Radio Station lineup by channel type: News/Talk

When you feel like jumping into the heart of any issue, talk radio is the only type of radio station to tune into. Talk and news radio stations focus on hot topics that you’re bound to have more than one opinion about. Whether you want to tune into a lively host with an array of interesting guests or whether you want to phone a radio host to voice your opinion, WorldTVRadio Tuner has a variety of talk and news radio shows from around the world.

101 INN News Channel broadcasting live from Bangkok has all the latest Thai news. This station is broadcast in Thai around the clock, so that you’ll never miss a beat. When you want to find out what’s happening in the Thai community, tune into 101 INN News Channel.

Achterhoek FM is another popular station that broadcasts live from Vorden in Dutch. When you tune into this station, you’ll hear all about new topics that are affecting the world from a Dutch point of view. You’ll also hear some interesting debates and listen to the opinions of the Dutch people.

Alpha 98.9 FM based in Athens, Greece, is a great station to tune into if you want to find out what’s happening in Greece. Greeks are known for excellent debate skills, and this station provides entertainment around the clock.

No matter what language you speak – French, Spanish, English, Greek, Arabic, or any other – WorldTVRadio Tuner has the right news and talk radio station for you. Simply choose a station, sit back, and get ready to experience the world through the eyes of your global neighbors.

News/Talk stations on worldtvradio lineup::

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryLanguageSpeedCityVisits
Internet radio currently available through worldtvradio
101 INN News ChannelThaiNews/Talk20Bangkok207
2BL 702 ABC SydneyEnglishNews/Talk40Sydney83
2GB 873 AMEnglishNews/Talk32Sydney55
2PB ABC News RadioEnglishNews/Talk40Canberra78
2RN ABC Radio NationalEnglishNews/Talk40Canberra44
2SM 1269 AM Talk RadioEnglishNews/Talk24Sydney52
2UE 954 AM Talking SydneyEnglishNews/Talk10Sydney41
3AW Talking Melbourne 1278 AMEnglishNews/Talk10Melbourne30
3LO 774 ABC MelbourneEnglishNews/Talk40Melbourne38
4BC 1116 AMEnglishNews/Talk20Brisbane7
567 Cape Talk AMEnglishNews/Talk16Cape Town38
6PR News Talk 882 AMEnglishNews/Talk20Perth26
720 ABC PerthEnglishNews/Talk40Perth14
89.9 Light FMEnglishNews/Talk64Melbourne12
99.7 FMArabicNews/Talk20Kuwait City1
ABC 105.7 FM DarwinEnglishNews/Talk40Darwin18
ABC 612 AM BrisbaneEnglishNews/Talk40Brisbane20
ABC 666 AM CanberraEnglishNews/Talk40Canberra12
ABC 702 AM SydneyEnglishNews/Talk40Sydney21
ABC 720 AM PerthEnglishNews/Talk40Perth8
ABC 774 AM MelbourneEnglishNews/Talk40Melbourne15
ABC 89.1 FM AdelaideEnglishNews/Talk40Adelaide15
ABC 93.6 FM HobartEnglishNews/Talk40Hobart8
ABC Coast 91.7 FMEnglishNews/Talk40Melbourne10
ABC Gold and Tweed CoastsEnglishNews/Talk40Canberra8
ABC Radio Australia EnglishEnglishNews/Talk40Canberra34
ABC Radio Australia MultilanguageMultilanguageNews/Talk40Canberra25
Achterhoek FMDutchNews/Talk128Vorden15
ADN Radio 91.7 FMSpanishNews/Talk32Santiago272
AFN America News Network 1360 AMEnglishNews/Talk24CO, Johnstown62
Al Arabiya 98.9 FMArabicNews/Talk24Abu Dhabi259
Alpha 98.9 FMGreekNews/Talk20Athens0
AM 1350 Radio SucesosSpanishNews/Talk20Villa Carlos Paz121
AM 670 Antartida RadioSpanishNews/Talk32Buenos Aires76
Ana-Mpa RadioGreekNews/Talk64Webcast15
Andong MBC 1017 AMKoreanNews/Talk64Seoul72
ANT1 97.2 FMGreekNews/Talk32Athens40
ANT1 97.5 FMGreekNews/Talk32Thessaloniki18
Antenna 97.0 FMGreekNews/Talk32Athens22
Antioch Old-Time Radio 1710 AMEnglishNews/Talk24WI, Antioch32
Aragon RadioSpanishNews/Talk32Zaragoza163
Arutz 7 105.2 FMHebrewNews/Talk32Jerusalem36
Athina International Radio 104.4 FMGreekNews/Talk64Athens15
Bayern 2GermanNews/Talk32Munchen47
BBC Asian NetworkEnglishNews/Talk45London62
BBC OneEnglishNews/Talk36London151
BBC Radio 4EnglishNews/Talk44London253
BBC Radio 5 Live International VersionEnglishNews/Talk45London177
BBC Radio CumbriaEnglishNews/Talk44Cumbria27
BBC Radio CymruEnglishNews/Talk45Wales8
BBC Radio FoyleEnglishNews/Talk32Foyle26
BBC Radio FoyleEnglishNews/Talk32Foyle11
BBC Radio nan GaidhealIrishNews/Talk32London19
BBC Radio ScotlandEnglishNews/Talk45Scotland52
BBC Radio UlsterEnglishNews/Talk32Ulster30
BBC Radio WalesEnglishNews/Talk44Wales24
BBC World ServiceEnglishNews/Talk17London177
Beijing News Radio FM 100.6ChineseNews/Talk20Beijing180
BFM 101.4FrenchNews/Talk24Charleroi48
Bucanera X 107.7 FMSpanishNews/Talk20Margarita127
Cadena Cusclatan 98.5 FMSpanishNews/Talk24San Salvador53
Cadena SerSpanishNews/Talk10Madrid956
Caracol Basica 100.9 FMSpanishNews/Talk20Bogota954
Caraibes 94.5 FMFrenchNews/Talk56Port-au-Prince278
CBAF 98.3 FM Radio CanadaFrenchNews/Talk32Moncton33
CBGA Radio Canada 102.1 FMFrenchNews/Talk32Matane24
CBJ Radio Canada Saguenay Lac Saint-Jean 93.7 FMFrenchNews/Talk20Matane33
CBKF Radio-Canada 97.7 FMFrenchNews/Talk20Regina20
CBOF Radio Canada La Premiere 90.7 FMFrenchNews/Talk32Ottawa31
CBON Radio Canada La PremiereFrenchNews/Talk20Sudbury48
CDN RadioSpanishNews/Talk32Santo Domingo126
CFAX 1070 AMEnglishNews/Talk32Victoria7
CFRA News Talk Radio 580 AMEnglishNews/Talk20Ottawa26
CFRB News Talk 1010 AMEnglishNews/Talk20Toronto12
CFTR News 680 AMEnglishNews/Talk20Toronto8
CFUN 1410 AMEnglishNews/Talk20Vancouver7
Channel Africa Studio 1MultilanguageNews/Talk20Cape Town36
CHED 630 AMEnglishNews/Talk24Edmonton15
CHFA Radio Canada La Premiere 680 AMFrenchNews/Talk32Edmonton15
CHLM 103.1 FM Radio CanadaFrenchNews/Talk22Abitibi15
CHLN 550 AMFrenchNews/Talk22Trois Rivieres14
CHLT 630 AMFrenchNews/Talk32Sherbrooke15
CHML 900 AMEnglishNews/Talk24Hamilton4
CHNL Radio NL 610 AMEnglishNews/Talk32Kamploops6
CIGM 790 AMEnglishNews/Talk32Sudbury3
CIMI 103.7 FMFrenchNews/Talk20Quebec City11
CINF Info 690 AMFrenchNews/Talk24Montreal10
CINW News 940 AMEnglishNews/Talk32Montreal7
City 99.5 FMGreekNews/Talk96Athens6
CJAD 800 AMEnglishNews/Talk32Montreal8
CJOB 68 AMEnglishNews/Talk24Winnipeg6
CJSS 1220 AMEnglishNews/Talk20Cornwall4
CKAC 730 Am La Voix du QuebecFrenchNews/Talk24Montreal17
CKAU 90.1 FMEnglishNews/Talk32Sept-Iles5
CKGL News 570 AMEnglishNews/Talk16Kitchener3
CKIA 88.3 FMFrenchNews/Talk20Quebec City9
CKNW 980 AMEnglishNews/Talk24Vancouver3
CKOO 98.5 FMFrenchNews/Talk32Montreal4
CKRL 89.1 FMFrenchNews/Talk24Quebec City4
CKRS 98.3 La Voix de SaguenayFrenchNews/Talk20Saguenay9
CKRU 980 AM KRUZ RadioEnglishNews/Talk20Peterborough3
CKTB 610 AMEnglishNews/Talk20Niagara3
CKWX News 1130 AMEnglishNews/Talk20Vancouver3
CNR Coordinadora Nacional de RadioSpanishNews/Talk24Jesus Maria103
Colorful RadioEnglishNews/Talk128London20
Commercial 88.1 FMChineseNews/Talk8Hong Kong0
Comradio 88.2 FMCatalanNews/Talk32Barcelona39
Cope Asturias 90.7 FMSpanishNews/Talk20Oviedo120
CPN Cadena Peruana de Noticias 90.5 FMSpanishNews/Talk10Lima199
CRHK 1 88.1 FMChineseNews/Talk8Hong Kong17
CRI Capital ServiceEnglishNews/Talk4Beijing21
Cro 1 Radio Zurnal Cesky Rozhlas 1CzechNews/Talk64Prague32
Cro 2 Cesky Rozhlas 2 PrahaCzechNews/Talk64Prague12
Cro 3 Cesky Rozhlas 3 VltavaCzechNews/Talk32Vltava11
Cro 6 Cesky Rozhlas 6CzechNews/Talk48Prague6
Cro 7 Cesky Rozhlas 7 PrahaCzechNews/Talk64Prague5
CX160 Radio Litoral 1600 AMSpanishNews/Talk24Fray Bentos30
CX36 Radio Centenario 1250 AMSpanishNews/Talk6Montevideo100
CX8 Radio Sarandi 690 AMSpanishNews/Talk16Montevideo65
DBS RadioEnglishNews/Talk20Roseau0
DBS Radio Alternate StreamEnglishNews/Talk20Roseau35
Deutsche Welle RadioGermanNews/Talk48Koln90
Dimotiko Tripolis 91.5 FMGreekNews/Talk32Tripoli11
DR Radio P1DanishNews/Talk32Copenhagen7
Dubai Eye 103.8 FMArabicNews/Talk20Dubai144
DZBB Radio 594 AMPilipinoNews/Talk16Manila1
DZEC 1062 AMEnglishNews/Talk24Manila96
DZRH Radio AMPilipinoNews/Talk20Manila1017
East Radio 107.2 FMChineseNews/Talk32Beijing12
East Radio 1197 AMChineseNews/Talk32Beijing7
East Radio 1296 AMChineseNews/Talk32Beijing7
East Radio 648 AMChineseNews/Talk32Beijing3
East Radio 792 AMChineseNews/Talk32Beijing5
East Radio 990 AMChineseNews/Talk32Beijing5
Echo of MoscowRussianNews/Talk32Moscow230
En Leuko 87.7 FMGreekNews/Talk20Athens0
ERA 1 105.8 FMGreekNews/Talk17Athens15
ERF RadioGermanNews/Talk96Wetzlar16
FEBC 1188 AMKoreanNews/Talk32Seoul2
Fly Radio 89.7 FMGreekNews/Talk32Sparti8
FM 103.1 Litoral FMSpanishNews/Talk10Parana61
FM 104.1 La Red RafaelaSpanishNews/Talk32Rafaela29
FM 89.5 Fisherton CNNSpanishNews/Talk32Rosario38
FM 90.5 FM ComunicarSpanishNews/Talk20Cordoba7
FM 92.1 Radio IdentidadSpanishNews/Talk24Buenos Aires17
FM 96.3 Radio JaiSpanishNews/Talk16Buenos Aires0
FM 98.5 Radio BrisasSpanishNews/Talk32Santa Fe21
FM 99.3 Radio DosSpanishNews/Talk24Corrientes32
FM 99.5 Radio PalermoSpanishNews/Talk16Buenos Aires51
FM Osaka 85.1 FMJapaneseNews/Talk32Osaka211
France Maghreb 99.5 FMFrenchNews/Talk64Paris140
Gajahmada 102.4 FMIndonesianNews/Talk19Semarrang232
GN MBC 1287 AMKoreanNews/Talk20Seoul7
GN MBC 94.3 FMKoreanNews/Talk20Seoul11
Hern Net RadioEnglishNews/Talk32US, Webcast13
HLAZ 1566 AMKoreanNews/Talk32Jeju6
HR InfoGermanNews/Talk48Frankfurt9
HR3 Hrvatski radio - Treci programCroatianNews/Talk32Zagreb51
Hrvatski radio - Glas HrvatskeCroatianNews/Talk32Zagreb55
Hrvatski radio - Radio SljemeCroatianNews/Talk32Sljeme68
Imagen Corporativa RadioSpanishNews/Talk10Mexico City57
Info RadioHungarianNews/Talk64Budapest44
Iraqi Media Net RadioArabicNews/Talk20Baghdad134
IRIB Nation Wide RadioMultilanguageNews/Talk20Tehran31
IRIB Radio DariPersianNews/Talk48Tehran0
IRIB Radio MaarefPersianNews/Talk12Tehran36
IRIB Radio Maaref EnglishEnglishNews/Talk20Tehran20
IRIB Radio PayamPersianNews/Talk20Tehran65
IRIB Radio SarasariPersianNews/Talk20Tehran0
IRIB Radio World Service 1MultilanguageNews/Talk20Tehran38
IRIB Radio World Service 2MultilanguageNews/Talk20Tehran17
IRIB Radio World Service 3MultilanguageNews/Talk13Tehran15
IRIB Radio World Service 4MultilanguageNews/Talk20Tehran10
IRIB Radio World Service 5MultilanguageNews/Talk20Tehran9
IRIB Radio World Service 6MultilanguageNews/Talk20Tehran15
Jovem Pan 620 AMPortugueseNews/Talk100Sao Paulo507
JSBC 702 AMChineseNews/Talk32Jiangsu4
JSBC 846 AMChineseNews/Talk32Jiangsu3
K-57 RadioEnglishNews/Talk360Guam23
K57 News Talk RadioEnglishNews/Talk24Hagatna15
KAAN 870 AMEnglishNews/Talk20MO, Bethany8
KAJX 91.5 FMEnglishNews/Talk128CO, Grand Junction17
KastoriaFm 91.5GreekNews/Talk32Kastoria12
KBOI Broncos Radio 670 AMEnglishNews/Talk32ID, Boise6
KBS World Channel 1MultilanguageNews/Talk32Seoul28
KBS World Channel 2MultilanguageNews/Talk32Seoul19
KBXL Inspirational Family Radio 94.1 FMEnglishNews/Talk32ID, Caldwell5
KBZU The Buzz 96.3 FMEnglishNews/Talk32NM, Albuquerque19
KCBQ 1170 AMEnglishNews/Talk10CA, San Diego14
KCFO 970 AMEnglishNews/Talk32OK, Tulsa7
KCMO FOX News 710 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MO, Kansas City11
KCOL 600 AMEnglishNews/Talk38CO, Fort Collins15
KCPW 1010 AMEnglishNews/Talk32UT, Tooele5
KCXL 1140 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MO, Liberty6
KDAL 610 AMEnglishNews/Talk128MN, Duluth11
KDKA 1020 AMEnglishNews/Talk32PA, Pittsburgh5
KDWA 1460 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MN, Hasting10
KERN 1410 AMEnglishNews/Talk20CA, Bakersfield10
KEUN Air America 1490 AMEnglishNews/Talk24LA, Eunice15
KEX 1190 AMEnglishNews/Talk32OR, Portland3
KFAB 1110 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NE, Omaha14
KFI 640 AMEnglishNews/Talk32CA, Los Angeles13
KFKA 1310 AMEnglishNews/Talk32CO, Fort Collins4
KFMB 760 AMEnglishNews/Talk64CA, San Diego9
KFNX 1100 AMEnglishNews/Talk32AZ, Phoenix11
KFOR 1240 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NE, Lincoln9
KFQD 750 AMEnglishNews/Talk32AK, Anchorage42
KFTK Talk 97.1 FMEnglishNews/Talk32MO, Saint Louis5
KFYI 550 AMEnglishNews/Talk32AZ, Phoenix14
KGAB 650 AMEnglishNews/Talk32WY, Orchard Valley2
KGO 810 AMEnglishNews/Talk20CA, San Francisco11
KHOW 630 AMEnglishNews/Talk32CO, Denver6
KHQN 1480 AMEnglishNews/Talk24UT, Delta2
KIDO NewsRadio 580 AMEnglishNews/Talk32ID, Boise11
KIFR Free 106.9 FMEnglishNews/Talk24CA, San Francisco21
KIRO 710 AMEnglishNews/Talk21WA, Seattle2
KKAR 1290 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NE, Omaha8
KKNW Alternative Talk 1150 AMEnglishNews/Talk24WA, Seattle6
KKOB 770 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NM, Albuquerque14
KKOH 780 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NV, Reno8
KKZN 760 AMEnglishNews/Talk32CO, Denver3
KLBJ 590 AMEnglishNews/Talk16TX, Austin2
KLIN 1400 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NE, Lincoln4
KLLI Free 105.3 AMEnglishNews/Talk32TX, Dallas4
KLOK 1170 AMSpanishNews/Talk17CA, San Francisco12
KLSD 1360 AMEnglishNews/Talk33CA, San Diego6
KLUP 930 AMEnglishNews/Talk20TX, San Antonio2
KLVI 560 AMEnglishNews/Talk32TX, Beaumont2
KMA 960 AMEnglishNews/Talk20IA, Shenandoah1
KMAK Truth Radio 100.3 FMEnglishNews/Talk16CA, Orange Grove14
KMBZ 980 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MO, Kansas City4
KMLB 1440 AMEnglishNews/Talk32LA, Monroe10
KMOX 1120 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MO, Saint Louis4
KNAK 540 AMEnglishNews/Talk24UT, Delta2
KNCO Newstalk 830 AMEnglishNews/Talk20CA, Grass Valley17
KNEW Talk 910 AMEnglishNews/Talk36CA, Oakland12
KNOW MPR News 91.1 FMEnglishNews/Talk128MN, Minneapolis6
KNRS 570 AMEnglishNews/Talk32UT, Salt Lake City4
KNSI 1450 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MN, Saint Cloud4
KNTH 1070 AMEnglishNews/Talk32TX, Houston1
KNUS 710 AMEnglishNews/Talk32CO, Denver4
KNUU K-News 970 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NV, Las Vegas10
KOA 850 AMEnglishNews/Talk32CO, Denver6
KOL 1300 AMEnglishNews/Talk48WA, Seattle1
KOMO 1000 AMEnglishNews/Talk48WA, Seattle3
KONP 1450 AMEnglishNews/Talk32WA, Port Angeles2
KOZI 93.5 FMEnglishNews/Talk32WA, Chelan1
KPAM 860 AMEnglishNews/Talk32OR, Portland2
KPOJ 620 AMEnglishNews/Talk32OR, Portland2
KPRC 950 AMEnglishNews/Talk32TX, Houston2
KPTK 1090 AMEnglishNews/Talk32WA, Seattle2
KQED 88.5 FMEnglishNews/Talk20CA, San Francisco9
KQKE The Quake 960 AMEnglishNews/Talk36CA, San Francisco9
KQRP 106.1 FMEnglishNews/Talk32CA, Salida9
KQV 1410 AMEnglishNews/Talk32PA, Pittsburgh7
KRCN 1060 AMEnglishNews/Talk48CO, Longmont13
KRFA 91.7 FMEnglishNews/Talk32WA, Pullman3
KRFP Radio Free Moscow 92.5 FMEnglishNews/Talk32ID, Moscow4
KRLA 870 AMEnglishNews/Talk16CA, Glendale6
KRLD 1080 AMEnglishNews/Talk32TX, Dallas0
KRMD Super Talk 1340 AMEnglishNews/Talk32LA, Shreveport14
KRMG 740 AMEnglishNews/Talk32OK, Tulsa1
KRXA 540 AMEnglishNews/Talk24CA, Seaside8
KSCB 1270 AMEnglishNews/Talk32KS, Liberal2
KSCF Free 103.7 FMEnglishNews/Talk32CA, San Diego7
KSCJ 1360 AMEnglishNews/Talk32IA, Sioux City3
KSCO Talk Back Radio 1080 AMEnglishNews/Talk32CA, Santa Cruz13
KSEV The Voice 700 AMEnglishNews/Talk20TX, Houston6
KSFA 860 AMEnglishNews/Talk32TX, Lufkin2
KSFN Spike 1140 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NV, Las Vegas4
KSFO 560 AMEnglishNews/Talk20CA, San Francisco5
KSKY 660 AMEnglishNews/Talk32TX, Dallas2
KSL X Newsradio 1160 AMEnglishNews/Talk24UT, Salt Lake City4
KSPD 790 AMEnglishNews/Talk32ID, Boise5
KSTE Talk 650 AMEnglishNews/Talk35CA, Sacramento15
KSTP 1500 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MN, Minneapolis0
KSWM 940 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MO, Aurora1
KTAR News 620 AMEnglishNews/Talk32AZ, Phoenix9
KTIE News Talk 590 AMEnglishNews/Talk16CA, Glendale13
KTKK K-Talk 630 AMEnglishNews/Talk32UT, South Jordan4
KTKL Progressive Talk 1150 AMEnglishNews/Talk33CA, Los Angeles5
KTKZ News Talk 105.5 FMEnglishNews/Talk20CA, Sacramento15
KTMG 1370 AMEnglishNews/Talk24CO, Johnstown3
KTNF Air America 950 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MN, Minneapolis7
KTOK 1000 AMEnglishNews/Talk32OK, Oklahoma City1
KTRH 740 AMEnglishNews/Talk32TX, Houston1
KTRH Newsradio HD2EnglishNews/Talk32TX, Houston3
KTRO 93.1 FMEnglishNews/Talk32OR, Portland2
KTRS The Big 550 AMEnglishNews/Talk20MO, Saint Louis3
KTSA 550 AMEnglishNews/Talk24TX, San Antonio0
KUAZ News 89.1 FMEnglishNews/Talk128AZ, Tucson9
Kuressaare Pereraadio 89.0 FMEstonianNews/Talk48Saaremaal7
KUSP 88.9 FMEnglishNews/Talk128CA, Santa Cruz8
KUTY News Talk 1470 AMEnglishNews/Talk23CA, Los Angeles7
Kuwait Radio InternationalArabicNews/Talk20Kuwait City0
KVI FOX News Radio 570 AMEnglishNews/Talk48WA, Seattle4
KVOR Newsradio 740 AMEnglishNews/Talk33CO, Colorado Springs5
KW Continente 710 AMSpanishNews/Talk32Panama city24
KWMU 90.7 FMEnglishNews/Talk32MO, Saint Louis2
KWOS 950 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MO, Cape Girardeau0
KXAM Independent 1310 AMEnglishNews/Talk20AZ, Scottsdale14
KXL Newsradio 750 AMEnglishNews/Talk32OR, Portland0
KXNT 840 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NV, Las Vegas1
KYCR The Patriot II 1570 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MN, Minneapolis2
KYW Newsradio 1060 AMEnglishNews/Talk32PA, Philadelphia5
KZBS Santa Barbara News 1290 AMEnglishNews/Talk20CA, Santa Barbara22
KZCS 88.1 FMEnglishNews/Talk64CA, Santa Cruz4
La FM 94.9SpanishNews/Talk24Bogota412
LBC 97.3 FMEnglishNews/Talk32London26
LBC News 1152 AMEnglishNews/Talk32London24
Libre 1410 AMSpanishNews/Talk8Montevideo48
LR 6 AM 790 Radio MitreSpanishNews/Talk16Buenos Aires217
LRF 315 FM 99.5 Radio VisionSpanishNews/Talk24Comodoro Rivadavia11
LS 5 AM 630 Radio RivadaviaSpanishNews/Talk16Buenos Aires77
LT 3 AM 680SpanishNews/Talk6Rosario0
LT 7 AM 900 Corrientes NoticiasSpanishNews/Talk24Corrientes1
LU 24 AM 820 Radio Tres ArroyosSpanishNews/Talk16Buenos Aires10
LV 28 AM 930 Radio Villa MariaSpanishNews/Talk32Buenos Aires24
M24 97.9 FMSpanishNews/Talk16Montevideo26
MBS RadioJapaneseNews/Talk32Tokyo127
MCOT News Station 100.5 FMThaiNews/Talk22Bangkok66
MCOT Radio 100.5 FMThaiNews/Talk22Bangkok44
MCOT Thinking Radio 96.5 FMThaiNews/Talk22Bangkok38
MDR InfoGermanNews/Talk48Leipzig27
Mercury 96 FMIndonesianNews/Talk20Surabaya115
Metro Info Radio 99.7 FMChineseNews/Talk32Hong Kong43
Metro Plus Radio 104.4 FMChineseNews/Talk32Hong Kong56
Michigan RadioEnglishNews/Talk32MI, Ann Arbor22
Montecarlo 930 AMSpanishNews/Talk20Montevideo83
Nanjing BusinessChineseNews/Talk32Beijing8
Nanjing MusicChineseNews/Talk32Beijing22
Nanjing NewsChineseNews/Talk32Beijing10
NDR InfoGermanNews/Talk64Hamburg20
NE-WS 89.4 FMGermanNews/Talk49Neuss4
NET 105.8 FMGreekNews/Talk16Athens4
News Center FM 84.6EnglishNews/Talk32Beijing12
Newstalk 106 FMEnglishNews/Talk64Dublin13
Newstalk ZB 109.8 FMEnglishNews/Talk32Christchurch10
Newstalk ZB 89.4 FMEnglishNews/Talk32Aukland9
NHK Radio JapanMultilanguageNews/Talk32Tokyo112
NJJJT 1 FMChineseNews/Talk32Nanjing5
NJJJT 2 FMChineseNews/Talk32Nanjing2
NRJ News TalkFrenchNews/Talk128Paris11
Nuova Spazio Radio 88.1 FMItalianNews/Talk176Rome41
Omroep Radio 1DutchNews/Talk96Amsterdam75
ORF ?1 Journale rund um die UhrGermanNews/Talk48Vienna13
Park Radio 101.1 FMEnglishNews/Talk56Banff5
Peiratikos 107.7 FMGreekNews/Talk41Thessaloniki14
Polskie Radio PoloniaMultilanguageNews/Talk16Warsaw165
Punto Radio 1008 AMSpanishNews/Talk20Las Palmas57
Punto Radio Cuenca 102.4 FMSpanishNews/Talk24Cuenca27
Qatar Radio ArabicArabicNews/Talk20Doha173
Quraan RadioArabicNews/Talk20Baghdad233
Raadio Kadi 90.5 FMEstonianNews/Talk64Tallinn5
Radio 41 1360 AMSpanishNews/Talk24San Jose de Mayo14
Radio ?anduti 1020 AMSpanishNews/Talk20Asuncion159
Radio ABC 900 AMPortugueseNews/Talk10Novo Hamburgo56
Radio Agora 105.5 FMGermanNews/Talk32Klagenfurt14
Radio Agricultura 92.1 FMSpanishNews/Talk48Santiago102
Radio Alegria 1470 AMPortugueseNews/Talk32Sao Jose0
Radio Alvorada 1360 AMPortugueseNews/Talk20Marau74
Radio AmericaSpanishNews/Talk8Tegucigalpa104
Radio AmericaEnglishNews/Talk32DC, Washington14
Radio America 1410 AMPortugueseNews/Talk32Sao Paulo0
Radio America 780 AMSpanishNews/Talk24San Jose40
Radio Antioch 1710 AMEnglishNews/Talk24IL, Antioch7
Radio Aranda 87.8 FMSpanishNews/Talk24Aranda de Duero10
Radio Arenys 91.2 FMCatalanNews/Talk128Arenys de Mar17
Radio ArkkiFinnishNews/Talk32Helsinki0
Radio Arnhem 105.9 FMDutchNews/Talk24Arnhem8
Radio Atlantica 590 AMPortugueseNews/Talk16Santos0
Radio Babboleo News 92.9 FMItalianNews/Talk20Genova16
Radio Bandeirantes 640 AMPortugueseNews/Talk24Porto Alegre108
Radio Bandeirantes 840 AMPortugueseNews/Talk128Sao Paulo196
Radio BelarusBelorusian (Byelorussian)News/Talk32Minsk0
Radio Bihac 92.3 FMSerbianNews/Talk56Bihac50
Radio Bro-GwenedFrenchNews/Talk32Pontivy6
Radio Cidade de Araxa 1170 AMPortugueseNews/Talk18Araxa32
Radio Corporacion 540 AMSpanishNews/Talk24Managua56
Radio Coruna 98.5 FMSpanishNews/Talk16El Ferrol16
Radio Costa D'Oiro 106.5 FMPortugueseNews/Talk32Portimao9
Radio Cultura 560 AMPortugueseNews/Talk32Guarapuava27
Radio Difusora de Patrocinio 560 AMPortugueseNews/Talk32Patrocinio12
Radio Difusora o Eco do Pampa 1170 AMPortugueseNews/Talk24Bage21
Radio El Dorado 700 AMPortugueseNews/Talk10Sao Paulo44
Radio ErbolSpanishNews/Talk22La Paz61
Radio Europa 90.4 FMPortugueseNews/Talk32Lisboa17
Radio Evenos 106.6 FMGreekNews/Talk32Paros-Antiparos5
Radio FBiHSerbianNews/Talk32Sarajevo37
Radio First ChannelBelorusian (Byelorussian)News/Talk32Minsk22
Radio Formula 104.1 FM Cadena Radio UnoSpanishNews/Talk24Monterrrey233
Radio Formula 1470 AMSpanishNews/Talk24Monterrrey82
Radio Formula 1500 AM Cadena radio UnoSpanishNews/Talk24Monterrrey86
Radio Formula 970 AMSpanishNews/Talk24Mexico City87
Radio France InfoFrenchNews/Talk22Paris115
Radio France InterFrenchNews/Talk60Paris294
Radio Galatini 92.6 FMGreekNews/Talk64Kozani3
Radio GalegaSpanishNews/Talk20Galicia20
Radio GerdelandDutchNews/Talk48Gelderland4
Radio Globo 1110 AMPortugueseNews/Talk20Sao Paulo150
Radio Globo Londrina 1400 AMPortugueseNews/Talk24Londrina61
Radio Guaiba 720 AMPortugueseNews/Talk10Porto Alegre73
Radio Guaruja 1550 AMPortugueseNews/Talk16Guaruja0
Radio Habana Cuba Canal 1SpanishNews/Talk20Havana256
Radio Habana Cuba Canal 2SpanishNews/Talk20Havana218
Radio Huesca 88.9 FMSpanishNews/Talk20Huesca15
Radio Huesca FMSpanishNews/Talk20Huesca16
Radio Intensite 103.8 FMFrenchNews/Talk48Chateaudun9
Radio Itatiaia 610 AMPortugueseNews/Talk20Belo Horizonte76
Radio Jauense 820 AMPortugueseNews/Talk32Jau11
Radio Jerez 1026 AMSpanishNews/Talk20Jerez de la Frontera18
Radio Jornal 710 AMPortugueseNews/Talk16Maceio17
Radio Jornal 780 AMPortugueseNews/Talk16Recife22
Radio Krabi 98.5 FMThaiNews/Talk24Bangkok17
Radio La Discusion 94.7 FMSpanishNews/Talk20Bio Bio0
Radio Lider 1070 AMSpanishNews/Talk24Quito0
Radio Lora 97.5 FMGermanNews/Talk56Zurich6
Radio Maldonado 1560 AMSpanishNews/Talk20Punta del Este27
Radio Mara?on 580 AMSpanishNews/Talk24Jaen33
Radio Marca DigitalSpanishNews/Talk12Valencia179
Radio Nacional del PeruSpanishNews/Talk32Lima99
Radio NBT Chumphon 100 FMThaiNews/Talk24Bangkok19
Radio New Zealand NationalEnglishNews/Talk48Auckland17
Radio News 98.3 FMItalianNews/Talk10Varese0
Radio NJ XWTChineseNews/Talk32Beijing3
Radio Noticias 890 AMPortugueseNews/Talk20Matao1
Radio Nuevo Mundo 930 AMSpanishNews/Talk24Santiago38
Radio Orient 88.3 FMArabicNews/Talk20Beirut172
Radio Ovacion 620 AMSpanishNews/Talk8Lima77
Radio Pafos 92.5 FMGreekNews/Talk32Nicosia16
Radio PakistanUrduNews/Talk20Karachi2
Radio Palmos 90.5 FMGreekNews/Talk32Amfissa12
Radio PanamericanaSpanishNews/Talk24La Paz118
Radio Piratininga 1070 AMPortugueseNews/Talk12Jau20
Radio Planalto 730 AMPortugueseNews/Talk24Passo Fundo13
Radio Portoalegre 100.5 FMPortugueseNews/Talk32Portoalegre27
Radio Power Progressive RadioEnglishNews/Talk32US, Webcast1
Radio Princesa 910 AMPortugueseNews/Talk16Paulista17
Radio Puerto Rico 740 AMSpanishNews/Talk64San Juan218
Radio Reforma 860 AMSpanishNews/Talk32Panama city18
Radio SalamancaSpanishNews/Talk10Salamanca37
Radio Sawa 100.4 FMArabicNews/Talk20Baghdad271
Radio Stereo 92 FMSpanishNews/Talk40Huacho194
Radio Sucesso 101.7 FMPortugueseNews/Talk32Barbacena29
Radio Sucesso Bambui 103.3 FMPortugueseNews/Talk40Bambui23
Radio Surat 97 FMThaiNews/Talk24Bangkok27
Radio Swat BeirutArabicNews/Talk48Beirut233
Radio Thailand 92.7 FMThaiNews/Talk24Bangkok37
Radio Thailand MKThaiNews/Talk24Bangkok18
Radio Trait d Union 89.8 FMFrenchNews/Talk64Lyon4
Radio Ukraine InternationalMultilanguageNews/Talk16Kiev49
Radio Universal Cusco 103.3 FMSpanishNews/Talk24Cusco79
Radio Vlaanderen IntGermanNews/Talk96Brussels8
Radio W Chile 91.7 FMSpanishNews/Talk10Santiago95
Radio XZGD 3 103.3 FMChineseNews/Talk64Zuxhou4
Radio XZGD 6 AM 1269ChineseNews/Talk64Zuxhou4
Radio Yleq 103.7 FMFinnishNews/Talk16Helsinki23
Rado Bierzo 90.4 FMSpanishNews/Talk8Bierzo27
Radyo MaviTurkishNews/Talk32Kocaeli41
Radyo NatinPilipinoNews/Talk32Manila336
RAI International HotbirdMultilanguageNews/Talk176Rome22
RAI Radio 1ItalianNews/Talk32Rome167
RAI Radio IsoradioItalianNews/Talk32Rome33
Ras 1IcelandicNews/Talk128Reykjavik6
Ras 2IcelandicNews/Talk128Reykjavik4
RCN Cadena Basica 770 AMSpanishNews/Talk24Bogota395
RDP Antena 1PortugueseNews/Talk22Lisboa91
Real 97.8 FMGreekNews/Talk32Athens4
Real Radio 100 101 FMEnglishNews/Talk32Central Scotland21
Real Radio 106 108 FMEnglishNews/Talk32Yorkshire12
Rede CBNPortugueseNews/Talk20Sao Paulo34
Rede CBN 860 AMPortugueseNews/Talk20Sao Paulo29
Rede CBN 90.3 FMPortugueseNews/Talk20Recife114
RFE Balarusian Channel 10Belorusian (Byelorussian)News/Talk32Minsk17
RFI AfriqueFrenchNews/Talk32Paris197
RFI MondeFrenchNews/Talk32Paris217
RFI Romania 93.5 FMRomanianNews/Talk32Bucharest76
RFO MartiniqueFrenchNews/Talk32Fort-de-France61
RFO MartiniqueFrenchNews/Talk32Fort-de-France2
RFO MayotteFrenchNews/Talk20Mamoudzou18
RFO Polynesia RadioFrenchNews/Talk32Bora Bora61
RFO ReunionFrenchNews/Talk32Saint Denis30
RI RadioArabicNews/Talk24Baghdad83
RLL Radio Liban LibreArabicNews/Talk20Beirut127
RNA Radio Nacional de AndorraCatalanNews/Talk44Andorra La Vella54
RNE Radio 5 todo NoticiasSpanishNews/Talk16Madrid147
RNE Radio Exterior de Espa?aSpanishNews/Talk16Madrid91
Round the clockEnglishNews/Talk128Beijing6
RPC RadioSpanishNews/Talk48Panama city44
RPP Radio Programas del PeruSpanishNews/Talk8Lima368
RRI Pro3 Radio Republik IndonesiaIndonesianNews/Talk40Jakarta173
RRI Radio Romania International Channel 1MultilanguageNews/Talk16Bucharest47
RRI Radio Romania International Channel 2MultilanguageNews/Talk16Bucharest39
RTE 1 Radio Telifis Eireann 81.5 FMEnglishNews/Talk16Ireland4
RTE Digital Radio NewsEnglishNews/Talk32Dublin8
RTE Radio 1EnglishNews/Talk16Dublin12
RTE Radio 1 ExtraEnglishNews/Talk32Dublin8
RTK RadioMalteseNews/Talk64Valletta12
Saga 99.4 FMIcelandicNews/Talk64Reykjavik7
Samoa Radio 540 AMEnglishNews/Talk40Pago Pago48
Saudi Radio Multilanguage ChannelMultilanguageNews/Talk16Riyadh66
Schagen 107.7 FMDutchNews/Talk96Schagen4
SIS Radio Cairo 819 AMArabic (Egypt)News/Talk20Cairo513
Spectrum Radio 558 AMMultilanguageNews/Talk16London10
SR MinnenSwedishNews/Talk96Stockholm7
Stads 106.8 FMDutchNews/Talk32Amsterdam3
Stereo 92 FMSpanishNews/Talk40Huacho290
SWR Cont.raGermanNews/Talk40Stuttgart7
Talk 2 RadioEnglishNews/Talk24CA, Santa Ana21
Talk Radio 702 AMEnglishNews/Talk16Cape Town35
Tamil National ServiceTamilNews/Talk64Colombo76
The International Channel 96.3 FMMultilanguageNews/Talk16Singapore26
Thraki Fm 99.8 FMGreekNews/Talk40Alexandroupoli12
Todelar Cadena Basica 890 AMSpanishNews/Talk16Bogota192
Union Radio NoticiasSpanishNews/Talk32Caracas154
VDL Voice of LebanonArabicNews/Talk28Beirut150
Victoria 103.9 FMSpanishNews/Talk40Victoria85
VOCM News Talk Radio 590 AMEnglishNews/Talk32St. John's11
VRT Radio 1 94.2 FMGermanNews/Talk64Brussels3
VRT Radio 2 Oost-VlaanderenDutchNews/Talk64Oost Vlaanderen3
WAAM 1600 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MI, Ann Arbor5
WABE 90.1 FM NewsEnglishNews/Talk32GA, Atlanta11
WABS Sonlight 780 AMEnglishNews/Talk20MD, Baltimore14
WADO Radio Wado 1280 AMSpanishNews/Talk32NY, New York74
WAOK 1380 AMEnglishNews/Talk32GA, Atlanta5
WAPA Cadena WAPA 680 AMSpanishNews/Talk8San Juan176
WAVZ The Voice 1300 AMEnglishNews/Talk32CT, Hamden15
WBAC 1340 AMEnglishNews/Talk32TN, Cleveland1
WBAP 820 AMEnglishNews/Talk24TX, Dallas0
WBCF Newstalk 1240 AMEnglishNews/Talk32AL, Florence21
WBFO 88.7 FMEnglishNews/Talk128NY, Buffalo33
WBIG Radio Shopping Show 1280 AMEnglishNews/Talk32IL, Aurora4
WBT 1110 AMEnglishNews/Talk20NC, Charlotte5
WBUR 90.9 FMEnglishNews/Talk24MA, Boston9
WBZ 1030 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MA, Boston11
WBZT The Talk Station 1230 AMEnglishNews/Talk32FL, West Palm Beach23
WCBM 680 AMEnglishNews/Talk20MD, Baltimore7
WCBS News Radio 880 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NY, New York36
WCCO 830 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MN, Minneapolis10
WCKG Free 105.9 FMEnglishNews/Talk32IL, Chicago3
WCLU 1490 AMEnglishNews/Talk32KY, Glasgow7
WCPT 850 AMEnglishNews/Talk24IL, Chicago6
WCRN 830 AMEnglishNews/Talk24MA, Worcester5
WCTC 1450 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NJ, New Brunswick7
WDBO 580 AMEnglishNews/Talk32FL, Orlando6
WDBZ The Buzz 1230 AMEnglishNews/Talk32OH, Cincinnati4
WDR Eins LiveGermanNews/Talk32Koln117
WDTK 1400 AMEnglishNews/Talk22MI, Detroit2
WDTW 1310 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MI, Detroit5
WDUN 102.9 AMEnglishNews/Talk32GA, Gainesville3
WEGP The Talk of the County 1390 AMEnglishNews/Talk32ME, Presque Isle7
WFED Federal News Radio 1050 AMEnglishNews/Talk21DC, Washington1
WFMD 930 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MD, Frederick3
WFMN SuperTalk 97.3 FMEnglishNews/Talk16MS, Flora14
WFMP 107 FMEnglishNews/Talk32MN, Saint Paul6
WFNY Free 92.3 FMEnglishNews/Talk32NY, New York18
WFOB 1430 AMEnglishNews/Talk32OH, Bowling Green3
WFSW 89.1 FMEnglishNews/Talk21FL, Panama City9
WGCH 1490 AMEnglishNews/Talk32CT, Greenwich4
WGFX The Zone 104.5 FMEnglishNews/Talk32TN, Gallatin1
WGHT 1500 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NJ, Atlantic City6
WGKA 920 AMEnglishNews/Talk20GA, Atlanta1
WGLT News 89.1 FMEnglishNews/Talk128IL, Normal7
WGN The Voice of Chicago 720 AMEnglishNews/Talk16IL, Chicago20
WGNR 97.9 FMEnglishNews/Talk32IN, Anderson2
WGOW 102.3 FMEnglishNews/Talk32TN, Chattanooga2
WGOW 1150 AMEnglishNews/Talk32TN, Chattanooga2
WGST 640 AMEnglishNews/Talk32GA, Atlanta3
WGTO 910 AMEnglishNews/Talk22IL, Chicago1
WGUL Talk Radio 860 AMEnglishNews/Talk20FL, Tampa15
WGY 810 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NY, Schenectady10
WHAM 1180 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NY, Rochester7
WHAS 840 AMEnglishNews/Talk32KY, Louisville5
WHCB 91.5 FMEnglishNews/Talk128TN, Bristol1
WHCR The Voiceof Harlem 90.3 FMEnglishNews/Talk32NY, New York21
WHEP 1310 AMEnglishNews/Talk20AL, Foley6
WHIO 1290 AMEnglishNews/Talk32OH, Dayton3
WHK 1420 AMEnglishNews/Talk32OH, Cleveland2
WHLM 930 AMEnglishNews/Talk48PA, Bloomsburg1
WHO 1040 AMEnglishNews/Talk32IA, Des Moines5
WHON 930 AMEnglishNews/Talk128IN, Richmond2
WHTK Hot Talk 1280 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NY, Rochester17
WHYY 90.9 FMEnglishNews/Talk24PA, Philadelphia0
WIBA 1310 AMEnglishNews/Talk32WI, Madison5
WIBC 1070 AMEnglishNews/Talk32IN, Indianapolis4
WIBW 580 AMEnglishNews/Talk32KS, Topeka9
WIJD Accent Radio Network 1270 AMEnglishNews/Talk32AL, Prichard9
WILM 1450 AMEnglishNews/Talk32DE, Wilmington10
WIND 560 AMEnglishNews/Talk22IL, Chicago4
WINS 1010 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NY, New York14
WIRY 1340 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NY, Plattsburgh9
WISN 1130 AMEnglishNews/Talk32WI, Milwaukee2
WIST 690 AMEnglishNews/Talk56LA, New Orleans4
WJBC 98.1 FMEnglishNews/Talk24IN, Bloomington2
WJBC The Voice of McLean County 1230 AMEnglishNews/Talk24IL, Bloomington2
WJBO 1150 AMEnglishNews/Talk48LA, Baton Rouge6
WJCW 910 AMEnglishNews/Talk32TN, Johnson City3
WJMB Real Talk AMEnglishNews/Talk32TN, Memphis3
WJML 1110 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MI, Petoskey2
WJOL 1340 AMEnglishNews/Talk32IL, Joliet2
WJR 760 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MI, Detroit5
WKAT Christian Talk 1360 AMEnglishNews/Talk20FL, Miami7
WKOK 1070 AMEnglishNews/Talk32PA, Sunbury1
WKRC 55KRC AMEnglishNews/Talk32OH, Cincinnati5
WKRK Free 97.1 FMEnglishNews/Talk32MI, Detroit3
WKRS 1220 AMEnglishNews/Talk32IL, Waukegan1
WLAC Newsradio 1510 AMEnglishNews/Talk32TN, Nashville5
WLAP 630 AMEnglishNews/Talk32KY, Lexington5
WLNG 600 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NY, Riverhead10
WLOH Talk Radio 1320 AMEnglishNews/Talk20OH, Lancaster5
WLRN 91.3 FMEnglishNews/Talk48FL, Miami5
WLS 890 AMEnglishNews/Talk24IL, Chicago5
WLSS 930 AMEnglishNews/Talk32FL, Sarasota6
WLW 700 AMEnglishNews/Talk32OH, Cincinnati4
WMAL 630 AMEnglishNews/Talk32DC, Washington3
WMAY 970 AMEnglishNews/Talk32IL, Springfield0
WMEL 920 AMEnglishNews/Talk64FL, Melbourne4
WMT 600 AMEnglishNews/Talk32IA, Cedar Rapids3
WMVB 1440 AMEnglishNews/Talk16NJ, Millville5
WNAV 1430 AMEnglishNews/Talk16MD, Annapolis7
WNJC 1360 AMEnglishNews/Talk48PA, Philadelphia3
WNOW 1030 AMEnglishNews/Talk64NC, Charlotte2
WNOX Newstalk 100.3 FMEnglishNews/Talk32TN, Knoxville3
WNPV 1440 AMEnglishNews/Talk32PA, Landsdale1
WNRI 1380 AMEnglishNews/Talk32RI, Woonsocket1
WNTA 1330 AMEnglishNews/Talk32IL, Rockford3
WNTK 99.7 FMEnglishNews/Talk24NH, New London6
WNTN 1550 AMEnglishNews/Talk9MA, Newton6
WNTP 990 AMEnglishNews/Talk32PA, Philadelphia0
WNWR 1540 AMEnglishNews/Talk20PA, Philadelphia0
WNZK 690 AMMultilanguageNews/Talk32MI, Detroit1
WOAI 1200 AMEnglishNews/Talk32TX, San Antonio1
WOI 640 AMEnglishNews/Talk32IA, Ames2
WOKV 690 AMEnglishNews/Talk32FL, Jacksonville6
WOND 1400 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NJ, Atlantic City1
WOON O-N 2 All News RadioEnglishNews/Talk20RI, Woonsocket1
WOON O-N TV 1240 AMEnglishNews/Talk100RI, Woonsocket2
WOR 710 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NY, New York5
Word of Truth Radio- Truth Talk StationEnglishNews/Talk32US, Webcast65
WPAZ 1370 AMEnglishNews/Talk20PA, Pottstown1
WPBR 1340 AMEnglishNews/Talk350FL, Lantana4
WPEK The Revolution 880 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NC, Asheville2
WPGB 104 FMEnglishNews/Talk52PA, Pittsburg0
WPHT The Big Talker 1210 AMEnglishNews/Talk32PA, Philadelphia2
WPR Wisconsin Public Radio - Ideas NetworkEnglishNews/Talk42WI, Madison3
WPSB 1320 AMEnglishNews/Talk23AL, Birmingham10
WPTT 1360 AMEnglishNews/Talk32PA, Pittsburg2
WREC 600 AMEnglishNews/Talk32TN, Memphis1
WRFN Radio Free Nashville 98.9 FMEnglishNews/Talk48TN, Nashville3
WRKO 680 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MA, Boston6
WRMN Radio Shopping Show 1410 AMEnglishNews/Talk16IL, Elgin1
WRNO The New Voice 99.5 FMEnglishNews/Talk32LA, New Orleans4
WRSC 1390 AMEnglishNews/Talk32PA, State College3
WRVA 1140 AMEnglishNews/Talk32VA, Richmond5
WSB 750 AMEnglishNews/Talk32GA, Atlanta8
WSBA 910 AMEnglishNews/Talk32PA, York2
WSDE 1190 AMEnglishNews/Talk20NY, Cobleskill6
WSPD 1370 AMEnglishNews/Talk32OH, Toledo2
WSYR News Radio 570 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NY, Syracuse23
WTAM The Big One 1100 AMEnglishNews/Talk32OH, Cleveland2
WTAN TanTalk 1340 AMEnglishNews/Talk64FL, Clear Water5
WTDY Madison 1670 AMEnglishNews/Talk32WI, Madison0
WTIC 1080 AMEnglishNews/Talk32CT, Hartford4
WTKG 1230 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MI, Grand Rapids3
WTKK 96.9 FMEnglishNews/Talk32MA, Boston4
WTMJ 620 AMEnglishNews/Talk32WI, Milwaukee5
WTOP Washington Post Radio 1500 AMEnglishNews/Talk24DC, Washington4
WTPL The Pulse 107.7 FMEnglishNews/Talk24NH, Bow6
WTTF 1600 AMEnglishNews/Talk32OH, Tiffin4
WTVN 610 AMEnglishNews/Talk32OH, Columbus22
WUNO Noti Uno 630 AMSpanishNews/Talk32San Juan199
WURD 900 AMEnglishNews/Talk32PA, Philadelphia2
WURP The Edge 1550 AMEnglishNews/Talk32PA, Pittsburgh1
WUST New World Radio 1120 AMMultilanguageNews/Talk20DC, Washington7
WUWM 89.7 FMEnglishNews/Talk64WI, Milwaukee0
WVHU 800 AMEnglishNews/Talk32WV, Huntington3
WVNJ The Voice 1160 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NJ, Teaneck6
WVNN 92.5 FM / 770 AMEnglishNews/Talk32AL, Athens8
WVNN Talk 770 AMEnglishNews/Talk32AL, Huntsville13
WVWI Radio One 1000 AMEnglishNews/Talk16VI, St. Thomas4
WWBA 1040 AMEnglishNews/Talk64FL, Tampa9
WWGE The Edge 1400 AMEnglishNews/Talk24PA, Loretto1
WWJ 950 AMEnglishNews/Talk32MI, Detroit5
WWNC 570 FMEnglishNews/Talk32NC, Asheville1
WWRL Air America Radio 1600 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NY, New York122
WWTN Supertalk 99.7 FMEnglishNews/Talk32TN, Nashville3
WXNT 1430 AMEnglishNews/Talk32IN, Indianapolis2
WXXI 1370 AMEnglishNews/Talk96NY, Rochester25
WXXM The Mic 92.1 FMEnglishNews/Talk32WI, Madison3
WYLL 106.7 FMEnglishNews/Talk22IL, Chicago3
WYSL 1040 AMEnglishNews/Talk32NY, Avon16
WZNK 680 AMEnglishNews/Talk24MI, Detroit6
XEABC ABC Radio 760 AMSpanishNews/Talk16Mexico City52
XEAJ 1330 AM RadioSpanishNews/Talk24Saltillo43
XEEP Radio Educacion 1060 AMSpanishNews/Talk24Mexico City31
XELQ Radio 5-70 570 AMSpanishNews/Talk24Morelia0
XEN La 69 690 AMSpanishNews/Talk10Mexico City20
XENET Radio Monitor 1560 AMSpanishNews/Talk16Mexico City32
XEQR Radio Centro 1030 AMSpanishNews/Talk10Mexico City45
XERC Formato 21 790 AMSpanishNews/Talk10Mexico City11
XERED Radio Red 1110 AMSpanishNews/Talk10Mexico City40
XERFR Radio Formula 103.3 FM Cadena NacionalSpanishNews/Talk24Monterrrey43
XETRA W Radio 690 AMSpanishNews/Talk128CA, San Diego11
XEVT 970 AMSpanishNews/Talk16Villahermosa11
XHDL Reporte 98.5 FMSpanishNews/Talk32Mexico City52
YLE Radio Peili 88.3 FMFinnishNews/Talk64Helsinki17
YSU 107.3 FMSpanishNews/Talk24San Salvador29

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