Radio Station lineup by channel type: Politics & Gov.

Every government around the world is different, and many governments are quite volatile. In short, tuning into any one of WorldTVRadio Tuner’s politics and government stations is bound to be entertaining. When you begin to listen to global and political problems from a foreign point of view, you will also begin to see how the world functions as a whole. Nothing is more exciting than politics, and that’s why we’ve got a great line-up of political and governmental stations for you to select from.

C-Span Radio is broadcast live in English from Washington D.C. around the clock. Washington politics are forever turning and changing, which is why this station is so interesting. If you want to find out what’s happening within the United States, then tune into C-Span Radio.

Greece is also known for its active political state. If you want to find out the latest happenings within the Greek world, then tune into Nemesis – Dimokratiki Anagennisi broadcasting live from Greece in Greek. You’ll hear all about the things that are happening in Greece, and you’ll also hear about global politics from a Greek point of view.

For those who are interested in Italian politics, Radio Radicale is the station to tune into. This station broadcasts live from Rome, Italy, regularly. When Italians begin debating, the room really heats up, so don’t miss a moment of this action!

No matter what kind of government you are interested in or what language you speak, you’ll find that nothing beats WorldTVRadio Tuner’s selection of governmental and political stations. If you have government or politics on your mind, then choose any one of our interesting stations – you’ll soon see the world from a different perspective.

Politics & Gov. stations on worldtvradio lineup::

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryLanguageSpeedCityVisits
Internet radio currently available through worldtvradio
C-Span RadioEnglishPolitics & Gov.32D.C. Washington29
Nemesis - Dimokratiki AnagennisiGreekPolitics & Gov.32Webcast5
Polskie Radio ParlamentPolishPolitics & Gov.16Warsaw112
Radio RadicaleItalianPolitics & Gov.32Rome15
RAI Radio GR ParlamentoItalianPolitics & Gov.32Rome16

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