Radio Station lineup by channel type: Latin Hits

Nothing will spice up your day quite like a dose of Latin music. At WorldTVRadio Tuner, we have the best Latin music radio stations from around the globe at your fingertips. Whether you speak Spanish, Portuguese or any other language, you’re sure to find the best Latin beats right here on WorldTVRadio Tuner.

What kind of Latin music stations do we have at your disposal? Check out 1.FM Fuego FM broadcasting live from the United States via webcast. This station is broadcast in Spanish every day, so tune in to find out what’s new and hot within the Latin music world.

Inolvidable 93.1 FM is another popular Latin music radio station broadcasting live from Las Piedras in Spanish. When you want a station that’s entirely unique, Inolvidable 93.1 is the station for you. Whether or not you speak Spanish, you’ll find this station entirely engaging.

For those who speak Catalan, Radio Gladys Palmera 96.6 FM is an excellent selection. This radio station plays the latest Latin Hits from around the globe every single day. When you tune into Radio Gladys Palmera, you’ll open up a whole new world of Latin music.

At WorldTVRadio Tuner, we have all the best Latin music for you to select from. Whether you want to listen to a station in Portuguese, Spanish, or any other language, you’ll find that our selection is hard to beat. If you’ve never heard Latin music before, take the time to tune into any of the stations that we have to offer – you’ll soon find that the world of Latin music is both vast and interesting.

Latin Hits stations on worldtvradio lineup::

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryLanguageSpeedCityVisits
Internet radio currently available through worldtvradio
1.FM Fuego FMSpanishLatin Hits32US, Webcast672
Angel 93.7 FMSpanishLatin Hits20Valera130
Batanga BaladasSpanishLatin Hits24US, Webcast128
Batanga MexicanaSpanishLatin Hits24US, Webcast127
Batanga Top HitsSpanishLatin Hits24US, Webcast73
Cotonete LatinaPortugueseLatin Hits96Webcast78
Cotonete LatinaPortugueseLatin Hits24Webcast64
Cotonete Latina ConsagradosPortugueseLatin Hits96Webcast70
Ecuatoriana 94.8 FMSpanishLatin Hits20Madrid86
FM 105.9 Radio Delta FMSpanishLatin Hits24Embalse46
FM 106.3 RomanceSpanishLatin Hits20Tucuman124
FM 89.1 FM BarilocheSpanishLatin Hits20Bariloche99
FM 89.3 Cadena Cumbia LatinaSpanishLatin Hits64Lobos250
FM 90.3 Radio SensacionSpanishLatin Hits24Clorinda44
FM 91.1 FantasticaSpanishLatin Hits32Lujan60
FM 91.9 ActivaSpanishLatin Hits48Buenos Aires49
FM 95.1 Kiss FMSpanishLatin Hits36Rosario167
FM 95.3 Radio UniversalSpanishLatin Hits32Bahia Blanca53
FM 96.5 FM ExpressSpanishLatin Hits48Villa Maria38
Inolvidable 93.1 FMSpanishLatin Hits32Las Piedras166
KBFM Wild 104 FMEnglishLatin Hits32TX, Harlingen71
KBFM Wild HD2EnglishLatin Hits32TX, Harlingen47
KBUE Que Buena 105.5 FMSpanishLatin Hits64CA, Burbank85
KCOR 95.Recuerdo 1 FMSpanishLatin Hits32TX, San Antonio30
KDXX Radio La Picuda 107.1 FMSpanishLatin Hits32TX, Dallas32
KEGL LA Preciosa 97.1 FMSpanishLatin Hits32TX, Dallas23
KESS La Buena 107.9 FMSpanishLatin Hits32TX, Dallas21
KFMK La Preciosa HD2SpanishLatin Hits32TX, Austin14
KFZO La Kalle 99.1 FMSpanishLatin Hits32TX, Dallas20
KINV Recuerdo 107.7 FMSpanishLatin Hits32TX, Austin23
KIZS La Preciosa 101.5 FMSpanishLatin Hits32OK, Tulsa28
KLAT La Tremenda 1010 AMEnglishLatin Hits32TX, Dallas50
KLOL Mega 101.1 FMEnglishLatin Hits32TX, Houston44
KLTN Estereo Latino 102.9 FMSpanishLatin Hits32TX, Houston55
KOVE Recuerdo 106.5 FMEnglishLatin Hits32TX, Houston49
KOYE La Invasora 96.7 FMSpanishLatin Hits32TX, Longview19
KQBU Que Buena 93.3 FMSpanishLatin Hits32TX, Houston40
KQQK XO 107.9 FMSpanishLatin Hits32TX, Houston10
KRTX Radio Tejano 980 AMSpanishLatin Hits32TX, Houston18
KSCA La Nueva 101.9 FMSpanishLatin Hits32CA, Los Angeles40
KSJO La Preciosa 92.3 FMSpanishLatin Hits35CA, San Jose33
KSOL Radio Stereo Sol 98.9 FMSpanishLatin Hits34CA, San Francisco43
KTUZ La Z 106.7 FMSpanishLatin Hits32OK, Oklahoma City11
KVVF Radio La Calle 100.7 FMSpanishLatin Hits33CA, San Francisco50
LRH 813 FM 89.3 Radio ParqueSpanishLatin Hits24Formosa22
LU 33 AM 890 Radio PampeanaSpanishLatin Hits16Santa Rosa17
Primera 88.1 FMSpanishLatin Hits20Santo Domingo167
Radio Cordillera 89.0 FMSpanishLatin Hits128Norkoping30
Radio Gladys Palmera 96.6 FMCatalanLatin Hits10Barcelona120
Top Cantabria 107.1 FMSpanishLatin Hits32Torrelavega40
WAMR Radio Amor 107.5 FMSpanishLatin Hits32FL, Miami102
WAOS La Favorita 1600 AMSpanishLatin Hits185GA, Atlanta21
WBJX 1460 AMSpanishLatin Hits128WI, Racine6
WCAA Radio La Kalle 105.9 FMEnglishLatin Hits32NY, New York91
WEDJ Radio Latina 107.1 FMEnglishLatin Hits56IN, Indianapolis79
WGBT 94.5 FM La PreciosaSpanishLatin Hits32NC, Greensboro9
WILC Radio Viva 900 AMSpanishLatin Hits32MD, Laurel17
WIRP La Nueva 88.3 FMEnglishLatin Hits64FL, Miami54
WKKB 100.3 FMSpanishLatin Hits32RI, Providence10
WKOX Rumba 1200 AMSpanishLatin Hits32MA, Boston27
WKY La Indomable 930 AMSpanishLatin Hits32OK, Oklahoma City17
WOJO La que Buena 105.1 FMSpanishLatin Hits32IL, Chicago36
WORC Power 1310 AMEnglishLatin Hits24MA, Worcester16
WPPN Pasion 106.7 FMSpanishLatin Hits32IL, Chicago23
WQBA 1140 AMSpanishLatin Hits32FL, Miami21
WSDS 1480 AMSpanishLatin Hits24MI, Detroit8
WSKQ La Mega 97.9 FMSpanishLatin Hits32NY, New York158
WVIV Radio La Kalle 103.1 FMSpanishLatin Hits32IL, Chicago28
WXDJ El Zol 95.7 FMSpanishLatin Hits64FL, Miami36

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