Radio Station lineup by channel type: Religious

When your spirits need lifting or when you just want to sing the Lord’s praises, tune into any one of the religious stations that WorldTVRadio Tuner has to offer. Millions of people across the world listen to religious radio stations every day, and you’ll soon find that you’re in fine company when you tune into any one of our spiritual stations.

3ABN Latino Radio is the ultimate religious radio station. This radio station broadcasts live in Spanish from Los Angeles, California, every single day. Whenever you feel like shouting your praises, tune into 3ABN Latino Radio.

When it’s time for family hour, you’ll find the sounds of AFR American Family Radio Inspirational, well, inspirational. This station broadcasts live from Tupelo, Mississippi, United States, every day. In order to bring your family close together, gather all of your family members and listen to the sounds of AFR American Family Radio Inspirational.

Church of Greece 89.5 FM is another popular station amongst those people who speak Greek. This station broadcasts live from Athens, Greece, regularly. If you speak Greek, then you’ll love what the Church of Greece has to offer.

The stations listed above are just a few of the many religious stations that WorldTVRadio Tuner offers. Take your time looking through our stations, listen to as many as you like, and become reconnected to your faith through the power of WorldTVRadio Tuner. When it comes to listening to the word of God or hearing hymns from around the world, nobody has more religious programming than WorldTVRadio Tuner.

Religious stations on worldtvradio lineup::

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryLanguageSpeedCityVisits
Internet radio currently available through worldtvradio
2MFM 92.1 Muslim Community RadioEnglishReligious32Sydney19
3ABN Latino RadioSpanishReligious32CA, Los Angeles532
3ABN RadioEnglishReligious128CA, Los Angeles56
3ABN RadioEnglishReligious32IL, West Frankfort14
AFR American Family Radio InspirationalEnglishReligious32MS, Tupelo28
AFR American Family Radio KidzradioEnglishReligious32MS, Tupelo8
AM 1260 Radio OlivaSpanishReligious32Buenos Aires106
AM 690 Radio MaranataSpanishReligious20Buenos Aires96
Amrit Bani RadioArabicReligious32London94
BBN 910 AMSpanishReligious20San Jose51
BBN Panama 1350 AMSpanishReligious20Panama city64
BBN Sucre 95.1 FMSpanishReligious16Sucre86
Cadena Radial SamaritanoSpanishReligious32Tegucigalpa71
Calvary Chapel RadioEnglishReligious32London10
Catholic RadioEnglishReligious20St. John's25
Church of Greece 89.5 FMGreekReligious20Athens6
CIRA Radio Villa-Marie 91.3 FMFrenchReligious128Montreal14
CJRI 94.7 FMEnglishReligious96Fredericton4
DevotionalHindiReligious16New Delhi266
Ecleccia 106.6 FMFrenchReligious64Nimes22
ERF Evangeliums Rundfunk ?sterreichGermanReligious96Vienna28
Estereo CatolicaSpanishReligious96Aguas Calientes81
Evangeliumi RadioHungarianReligious26Budapest0
EWTN RadioEnglishReligious16London15
EWTN Radio EnglishEnglishReligious16AL, Birmingham64
EWTN Radio SpanishSpanishReligious16AL, Birmingham51
EWTN Radio UKEnglishReligious32London6
Family RadioEnglishReligious24London19
FIAT Katolickie Radio 94.7 FMPolishReligious16Czestochowa0
FM 100.9 Radio Libertad MEDEASpanishReligious20Cordoba89
FM 102.9 Radio RhemaSpanishReligious40Buenos Aires46
FM 103.9 Radio CanaanSpanishReligious32Mar del Plata48
FM 104.1 FM CorazonSpanishReligious20Entre Rios116
FM 105.1 Radio ParroquialSpanishReligious16Buenos Aires18
FM 105.3 Sintonia de AmistadSpanishReligious48Resistencia53
FM 88.1 Radio GospelSpanishReligious64Buenos Aires75
FM 94.5 Radio DynamisSpanishReligious20Rawson38
FM 97.1 Radio FiladelfiaSpanishReligious32Buenos Aires39
Harbour Light RadioEnglishReligious32Carriacou3
HCJB La Voz de los AndesSpanishReligious32Quito131
Hindi Devotional RadioHindiReligious16New Delhi379
HRVC La Voz EvangelicaSpanishReligious32Tegucigalpa88
IRIB Radio QuranPersianReligious20Tehran43
Islam RadioEnglishReligious20London20
JBN RadioSpanishReligious32San Pedro Sula57
KAIW Air 1 Radio 88.9 FMEnglishReligious32WY, Larramie12
KAPL 1300 AMEnglishReligious20OR, Jacksonville2
Katolickie Radio Zamosc 90.1 FMPolishReligious24Zamosc0
KAWZCSN International 89.9 FMEnglishReligious32ID, Twin Falls9
KAXG YNP Radio 89.7 FMEnglishReligious32WY, Gillete5
KBJS 90.3 FMEnglishReligious32TX, Jacksonville8
KBLE Sacred Heart Radio 1050 AMEnglishReligious64WA, Kirkland9
KBRT 740 AMEnglishReligious32CA, Los Angeles12
KCBI 90.9 FMEnglishReligious20TX, Fort Worth10
KCIS 630 AMEnglishReligious32WA, Seattle2
KCVO Spirit FMEnglishReligious32MO, Camdenton10
KCWJ The Light 1030 AMEnglishReligious128MO, Kansas City4
KDIA 1640 AMEnglishReligious64CA, San Francisco12
KEYQ 980 AMSpanishReligious20CA, Camarillo21
KFBN Heaven 88.7 FMEnglishReligious32ND, Fargo6
KFIA 710 AMEnglishReligious16CA, Sacramento8
KFUO 850 AMEnglishReligious32MO, Saint Louis4
KGCB Arizona's Lighthouse 90.9 FMEnglishReligious20AZ, Prescott16
KGDP 660 AMEnglishReligious64CA, Santa Maria4
KGNZ 88.1 FMEnglishReligious32TX, Austin1
KGTS 91.3 FMEnglishReligious32WA, College Place3
KGWP Radio Impacto 91.1 FMSpanishReligious20TX, Pittsburg45
KHCB Radio Network 105.7 FMEnglishReligious96TX, Houston2
KHCB Red de Radio Amistad 1400 AMSpanishReligious96TX, Houston25
KHOY Catholic Radio 88.1 FMEnglishReligious20TX, Laredo166
KHYM 99.1 FMEnglishReligious32KS, Meade8
KIXL The Word 970 AMEnglishReligious16TX, Austin1
KJAK Christian Radio 92.7 FMEnglishReligious16TX, Lubbock12
KJMJ Radio Maria 580 AMEnglishReligious16LA, Alexandria6
KJRT Kingdom Keys Network 88.3 FMEnglishReligious128TX, Amarillo3
KJSL 630 AMEnglishReligious32MO, Saint Louis2
KJSM LP Radio 97.1 FMEnglishReligious128CA, Yucca Valley17
KKHT The Word 100.7 FMEnglishReligious16TX, Houston3
KKLA 99.5 FMEnglishReligious16CA, Los Angeles16
KKMS 980 AMEnglishReligious32MN, Saint Paul6
KKVV 1060 AMEnglishReligious32NV, Las Vegas5
KLFF K-Life 89.3 FMEnglishReligious96CA, San Luis Obispo22
KLGO The Word 99.3 FMEnglishReligious16TX, Austin6
KLJC Calvary 88.5 FMEnglishReligious32MO, Kansas City3
KMBI 107.9 FMEnglishReligious32WA, Spokane6
KMFC Joy 92.1 FMEnglishReligious32MO, Centralia5
KNTO Radio Vida 1440 AMSpanishReligious16TX, Dallas24
Kol MevasserFrenchReligious20Paris0
KPHF 88.3 FMEnglishReligious32AZ, Phoenix10
KPOF 910 AMEnglishReligious20CO, Denver6
KPRZ 1210 AMEnglishReligious20CA, San Diego8
KRGE Radio Vida 1290 AMSpanishReligious32TX, Weslaco13
KRIO Radio Esparanza 910 AMSpanishReligious32TX, McAllen17
KSLR The Word 630 AMEnglishReligious20TX, San Antonio1
KSTL 690 AMEnglishReligious32MO, Saint Louis1
KTBJ Calvary Radio 89.3 FMEnglishReligious32MO, Festus1
KTIS Life 900 AMEnglishReligious32MN, Saint Paul4
KTIS Life 98.5 FMEnglishReligious32MN, Saint Paul12
KTLF Light Praise 90.5 FMEnglishReligious50CO, Colorado Springs4
KTSL Spirit 101.9 FMEnglishReligious32WA, Spokane3
KTYM 1460 AMEnglishReligious36CA, Los Angeles5
KVDW Victory 1530 AMEnglishReligious20AR, England7
KVSS 88.9 FMEnglishReligious32NE, Omaha8
KVTT the TRUTH 91.7 FMEnglishReligious32TX, Dallas5
KVTT The Truth 91.7 FMEnglishReligious20TX, Dallas3
KWHR 9.930 SWEnglishReligious17HI, Naalehu9
KWRD WORD 100.7 FMEnglishReligious32TX, Dallas0
KWVE K-Wave 107.9 FMEnglishReligious96CA, San Clemente9
KWWJ Gospel Radio 1360 AMEnglishReligious32TX, Houston8
KXEN 1010 AMEnglishReligious16MO, Saint Louis3
KXEN 1010 AMEnglishReligious16IL, Mitchell7
KYCC 90.1 FMEnglishReligious32CA, Stockton9
Launge 97.2 FMFrenchReligious20Fort-de-France30
Lindin RadioIcelandicReligious128Reykjavik7
Love 101 FMEnglishReligious32Kingston206
LRJ 417 FM90.5 FM FamiliaSpanishReligious32Villanueva22
LRJ 789 FM 99.7 Radio La CumbreSpanishReligious20Iglesia28
LW 4 AM 1080 Radio MariaSpanishReligious16Buenos Aires21
MGR Magyar Katolikus RadioHungarianReligious96Budapest12
Nuevo Tiempo RadioSpanishReligious31Lima105
Nuevo Tiempo Radio 1600 AMSpanishReligious24Santiago67
PBC 105.3 FMKoreanReligious32Seoul6
Piraiki EcclesiaGreekReligious24Athens3
Premier Christian RadioEnglishReligious96London10
Qatar Radio Holly QuranArabicReligious32Doha202
Quram Kareem RadioArabicReligious20Kuwait City0
Radio 4VEHFrenchReligious20Port-au-Prince191
Radio 88 FMPortugueseReligious24Volta Redonda2
Radio Acor da Vida 96.5 FMPortugueseReligious32Vila Velha60
Radio Amazonia Viva 89.5 FMPortugueseReligious24Altamira67
Radio America 1480 AMSpanishReligious24Asuncion81
Radio America 750 AMPortugueseReligious24Belo Horizonte51
Radio Amistad 105.3 FMSpanishReligious64Hevia41
Radio Bautista 89.7 FMSpanishReligious64San Salvador54
Radio Boa Nova 104.9 FMPortugueseReligious32Itau de Minas69
Radio Boas NovasPortugueseReligious32Recife96
Radio Brasil 107.7 FMPortugueseReligious32Salvador63
Radio Brasil 1500 AMPortugueseReligious20Sao Paulo0
Radio Cancao Nova 1020 AMPortugueseReligious20Sao Paulo66
Radio Canoto Dios es AmorSpanishReligious32Santa Cruz de la Sierra41
Radio CarismaSpanishReligious20San Juan87
Radio Cattolica 95.3 FMItalianReligious33Foggia0
Radio ClaretSpanishReligious20Panama city12
Radio Coracao 95.7 FMPortugueseReligious56Itapora39
Radio CoranAlgerianReligious20Algiers292
Radio Cultural TGN 100.5 FMSpanishReligious32Guatemala City82
Radio Dialogue 89.6 FMFrenchReligious128Marseille12
Radio Diocesana Concordia 101.4 FMItalianReligious17Agrigento18
Radio Ecclesia 100.8 FMFrenchReligious128Nimes10
Radio El Sembrador 1440 AMSpanishReligious20Chillan66
Radio EsperanceFrenchReligious24Saint-Etienne53
Radio Excelsior 1350 AMPortugueseReligious32Ibiuna28
Radio Fides 93.1 FMSpanishReligious24San Jose31
Radio GCN NetworkEnglishReligious16MN, Burnsville5
Radio Globo de Blumenau 1160 AMPortugueseReligious20Blumenau4
Radio Gospel 102.3 FMPortugueseReligious40San Jose do Vale do RP122
Radio Gospel de EspanaSpanishReligious41Alicante40
Radio HuckelhovenGermanReligious24Huckelhoven11
Radio Kairos 94.7 FMPortugueseReligious20Sao Mateus0
Radio Kol Aviv 101 FMFrenchReligious64Toulouse6
Radio Krishna Centrale 89.5 FMItalianReligious32Terni10
Radio Krishna Centrale EnglishMultilanguageReligious32Terni2
Radio Krishna Centrale MusicItalianReligious32Terni15
Radio La Paz del Dial 100.3 FMSpanishReligious32San Jose0
Radio La Voz InternacionalSpanishReligious32La Paz45
Radio Logos 97.3 FMItalianReligious48Foggia10
Radio LumiereFrenchReligious20Port-au-Prince127
Radio Mae de Deus 107.9 FMPortugueseReligious24Caixas do Sul140
Radio Mae de Deus 1370 AMPortugueseReligious20Caixas do Sul32
Radio Maria 104.5 FMSpanishReligious16Montevideo32
Radio Maria 1220 AM ColombiaSpanishReligious16Cali121
Radio Maria 800 AM El SalvadorSpanishReligious20San Salvador13
Radio Maria AustriaGermanReligious10Vienna12
Radio Maria Austria Stream 2GermanReligious32Wien0
Radio Maria BoliviaSpanishReligious16La Paz35
Radio Maria CanadaMultilanguageReligious20Ottawa6
Radio Maria ChileSpanishReligious16Santiago25
Radio Maria Ecuador 100.7 FMSpanishReligious16Quito61
Radio Maria FranceFrenchReligious20Paris13
Radio Maria GermanyGermanReligious20Immenstadt20
Radio Maria GuatemalaSpanishReligious16Guatemala City44
Radio Maria HungaryHungarianReligious24Budapest21
Radio Maria Inmaculada 820 AMSpanishReligious16Concepcion0
Radio Maria ItalyItalianReligious10Rome34
Radio Maria LithuaniaLithuanianReligious10Vilnius21
Radio Maria NicaraguaSpanishReligious24Managua32
Radio Maria PanamaSpanishReligious16Panama city27
Radio Maria PeruSpanishReligious16Lima57
Radio Maria SpainSpanishReligious10Madrid36
Radio Marija CroatiaCroatianReligious20Zagreb40
Radio Marumbi 9.665 SWPortugueseReligious48Florianapolis40
Radio Marumby 730 AMPortugueseReligious32Curitiba55
Radio MaryjaPolishReligious40Warsaw352
Radio MaryjaPolishReligious40Warsaw313
Radio Mater 90.2 FMItalianReligious20Longone12
Radio Mir MedugorjeSerbianReligious24Medugorje28
Radio Natureza 105.9 FMPortugueseReligious28Balneario Camboriu21
Radio Nazareno 107.9 FMPortugueseReligious32Cuiba25
Radio Net Rede Nacional GospelPortugueseReligious150Belo Horizonte25
Radio Nossa Radio 89.3 FMPortugueseReligious20Rio de Janeiro29
Radio Novo Tempo do Salvador 920 AMPortugueseReligious32Salvador31
Radio NWPan 104.9 FMPortugueseReligious128Panambi26
Radio Objetiva Sat 93.3 FMPortugueseReligious128Sao Paulo76
Radio Padre Pio 90.2 FMItalianReligious32San Giovanni21
Radio Paz 88.5 FMSpanishReligious24San Salvador20
Radio Paz No Valle 105.5 FMPortugueseReligious48Balneario Camboriu37
Radio Plenitude 105.3 FMPortugueseReligious20Garanhuns21
Radio ProglasCzechReligious128Jihomoravsky14
Radio QuranArabicReligious16Riyadh322
Radio Rede Manancial 96.1 FMPortugueseReligious32Belo Horizonte30
Radio Renacer 870 AMSpanishReligious24San Salvador26
Radio RenascencaPortugueseReligious20Lisboa58
Radio Renascer 101.5 FMPortugueseReligious32Ipatinga42
Radio Riposta 94.8 FMItalianReligious32Modena9
Radio SantecGermanReligious24Wurzburg3
Radio Sendas de Vida 89.5 FMSpanishReligious20San Jose54
Radio Sheke Nah 105.5 FMPortugueseReligious24Rio de Janeiro1
Radio Sol 90.1 FMSpanishReligious24Oruro49
Radio SpesDutchReligious96Brussels4
Radio Stereo Vision 106.1 FMSpanishReligious89Ahuachapan35
Radio Trans Mundial SWPortugueseReligious32Santa Maria33
Radio Tygerberg 104 FMEnglishReligious22Cape Town15
Radio Vaticana 105.0 FMItalianReligious32Rome32
Radio Vaticana Canale 1 Rete BiancaMultilanguageReligious32Vatican City90
Radio Vaticana Canale 2 Rete RossaMultilanguageReligious32Vatican City44
Radio Vaticana Canale 3 Rete GiallaMultilanguageReligious32Vatican City26
Radio Vaticana Canale 4 Rete VerdeMultilanguageReligious32Vatican City24
Radio Vaticana Canale 5 Rete ArancioMultilanguageReligious32Vatican City28
Radio Verdad 95.7 FMSpanishReligious24San Salvador23
Radio Vida Nova 91.5 FMPortugueseReligious62Guanhaes25
Radio Voz da Liberacao 1300 AMPortugueseReligious40San Bernardo do Campo25
Radio Voz de VidaSpanishReligious24Cochabamba40
Radio Voz do Coracao Imaculado 770 AMPortugueseReligious32Anapolis26
Radio YatsaniEnglishReligious16Lusaka38
Radju MarijaMalteseReligious32Valletta12
Rangkaian Nur-Islam 93.3 FMMalayReligious128Bandar Seri Begawan30
Red Advenir RadioSpanishReligious32La Paz26
Red de Radiodifusion Biblica BBN 90.7 FMSpanishReligious20Santa Cruz de la sierra49
SikhNet RadioMultilanguageReligious32NM, Espanola33
Solas FMEnglishReligious56Dublin0
Stereo LuzSpanishReligious32Tegucigalpa0
Stereo Mass 98.5 FMSpanishReligious64Tegucigalpa31
Sukh Sagar RadioEnglishReligious20London8
Tartu Pereraadio 88.7 FMEstonianReligious96Tartu3
Tartuskoje Semeinoje RadioEstonianReligious20Narva1
TBN RadioEnglishReligious16CA, Costa Mesa14
The River FM 92.7EnglishReligious64OH, Zanesville4
UCB BibleEnglishReligious48London6
UCB EuropeEnglishReligious64London3
UCB InspirationEnglishReligious64London7
UCB TalkEnglishReligious48London3
Vision Radio NetworkEnglishReligious48Underwood4
Voice of CharityArabicReligious32Beirut103
Voice of LifeEnglishReligious20Roseau0
Voz Crista (Satellite)PortugueseReligious24Webcast0
WACC PAX Catholic 830 AMSpanishReligious32FL, Miami10
WAFT 101.1 FMEnglishReligious24GA, Valdosta7
WAIJ He's Alive RadioEnglishReligious32MD, Grantsville6
WAQV The Joy 91.5 FMEnglishReligious64FL, Crystal River17
WARV 1590 AMEnglishReligious32RI, Providence1
WAWZ Star 99.1 FM Channel 2EnglishReligious20NJ, Zarepath22
WAYF FM 88.1 FMEnglishReligious48FL, West Palm Beach20
WAYJ FM 88.7 FMEnglishReligious48FL, Fort Myers10
WBBP 1480 AMEnglishReligious32TN, Memphis1
WBCL 90.3 FMEnglishReligious20IN, Fort Wayne7
WBZK 980 AMEnglishReligious64NC, Charlotte0
WCER 900 AMEnglishReligious32OH, Canton0
WCTS 1030 AMEnglishReligious128MN, Minneapolis3
WDEO 990 AMEnglishReligious32MI, Ann Arbor0
WDFB Christian Radio 88.1 FMEnglishReligious20KY, Danville11
WDLM Moody Broadcasting Network 89.3 FMEnglishReligious32IL, East Moline4
WDYN 89.7 FMEnglishReligious20TN, Chattanooga1
Web Radio 10PortugueseReligious32Webcast0
Web Radio Adorai NetPortugueseReligious32Webcast26
Web Radio Aleluia NetPortugueseReligious32Webcast3
Web Radio AmemPortugueseReligious24Webcast0
Web Radio Biblica WebPortugueseReligious32Webcast25
Web Radio MCAPortugueseReligious32Webcast0
Web Radio Rede El'Shaday FMPortugueseReligious32Webcast0
Web Radio Renascimiento NetPortugueseReligious20Webcast12
Web Radio Santissimo FMPortugueseReligious24Webcast0
Web Radio VerdadePortugueseReligious32Webcast29
WFAX 1220 AMEnglishReligious32VA, Falls Church0
WFCJ 93.7 FMEnglishReligious128OH, Dayton4
WFCJ HD2EnglishReligious128OH, Dayton2
WFZH The Fish 105.3 FMEnglishReligious32WI, Milwaukee1
WGCX Praise 95.7 FMEnglishReligious32FL, Pensacola11
WGIB Glen Iris Baptist MinisteriesEnglishReligious32AL, Birmingham12
WGTS 91.9 FMEnglishReligious32MD, Takoma Park9
WHLH Hallelujah 95.5 FMEnglishReligious32MS, Jackson17
WIMG 1300 AMEnglishReligious32NJ, Trenton4
WJFM Jimmy Swaggart Ministries 88.5 FMEnglishReligious32LA, Baton Rouge8
WJLU The Corner Stone 89.7 FMEnglishReligious32FL, Port Orange6
WKIZ The Entertainment Station 1500 AMMultilanguageReligious64FL, Key West12
WKMB Harvest Radio AM 1070EnglishReligious32NJ, Stirling8
WLBF Faith Radio 89.1 FMEnglishReligious32AL, Montgomery11
WLHN 990 AMEnglishReligious32IN, Muncie2
WLNO 1060 AMEnglishReligious32LA, New Orleans5
WLOF 101.7 FMEnglishReligious12NY, Buffalo10
WMBN 88.9 FMEnglishReligious32TN, Chattanooga0
WMBV 91.9 FMEnglishReligious21AL, Dixons Mills10
WMJR Real Life Radio 1380 AMEnglishReligious32KY, Lexington3
WMKL Call 91.7 FMEnglishReligious32FL, Port Orange11
WMSD 90.9 FMEnglishReligious20MI, Lupton1
WMSJ Positive 89.3 FMEnglishReligious32ME, Portland7
WNAH Audio 1 1360 AMEnglishReligious24TN, Nashville4
WNAH Audio 2 1360 AMEnglishReligious24TN, Nashville0
WNOP Sacred Hearth Radio 740 AMEnglishReligious20KY, Newport3
WNWC 1190 AMEnglishReligious20WI, Madison0
WPHE Radio Salvacion 690 AMSpanishReligious128PA, Philadelphia14
WPIP 880 AMEnglishReligious64NC, Winston Salem6
WQBC The Word 1420 AMEnglishReligious32MS, Vicksburg9
WQRP Praise 89.5 FMEnglishReligious64OH, Dayton2
WQSE 1030 AMEnglishReligious32TN, White Bluff1
WRBS 95.1 FMEnglishReligious32MD, Baltimore5
WRDR The Bridge 103.1 FMEnglishReligious96NY, New York15
WRDR The Bridge FM 89.7EnglishReligious96NJ, Howell4
WRDT The Word 560 AMEnglishReligious32MI, Detroit1
WRFD The Word 880 AMEnglishReligious20OH, Columbus1
WRGS 1370 AMEnglishReligious16TN, Rogersville0
WROS The Rose 1050 AMEnglishReligious32TX, Jacksonville0
WSEW 88.5 FMEnglishReligious32NH, New Durham4
WSHO Sonshine 800 AMEnglishReligious20LA, New Orleans10
WSMR Life FM 89.1 FMEnglishReligious40FL, Sarasota15
WSOF Christian Rock 89.9 FMEnglishReligious64KY, Madisonville8
WSTW FMEnglishReligious32IL, Chicago1
WTBB Truth Radio 89.9 FMEnglishReligious24AL, Gadsden16
WTGN 97.7 FMEnglishReligious21OH, Lima1
WUCO St. Gabriel Radio 1270 AMEnglishReligious48OH, Marysville1
WWJC 850 AMEnglishReligious32MN, Duluth3
WXRI Joy FMEnglishReligious32NC, Winston Salem1
WZFI Lift 98.5 FMEnglishReligious32NJ, Bridgeton6
WZOL Radio Sol 92.1 FMSpanishReligious22San Juan152
XELT Radio Maria MexicoSpanishReligious20Guadalajara71
XERTA Radio Transcontinental OCSpanishReligious24Mexico City30

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