Radio Station lineup by channel type: Love Songs

Are you in the mood for love? When you want to cuddle up with your love one or pine over a lost love, nothing hits the spot quite like the world’s best love songs. That’s why WorldTVRadio Tuner has compiled a listing of the best love song stations in the world for you to select from. No matter what language you speak, no matter where you are located, and no matter what your love situation may be, WorldTVRadio Tuner has you covered.

The language of love needs no translation, which is why you can tune into any one of our radio stations whether or not you speak the language that a station is broadcast in. All you really have to do is listen to the sounds of love from around the world with an open heart. You’ll soon discover that everyone falls in love (and out of love) in the same way.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, check out Amor Stereo 93.9 FM broadcasting live from La Romana. This Spanish love song station will get to the heart of any matter within moments. When you listen to the sounds of love in Spanish, you’ll discover a whole new kind of affection.

Or, you may want to tune into Cherie Love Songs broadcasting live from the Internet in French. When you have a romantic date or you simply want to show your loved one how much you care, you’ll love everything that Cherie Love Songs has to offer.

From Portuguese to French to every other language in-between, WorldTVRadio Tuner has all the best love songs from around the world. When you’re ready to listen to love songs around the clock, you’ll find that nobody beats WorldTVRadio Tuner when it comes to selection. Take a few moments to look around before deciding upon the one station that’s right for your mood, or flip back and forth between stations. With WorldTVRadio Tuner, you’ll never be far away from the sounds of love.

Love Songs stations on worldtvradio lineup::

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryLanguageSpeedCityVisits
Internet radio currently available through worldtvradio
Amambay 100.5 FMSpanishLove Songs32Asuncion135
Amor 91.9 FMSpanishLove Songs48La Romana513
Amor Stereo 93.9 FMSpanishLove Songs32Bogota908
Antenna 5 Love SongsMacedonianLove Songs24Skopje3
Batanga BolerosSpanishLove Songs24US, Webcast96
Besame 100.4 FMSpanishLove Songs16Bogota574
Besame 97.1 FMSpanishLove Songs30Santiago252
Bolero StereoSpanishLove Songs24Bogota359
Cherie Love SongsFrenchLove Songs128Webcast172
Cotonete BaladasPortugueseLove Songs96Webcast72
Cotonete BaladasPortugueseLove Songs24Webcast67
Cotonete Baladas ClassicosPortugueseLove Songs96Webcast145
Cotonete Baladas OutrosPortugueseLove Songs96Webcast41
Cotonete Baladas PopPortugueseLove Songs96Webcast72
Cotonete Baladas RecentesPortugueseLove Songs96Webcast49
Cotonete Destaque NamoradosPortugueseLove Songs96Webcast57
Cotonete DivasPortugueseLove Songs96Webcast14
Cotonete Divas BrasilPortugueseLove Songs96Webcast35
Cotonete Divas SoulPortugueseLove Songs96Webcast13
Cotonete Nacional BaladasPortugueseLove Songs96Webcast40
Counterpoint FMDutchLove Songs128Webcast95
Disco 106.1 FMSpanishLove Songs64Santo Domingo295
Emision Digital RomantikSpanishLove Songs128Webcast84
Eroticos 94.8 FMGreekLove Songs96Thessaloniki129
Espacio 96.9 FMSpanishLove Songs48Santo Domingo98
Exa FM 91.3SpanishLove Songs32San Salvador116
FFH EM-RadioGermanLove Songs64Webcast44
FFH Love SongsGermanLove Songs64Webcast96
Fidelity 94.1 FMSpanishLove Songs22Santo Domingo112
FM 89.3 MusicalSpanishLove Songs32Buenos Aires76
Formula RomanticaSpanishLove Songs24Webcast261
Fuego 107.7 FMSpanishLove Songs48San Salvador75
KIWC 103.9 FMEnglishLove Songs32NV, Boulder City103
La Nueva H-102 FMSpanishLove Songs48San Francisco de Macoris87
La Romantica 88.9 FMSpanishLove Songs32Caracas248
Liberty RadioEnglishLove Songs20London111
Love 97.2 FMEnglishLove Songs16Singapore200
Love Radio 97.5 FMGreekLove Songs32Athens99
LRI 858 FM 91.9 FM DiezSpanishLove Songs32Pedro Luro24
M 103.5 FMFrenchLove Songs96Joliette56
Mar 99.7 FMSpanishLove Songs96Veracruz137
Mellesleg FM Szerelmes SlagerekHungarianLove Songs192Webcast67
Net Radio Radio EroticGreekLove Songs128Webcast52
P4 BalladeNorwegianLove Songs40Webcast23
Party Radio Quiet StormGermanLove Songs96Webcast0
Pasion 92 FMSpanishLove Songs20Santiago1
Radio 123DutchLove Songs128Webcast80
Radio Camila 98.3 FMSpanishLove Songs32Los Angeles110
Radio CapissimaSpanishLove Songs48Arica34
Radio Colon 98.9 FMSpanishLove Songs24Colon103
Radio Corazon 104.5 FMSpanishLove Songs24Quito134
Radio Dor De TaraRomanianLove Songs64Bucharest110
Radio El Faro 95.7 FMSpanishLove Songs32La Serena48
Radio Eros 93.0 FMGreekLove Songs32Serres28
Radio KissSpanishLove Songs24Quito111
Radio Kokue Poty 97.9 FMSpanishLove Songs24Maria Auxiliadora65
Radio La Mejor 98.9 FMSpanishLove Songs24San Salvador46
Radio Latina 98.5 FMSpanishLove Songs40Limache89
Radio Macarena 99.7 FMSpanishLove Songs48Chillan62
Radio Mil 103.9 FMSpanishLove Songs20Panama city0
Radio Monte Carlo 5 Love SongsItalianLove Songs64Torino68
Radio MotelPortugueseLove Songs20Webcast112
Radio Romance 92.9 FMSpanishLove Songs32Santiago1
Radio Romantica 104.1 FMSpanishLove Songs32Santiago6
Radio Son de Manta 93.3 FMSpanishLove Songs24Manta79
Radio Superandina 88.5 FMSpanishLove Songs22Los Andes52
RMC Love SongsItalianLove Songs64Monte Carlo81
Sagapo 96.1 FMGreekLove Songs64Thessaloniki21
Stereo 89 89.9 FMSpanishLove Songs20Panama city68
Studio 88SpanishLove Songs56Santo Domingo0
Ternura 89.1 FMSpanishLove Songs32Azua112
WBRQ Nueva Vida 97.7 FMSpanishLove Songs32San Juan117
WIAC Sistema 102.5 FMSpanishLove Songs64San Juan110
XEAP Romantica 1290 AMSpanishLove Songs20Ciudad Obregon123
XEASM Romantica 1340 AMSpanishLove Songs22Cuernavaca142
XEJP Stereo Joya 93.7 FMSpanishLove Songs10Mexico City154
XHDIS Flamingo Estereo 93.7 FMSpanishLove Songs32Delicias47
XHFZO XS 92.9 FMSpanishLove Songs32Ensenada40

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