Radio Station lineup by channel type: Reggaeton

If you’ve never listened to Reggaeton music, then you are truly missing out on a unique experience. Reggaeton is a combination of Latin music (ranging from bomba to salsa) and West-Indian reggae music. This type of music became immensely popular during the 1990s, and it’s still popular in various countries today.

Whether you can’t get enough of Reggaeton or whether you want to listen to this lively music for the first time, you’ll love the selection of Reggaeton radio stations that WorldTVRadio Tuner has to offer. If you’re not sure where to begin, take a look at the following popular Reggaeton stations.

Angel 93.7 FM broadcasts live from Valera in Spanish every day. This station is full of colourful music, great programming, and some of the best hosts out there. Listening to Angel 93.7 FM is a great way to become acquainted with Reggaeton music.

KVIB Latino Vibe 95.1 FM is another popular station broadcasting live from Phoenix, Arizona, in Spanish. This station combines excellent programming with popular Reggaeton tunes, so that you can have the best of both worlds.

Radio Mas Candela broadcasts Reggaeton music live from Quito regularly. Whether or not you speak Spanish, you are bound to love the tunes that come from this station. Radio Mas Candela is popular across the world with WorldTVRadio Tuner listeners, since this station really has a bit of everything.

When you’re ready to experience Reggaeton, tune into any one of the stations listed above – or, tune into any of the other fantastic Reggaeton stations that WorldTVRadio Tuner has to offer. You’ll soon discover a whole world of music that you didn’t know existed.

Reggaeton stations on worldtvradio lineup::

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryLanguageSpeedCityVisits
Internet radio currently available through worldtvradio
Angel 93.7 FMSpanishReggaeton16Valera402
Batanga ReggaetonSpanishReggaeton24US, Webcast370
Cotonete Destaque ReggaetonPortugueseReggaeton96Webcast516
Fuego 90 FMSpanishReggaeton48Santiago de los Caballeros345
KVIB Latino Vibe 95.1 FMSpanishReggaeton64AZ, Phoenix231
Radio Activa 99.7 FMSpanishReggaeton56Corte329
Radio Mas CandelaSpanishReggaeton24Quito408
YXY 105.7 FMSpanishReggaeton32San Salvador249

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