglishSports162Ottawa15
CFRN 1260 AM The TeamEnglishSports32Edmonton32
CFYI Mojo 730 AMEnglishSports24Toronto5
CHMJ 630 AM Mojo RadioEnglishSports24Vancouver1
CJCL The Fan 590 AMEnglishSports16Toronto5
CKGM The Team 990 AMEnglishSports20Montreal3
CKST Team 1040 AMEnglishSports20Vancouver5
CRE Satelital 560 AMSpanishSports10Guayaquil140
CX18 Radio Sport 890 AMSpanishSports8Montevideo80
DR Radio SportDanishSports32Copenhagen17
El Corrillo de MaoSpanishSports16Cali148
ERA Sport 100.9 FMGreekSports17Athens27
Era Sport 101.8 FMGreekSports10Athens24
FM 90.3 Eco Sports RadioSpanishSports16Posadas44
FM 96.9 La DeportivaSpanishSports24Rosario60
FM 99.3 Radio ImpactoSpanishSports24Cordoba47
IRIB Radio SportPersianSports20Tehran39
KBAD ESPN Radio 920 AMEnglishSports30PA, Pittsuburgh16
KBME The Sports Animal 790 AMEnglishSports32TX, Houston14
KCRG The Zone 1600 AMEnglishSports32IA, Cedar Rapids7
KCSP The Football Channel 610 AMEnglishSports21MO, Kansas City32
KENO FOX Sports Radio 1460 AMEnglishSports32NV, Las Vegas47
KFAN 1130 AMEnglishSports32MN, Minneapolis8
KFNS The Fan 590 AMEnglishSports16MO, Saint Louis2
KGIR ESPN 1220 AMEnglishSports32MO, Cape Girardeau9
KGSO Sports Radio 1410 AMEnglishSports24KS, Wichita13
KILT Sports Radio 610 AMEnglishSports32TX, Houston5
KJR 950 AMEnglishSports32WA, Seattle2
KJRB The Fan 790 AMEnglishSports32WA, Spokane3
KKEA ESPN 1420 AMEnglishSports32HI, Honolulu24
KLEY ESPN Sports Radio 1130 AMEnglishSports20KS, Wichita11
KMAN Sports Radio 1350 AMEnglishSports24KS, Manhattan7
KMNS Sports Radio 620 AMEnglishSports64IA, Sioux City9
KMPC The Ticket 1540 AMEnglishSports16CA, Los Angeles5
KNBR 1050 AMEnglishSports34CA, San Francisco2
KQPN ESPN Radio 730 FMEnglishSports32TN, Memphis8
KREF 1400 AMEnglishSports32OK, Norman2
KSLG ESPN 1380 AMEnglishSports32MO, Saint Louis3
KTBZ The Buzz 1430 AMEnglishSports32OK, Tulsa2
KTCT The Ticket 1050 AMEnglishSports34CA, San Francisco5
KTGR The Tiger ESPN Radio 1580 AMEnglishSports32MO, Columbia2
KTIK The Ticket 1350 AMEnglishSports16ID, Boise4
KTKR The Ticket 760 AMEnglishSports32TX, San Antonio0
KTKZ Sports 1380 AMEnglishSports20CA, Sacramento16
KTLK 100.3 FMEnglishSports32MN, Minneapolis2
KVET The Zone 1300 AMEnglishSports32TX, Austin0
KXNO 1460 AMEnglishSports32IA, Des Moines2
Libero 107.4 FMGreekSports20Thessaloniki7
MCOT Sport Radio 99 FMThaiSports22Bangkok68
Nanjing SportsChineseSports32Beijing30
NEC Nueva Emisora CentralSpanishSports8Quito97
RAC 1CatalanSports24Barcelona129
Radio Caravana 700 AMSpanishSports56Guayaquil120
Radio Clube B2 1430 AMPortugueseSports128Curitiba41
Radio Columbia 98.7 FMSpanishSports32San Carlos87
Radio Deporte 1590 AMSpanishSports32Caracas78
Radio La Red 102.1 FMSpanishSports10Quito83
Radio Le MansFrenchSports32Le Mans7
Radio Positiva 860 AMSpanishSports10Guayaquil57
Radio Punto Zero 106.7 FMItalianSports31Napoli23
Radio R.A.I.NItalianSports10Rome22
Radio Record 1000 AMPortugueseSports20Sao Paulo135
Radio SportEnglishSports32Aukland25
Radion Net 101.9 FMGreekSports32Lamia2
Sport 99.9 FMFrenchSports64Paris27
Sport FM Xanthi 98.4GreekSports36Xanthi9
Sport Time 89.2 FMGreekSports48Athens2
Sporting News RadioEnglishSports16NY, New York86
SR P4 RadiosportenSwedishSports96Stockholm6
Super K 800 AMSpanishSports16Guayaquil84
Super Sport 94.6 FMGreekSports20Athens20
Talksport 1089 AMEnglishSports20London16
Tessaliko 93.2 FMGreekSports40Larisa7
Union Radio DeportesSpanishSports32Caracas102
VRT SporzaGermanSports96Brussels8
WAUK ESPN Radio 1510 AMEnglishSports32WI, Milwaukee8
WAXY The Ticket 790 AMEnglishSports32FL, Miami18
WBBL 1340 AMEnglishSports32MI, Grand Rapids3
WBGG 970 AMEnglishSports32PA, Pittsburgh1
WBIZ Sports Radio 1400 AMEnglishSports32WI, Eau Claire3
WBNS The Fan Sports Radio 1460 AMEnglishSports22OH, Columbus4
WCAZ 990 AMEnglishSports9IL, Carthage4
WCKY Homer 1530 AMEnglishSports32OH, Findlay1
WCNN The Fan 680 AMEnglishSports32GA, Atlanta19
WDFN 1130 AMEnglishSports32MI, Detroit1
WEAE ESPN Radio 1250 AMEnglishSports20PA, Pittsburgh1
Web Radio ABC Do EsportePortugueseSports24Webcast8
WEBC The Fan 560 AMEnglishSports32MN, Duluth3
WEEI 850 AMEnglishSports32MA, Boston4
WEPN ESPN RADIO 1050 AMEnglishSports32NY, New York21
WFAN The Fan 660 AMEnglishSports32NY, New York12
WGFX The Zone 104.5 FMEnglishSports32TN, Nashville3
WHB ESPN Radio 810 AMEnglishSports32MO, Kansas City5
WHBQ Sports 56 560 AMEnglishSports32TN, Memphis1
WHOO ESPN 1080 AMEnglishSports48FL, Orlando12
WIP 610 AMEnglishSports32PA, Philadelphia3
WIXC ESPN 1060 AMEnglishSports48FL, Space Coast6
WKLJ ESPN 1290 AMEnglishSports32WI, Sparta3
WKNR Sports Talk Cleveland AMEnglishSports273OH, Cleveland2
WLRT RaceTalk 1490 AMEnglishSports20VA, Hampton0
WMOP 900 AMEnglishSports32FL, Ocala5
WMVP ESPN Radio 1000 AMEnglishSports30IL, Chicago2
WNDE 1260 AMEnglishSports32IN, Indianapolis1
WNPS Sports Radio 105.5 FMEnglishSports24AL, Bay Minette12
WNSS ESPN Radio 1260 AMEnglishSports32NY, Syracuse18
WODT Sports Radio 1280 AMEnglishSports32LA, New Orleans2
WOON O-N 3 Sports RadioEnglishSports20RI, Woonsocket2
WPEN Sportstalk Radio 950 AMEnglishSports24PA, Philadelphia0
WQAM 560 AMEnglishSports32FL, Miami4
WRNL Sports Radio 910 AMEnglishSports32VA, Richmond1
WSCR The Score 670 AMEnglishSports32IL, Chicago2
WSKO The Score 790 AMEnglishSports32RI, Providence4
WSKR The Score 1210 AMEnglishSports32LA, Baton Rouge7
WSNR AM 620EnglishSports56NJ, Jersey City3
WSSP Sports Radio 1250 AMEnglishSports32WI, Milwaukee5
WTKA Sports Talk 1050 AMEnglishSports32MI, Ann Arbor3
WTRX Sports Xtra 1330 AMEnglishSports32MI, Flint5
WVIL 101.3 FMEnglishSports32IL, Chatham0
WWL 870 AMEnglishSports32LA, New Orleans4
WWLS The Sports Animal 104.9 FMEnglishSports32OK, Oklahoma City4
WWTX The Ticket 1290 AMEnglishSports32DE, Claymont1
WWZN The Zone 1510 AMEnglishSports16MA, Boston2
WXLW ESPN Radio 950 AMEnglishSports24IN, Indianapolis5
WXYT The Sports Station 1270 AMEnglishSports32MI, Detroit3
WYIL The Sports Animal 99.3 FMEnglishSports32TN, Knoxville3
WYNG ESPN Radio 94.9 FMEnglishSports32IL, Evansville3
WYNG ESPN Radio 950 AMEnglishSports30IN, Indianapolis4
WZON The Sports Zone 620 AMEnglishSports48ME, Bangor4
XEPRS XX Sports Radio 105.7 FMEnglishSports21Tijuana50
XPRS The Mighty XX 1090 AMEnglishSports21CA, Los Angeles11

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