Radio Station lineup by channel type: Popular

If you’re into popular music, then you don’t need to look any further than WorldTVRadio Tuner. When it comes to popular tunes, we have all the best radio stations in the world – really! No matter where you may be located or what language you may speak, you can bet that you’ll find the ideal popular music station simply by looking through our large selection.

For example, Conga 103.9 based in San Pedro is the only station to turn to when you want to hear popular Spanish music. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, your feet are guaranteed to start tapping once you pick up on a popular Spanish beat.

Or, how about listening to Cotonete Nacional Popular – broadcasting live via webcast in Portuguese. This station has all the latest and hottest music from Portugal and from around the world. You’ll hear lots of great tunes along with plenty of entertaining programming when you tune into this channel.

Whether you’re in the mood for some Latin music or whether you want to hear popular music from around the globe, WorldTVRadio Tuner has just the right mix of popular music channels for you. Unlike satellite radio services, you won’t have to pay extra in order to listen to as many radio stations as you want to on WorldTVRadio Tuner. Instead, you can flip from one channel to the next as often as you like without being charged any extra amount. When you want to listen to something other than regular radio, tune into WorldTVRadio Tuner.

Popular stations on worldtvradio lineup::

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryLanguageSpeedCityVisits
Internet radio currently available through worldtvradio
Conga 103.9 FMSpanishPopular32San Pedro Sula75
Cotonete Nacional PopularPortuguesePopular96Webcast53
Cotonete Nacional PortugalPortuguesePopular96Webcast27
Cotonete Nacional SeleccaoPortuguesePopular96Webcast17
Radio 101.5 FMPortuguesePopular32Palmitos334
Radio 105 FMPortuguesePopular128Brasilia239
Radio 92 FMPortuguesePopular32Timbo136
Radio 92 FM FormosaPortuguesePopular56Formosa0
Radio 94 FM DouradosPortuguesePopular20Dourados105
Radio 97 FM FrutalPortuguesePopular32Frutal61
Radio 98 FM CuritibaPortuguesePopular20Curitiba170
Radio 98 FM Rio de JaneiroPortuguesePopular20Rio de Janiero290
Radio Alegria 96.1 FMPortuguesePopular64Pelotas155
Radio Alfa 94.5 FMPortuguesePopular22Pelotas80
Radio Alternativa 1 91.1 FMPortuguesePopular20Joao Monlevade80
Radio Alternativa 90.7 FMPortuguesePopular20Itauna65
Radio Ativa 107.3 FMPortuguesePopular32Pitangui0
Radio Atual 105.5 FMPortuguesePopular10Concordia53
Radio Band 96.3 FMPortuguesePopular32Brumado124
Radio Carijos 89.9 FMPortuguesePopular20Conselheiro Lafaite24
Radio Cidade 104.9 FMPortuguesePopular24Altamira145
Radio Cidade 94.5 FMPortuguesePopular18Araxa48
Radio Clube 101.5 FMPortuguesePopular128Curitiba74
Radio Criativa 98.9 FMPortuguesePopular32Sao Paulo39
Radio Cultura 96.5 FMPortuguesePopular32Brumado26
Radio Cultura 98.9 FMPortuguesePopular32Posse28
Radio Diamantina 95.5 FMPortuguesePopular24Itaberaba25
Radio Estacao 93.3 FMPortuguesePopular20Jequie28
Radio Gabriela 102.9 FMPortuguesePopular32Ilheus29
Radio Grande 92.1 FMPortuguesePopular20Dourados27
Radio Integracao 94.5 FMPortuguesePopular32Morrinhos13
Radio Interativa 99.7 FMPortuguesePopular32Agua Boa24
Radio Ipira 104.1 FMPortuguesePopular32Ipira13
Radio JK 107.9 FMPortuguesePopular32Brasilia16
Radio Kativa 87.9 FMPortuguesePopular32Rio Brilhante27
Radio Liberal 97.5 FMPortuguesePopular20Belem43
Radio Maringa 97.1 FMPortuguesePopular32Maringa40
Radio Mega 90.9 FMPortuguesePopular140Brasilia38
Radio Movimento 97.5 FMPortuguesePopular32Pato Branco15
Radio Nativa 99.5 FMPortuguesePopular32Imperatriz93
Radio Oceano 97.1 FMPortuguesePopular32Rio Grande32
Radio Ok 104 FMPortuguesePopular40Brasilia20
Radio Onda Livre 104.9 FMPortuguesePopular40Campo Largo13
Radio Popular 104.9 FMPortuguesePopular20Samambaia45
Radio Ranchera 103.1 FM La ExplosivaSpanishPopular20Olanchito109
Radio Regional 102.3 FMPortuguesePopular20Lucas do Rio Verde0
Radio Sao Francisco 106.3 FMPortuguesePopular32Itambacuri1
Radio Tamarana 87.9 FMPortuguesePopular20Tamarana2
Radio Visao 104.9 FMPortuguesePopular32Posse15
Radio Viva 98.9 FMPortuguesePopular24Cambui26
RadioTerra 104 FMPortuguesePopular32Goiania46

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