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Funk music is like no other. Originating in the late 60s, this African American music is a genre that blends many musical styles into one seamless whole. Listening to Funk, you can hear a danceable rhythm that can be traced back to R&B, soul music, and jazz music--all harmonized into a singular form. Funk is not melodious and itís not harmonious, and thatís what makes it different. Rather than focusing on chord progressions as in traditional soul music, it uses one chord for a sustained acoustic outburst. There is a groove to it, a complex one, and this is created by instruments like the Hammond organ, the electric bass and the electric guitar. There are also unforgettable drum sections. Some funky bands likes to introduce a series of rhythmic punctuations by using horns. Thus, you can hear trombones, trumpets, and saxophones jumping in unexpectedly. Funk is African music that is different from soul or disco. Itís simply unique. Still, however, musical genres like disco, house music, and even hip hop like to claim that they throw in a funky beat to enliven their music. The revolutionary musical genre, go-go, has much in common with Funk, and it was inspired by it. WorldTVRadio has five funk radio stations for your listening pleasure. French speakers can enjoy Le Funk Boat and Kifradio from Paris, as well as 4U Funky Classics from a webcast. Meanwhile Portuguese speakers can listen to webcasts from Cotonete Funk and Web Radio Pipo. WorldTVTuner gives listeners who enjoy Funk radio many uplifting programs offered in Portuguese and French. Youíre likely to find your favorite shows on this unique internet streaming service. Try it for free today. Simply click a station and press the ìlaunchî button for Funk radio stations.

Funk stations on worldtvradio lineup::

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryLanguageSpeedCityVisits
Internet radio currently available through worldtvradio
4U Funky ClasssicsFrenchFunk64Webcast254
Cotonete FunkPortugueseFunk96Webcast189
Le Funk BoatFrenchFunk192Paris138
Web Radio PipoPortugueseFunk64Webcast90

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