Radio Station lineup by channel type: Full Service

Full Service radio stations offers programs across the world. Some have been recognized as award winning programs by their national listeners. WorldTVRadio Tuner takes pride in offering a huge selection of programs and many software features to optimize customer satisfaction. The programs are selected because they represent the best in broadcasting from around the world. They offer news and talk shows, musicals and comedies, as well as every other type of educational and entertainment radio show. Whether youíre interested in a newscast or a weather report, a syndicated talk show or a reality show, you can find it in many languages on WorldTVRadio Full Service radio channels. Currently, for example, you can hear Full Service radio broadcast in English, Greek, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Serbian, Albanian, and Dutch. WorldTVRadio Tuner offers numerous Full Service radio stations broadcasting from different world cities. You can hear KUT2 90.5 FM from Austin in English, Alfa Radio 106.2 FM from Heraklion in Greek, AM 1030 Radio del Plata from Buenos Aires in Spanish, Antenne Koblenz 98 FM from Koblenz in German, Caribbean Net Radio from Pointe-a-Pitre in French, Radio Busovaca from Busovaca in Serbian, Radio Sawa Levant 98.1 FM from Amman in Arabic, and Radio Colmeia 650 AM from Cascavel in Portuguese. WorldTVTuner gives listeners who enjoy Full Service radio many great programs offered by many stations from around the world. Whatever your interest, youíre likely to find it on this unique internet streaming service. Try it for free today. Simply click a station and press the ìlaunchî button for a wide variety of Full Service radio stations.

Full Service stations on worldtvradio lineup::

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryLanguageSpeedCityVisits
Internet radio currently available through worldtvradio
99.1 Smart FMEnglishFull Service128Swan Hill13
Alfa Radio 106.2 FMGreekFull Service40Heraklion40
Alithia Radio 95.7 FMGreekFull Service20Chios17
Alpha Isimeria 102.3 FMGreekFull Service22Nafplio10
AM 1030 Radio del PlataSpanishFull Service20Buenos Aires1005
AM 1110 Radio de la CiudadSpanishFull Service32Buenos Aires359
AM 1190 AmericaSpanishFull Service22Buenos Aires217
AM 1240 Cadena UnoSpanishFull Service32Buenos Aires199
AM 1450 Radio PresenciaSpanishFull Service20Martinez1
AM 1530 Eco Porte?aSpanishFull Service10Buenos Aires27
AM 1570 Radio RochaSpanishFull Service16La Plata53
AM 570 Radio ArgentinaSpanishFull Service12Buenos Aires176
AM 610 Radio GeneralSpanishFull Service16Buenos Aires35
AM 650 La Nueva RadioSpanishFull Service24Buenos Aires62
AM 680 Radio NihuilSpanishFull Service16Mendoza50
AM 740 Cooperativa Radio LibreSpanishFull Service24Buenos Aires56
AM 750 Radio del PuebloSpanishFull Service48Buenos Aires87
AM 770 AmplitudSpanishFull Service20Buenos Aires20
AM 780 Radio 3SpanishFull Service80Trelew75
AM 860 Radio CristalSpanishFull Service20Lanus71
AM 890 Radio SoberaniaSpanishFull Service16Buenos Aires29
AM 910 Radio La RedSpanishFull Service32Buenos Aires260
ANT1 Aigaiou 105 FMGreekFull Service32Chios12
Antenna Kerkyra 92.6 FMGreekFull Service20Corfu13
Antenne Koblenz 98 FMGermanFull Service128Koblenz84
Antenne Unna 97.4 FMGermanFull Service64Unna52
Arcoiris Digital 98.9 FMSpanishFull Service32Mao151
Astra 97.3 FMGreekFull Service32Volos15
BFBS Radio 1287 AMEnglishFull Service32Lisburn11
Cadena Radial Impacto La Voz de Comayagua 93.9 FMSpanishFull Service16Comayagua88
Caribbean Net RadioFrenchFull Service21Pointe-a-Pitre48
CFAN The River 99.3 FMEnglishFull Service32Miramichi6
Cosmos 96.5 FMGreekFull Service20Argostoli20
CW1 Radio Colonia 550 AMSpanishFull Service10Colonia58
CW31 Radio Salto 1120 AMSpanishFull Service8Salto46
CX121 Difusora Soriano 1210 AMSpanishFull Service24Soriano31
CX142 Radio Felicidad 1420 AMSpanishFull Service32Paysandu44
CX144 Radio Rivera 1440 AMSpanishFull Service21Riveras34
CX159 Radio Real 1590 AMSpanishFull Service32Colonia Suiza30
CX189 Radio Del Oeste 1490 AMSpanishFull Service25Nueva Helvecia31
CX30 Radio Nacional 1130 AMSpanishFull Service24Montevideo56
CX4 Radio Rural 610 AMSpanishFull Service16Montevideo28
CX42 Emisora Ciudad Montevideo 1370 AMSpanishFull Service16Montevideo45
DBS RadioEnglishFull Service20Roseau53
DeutschlandfunkGermanFull Service48Koln95
Dimotiko Volou 104.6 FMGreekFull Service32Volos7
Dytikos 103.7 FMGreekFull Service32Kato Axaia9
El Puente 103.3 FMSpanishFull Service24Montevideo44
ERA Herakleio 97.5 FMGreekFull Service20Herakleio3
Europe 1FrenchFull Service36Paris181
Federal 99.1 FMSpanishFull Service32Minas36
FM 100GreekFull Service32Thessaloniki10
FM 100.1 Megalatina FMSpanishFull Service24Corrientes231
FM 100.5 Radio SudamericanaSpanishFull Service20Corrientes87
FM 101.3 Radio UnoSpanishFull Service48Santa Fe260
FM 101.9 Radio Maria JuanaSpanishFull Service32Maria Juana0
FM 101.9 Radio Villa general BelgranoSpanishFull Service20Villa general Belgrano69
FM 102.1 La Radio de la CiudadSpanishFull Service24Esperanza55
FM 102.3 FM LafquenSpanishFull Service32La Angostura25
FM 102.5 FM SpecialSpanishFull Service24Ceres49
FM 104.1 Radio Valle ViejoSpanishFull Service20Catamarca95
FM 104.3 Radio 100SpanishFull Service20Gualeguay123
FM 104.5 Radio la ZonaSpanishFull Service24Corrientes42
FM 105.1 Radio Vicuna MackennaSpanishFull Service24Vicuna Mackenna26
FM 105.3 FM 1SpanishFull Service24Galvez32
FM 105.3 Radio LatinaSpanishFull Service24Cordoba178
FM 105.7 Radio La FullSpanishFull Service24Santa Rosa52
FM 106.1 FM EsquelSpanishFull Service32Esquel27
FM 106.1 Radio El EspectadorSpanishFull Service48Rafaela24
FM 106.3 Radio GuemesSpanishFull Service24San Ramon24
FM 107.1 La RedSpanishFull Service24Corrientes50
FM 88.9 Radio Gran RosarioSpanishFull Service32Rosario35
FM 89.1 Class FMSpanishFull Service19Corrientes26
FM 89.9 La IslaSpanishFull Service24Buenos Aires23
FM 90.1 La VozSpanishFull Service20Parana24
FM 91.5 FM Cadena SERSpanishFull Service24General Deheza55
FM 92.1 Integracion RionegrinaSpanishFull Service24Viedma11
FM 92.3 Radio Antena 1SpanishFull Service24Posadas45
FM 92.5 FM TiempoSpanishFull Service56Lincoln26
FM 92.7 927 DigitalSpanishFull Service48Parana19
FM 92.7 Radio LibreSpanishFull Service20San Juan21
FM 93.5 MilenioSpanishFull Service20Crespo35
FM 93.5 Radio ActivaSpanishFull Service24Los Condores41
FM 93.5 Radio del PuertoSpanishFull Service20Puerto San Martin29
FM 94.1 Barcelona B-94.1SpanishFull Service24Corrientes23
FM 94.7 Radio NatagalSpanishFull Service24Resistencia0
FM 95.1 Radio FenixSpanishFull Service24Paso de los Libres19
FM 96.1 Eclipse FMSpanishFull Service40Aldea Villa Maria35
FM 96.5 Radio SuquiaSpanishFull Service20Cordoba16
FM 96.9 Radio 1 AlvearSpanishFull Service24Alvear12
FM 96.9 Radio Cardinal CristiSpanishFull Service24Corrientes9
FM 98.3 FM LibertadSpanishFull Service20Crespo31
FM 98.3 FM SuenosSpanishFull Service24Las Varillas20
FM 98.7 Antena UnoSpanishFull Service24Corrientes19
FM 98.9 FM Radio IndependenciaSpanishFull Service20Tucuman1
FM 99.5 FM PaisSpanishFull Service24Perico19
Fraternite FM 96.5FrenchFull Service24Parakou51
Gavdos 88.8 FMGreekFull Service32Webcast3
Golfe FM 105.7FrenchFull Service16Cotonou41
Highland RadioEnglishFull Service32Co Donegal12
Ionian Galaxy 90.8 FMGreekFull Service22Kefallonia7
Kairi 93.1 FMEnglishFull Service32Roseau29
Kosmos 90.7 FMGreekFull Service32Agrinio14
KSHN All Nine Radio 99.9 FMEnglishFull Service20TX, Liberty6
KUT 90.5 FMEnglishFull Service32TX, Austin3
KUT2 90.5 FMEnglishFull Service32TX, Austin2
Kyparissia Radio 93.6 FMGreekFull Service32Kyparissia5
La Voz de Melo 1340 AMSpanishFull Service24Melo36
Lato 103.3 FMGreekFull Service20Ag. Nikolaos6
Lesxi 97.6 FMGreekFull Service32Trikala6
LR 1 AM 1070 Radio El MundoSpanishFull Service24Buenos Aires27
LR 4 AM 990 Radio SplendidSpanishFull Service16Buenos Aires29
LRA 1 AM 870 Radio NacionalSpanishFull Service12Buenos Aires31
LRA 1 FM 87.9 Radio Nacional FaroSpanishFull Service32Buenos Aires8
LRA 9 AM 560 Radio Nacional EsquelSpanishFull Service32Esquel8
LRF 210 AM 780 Radio 3SpanishFull Service32Patagonia13
LRG 202 AM 1400 Radio CumbreSpanishFull Service12Neuquen0
LRH 251 AM 740 Radio ChacoSpanishFull Service20Resistencia19
LRH 251 FM 101.5 Radio ChacoSpanishFull Service20Resistencia19
LRH 312 AM 1150 Radio TupambaeSpanishFull Service20Posadas22
LRI 709 FM 92.1 Radio DepartamentalSpanishFull Service24San Justo5
LRK 802 FM 95.7 Radio MediterraneaSpanishFull Service24Concepcion10
LS 1 AM 1110 Radio de la CiudadSpanishFull Service20Buenos Aires11
LS 11 AM 1270 Radio ProvinciaSpanishFull Service20Buenos Aires12
LS 4 AM 590 ContinentalSpanishFull Service16Buenos Aires243
LT 12 AM 840 General MadariagaSpanishFull Service16Corrientes3
LT 14 AM 1260 Radio General UrquizaSpanishFull Service24Parana10
LT 15 AM 560 Radio del LitoralSpanishFull Service60Concordia17
LT 23 AM 1550 Radio RegionalSpanishFull Service24San Jenaro Norte6
LT 24 AM 1430 Radio San NicolasSpanishFull Service24Buenos Aires14
LT 25 AM 970 Radio GuaraniSpanishFull Service16Curuzu1
LT 28 AM 1470 Radio RafaelaSpanishFull Service24Rafaela7
LT 29 AM 1460 Radio Venado TuertoSpanishFull Service24Venado Tuerto15
LT 38 AM 1520 Radio GualeguaySpanishFull Service20Gualeguay13
LT 4 AM 670 Radiodifusora MisionesSpanishFull Service16Posadas24
LT 4 FM 104.5 Radiodifusora MisionesSpanishFull Service22Posadas26
LT 41 AM 660SpanishFull Service24Entre Rios2
LT 43 AM 800 Radio MocoviSpanishFull Service24Charata16
LT 9 AM 1150 Radio Brigadier LopezSpanishFull Service16Buenos Aires14
LU 18 AM 640 Radio La ValleSpanishFull Service10Rio Negro4
LU 19 FM ComahueSpanishFull Service56Cipolletti12
LU 2 AM 840 Radio Bahia BlancaSpanishFull Service6Bahia Blanca25
LU 22 AM 1140 Radio TandilSpanishFull Service17Tandil6
LU 32 AM 1160 Radio Coronel OlavarriaSpanishFull Service32Olavarria7
LU 37 AM 980SpanishFull Service24General Pico5
LU 5 AM 600SpanishFull Service16Neuquen9
LU 6 AM 760 Radio AtlanticaSpanishFull Service24Cordoba12
LV 12 AM 590 Radio IndependenciaSpanishFull Service24Tucuman12
LV 16 AM 1010 Radio Rio CuartoSpanishFull Service20Rio Cuarto26
LV 2 AM 970SpanishFull Service48Cordoba8
LV 26 AM 1430 Radio Rio TerceroSpanishFull Service20Rio Tercero16
LV 3 AM 700 Cadena 3SpanishFull Service20Cordoba55
LV 4 AM 620 Radio San RafaelSpanishFull Service16Mendoza22
LV 7 AM 930 Radio TucumanSpanishFull Service32Tucuman39
LV 9 AM 840 Radio SaltaSpanishFull Service16Salta36
MDR 1 Radio Sachsen-AnhaltGermanFull Service273Leipzig45
NDR 1 Welle NordGermanFull Service64Hamburg49
NDR 2GermanFull Service64Hamburg57
Noticias 97.3 FMSpanishFull Service32Margarita70
OE3 HitradioGermanFull Service32Vienna108
ORF ?1 - geh?rt geh?rtGermanFull Service64Vienna40
ORF Radio 1476GermanFull Service64Vienna20
ORF Radio Burgenland 96.2 FMGermanFull Service32Burgenland120
ORF Radio K?rnten 97.8 FMGermanFull Service80K?rnten22
ORF Radio Nieder?sterreichGermanFull Service128Nieder?sterreich43
ORF Radio Ober?sterreich 95.2 FMGermanFull Service48Ober?sterreich36
ORF Radio Salzburg 94.8 FMGermanFull Service64Salzburg65
ORF Radio Steiermark 95.4 FMGermanFull Service32Steiermark32
ORF Radio TirolGermanFull Service48Tirol123
ORF Radio Vorarlberg 98.2 FMGermanFull Service32Vorarlberg60
ORF Radio WienGermanFull Service64Wien51
ORTB RadioFrenchFull Service24Cotonou0
Radio 10SpanishFull Service20Buenos Aires233
Radio 202 93.1 FMSerbianFull Service32Sarajevo60
Radio 7GermanFull Service100Ulm18
Radio 7 Colinas 100.5 FMPortugueseFull Service20Garanhuns171
Radio Alexandros 98.2 FMGreekFull Service22Nea Peramos7
Radio Amfissa 104.4 FMGreekFull Service32Amfissa5
Radio Aragua 1010 AMSpanishFull Service24Cagua65
Radio Argos 97.4 FMGreekFull Service32Argos Orestiko4
Radio Argostoli 100.6 FMGreekFull Service128Kefallonia5
Radio Beograd 1SerbianFull Service32Belgrade53
Radio Bluesky 93.3 FMAlbanianFull Service40Prishtine178
Radio Brcko 92.8 FMSerbianFull Service32Brcko34
Radio BusovacaSerbianFull Service48Busovaca36
Radio Cayman 89.9 FMEnglishFull Service32George Town48
Radio Cien 100.3 FMSpanishFull Service20Montevideo52
Radio Cinco 89.7 FMSpanishFull Service32Trinidad27
Radio Colmeia 650 AMPortugueseFull Service20Cascavel16
Radio Complice 90.7 FMSpanishFull Service24Quito46
Radio Cultura 1080 AMPortugueseFull Service20Paranavai19
Radio Cultura 930 AMPortugueseFull Service32Santos19
Radio DzunglaSerbianFull Service32Doboj73
Radio Gamma 94 FMGreekFull Service64Patra5
Radio Greneva 101.5 FMGreekFull Service20Greneva5
Radio Illimani 94.1 Red Patria NuevaSpanishFull Service24La Paz87
Radio Inconfidencia 880 AMPortugueseFull Service20Belo Horizonte25
Radio Independencia 1390 AMPortugueseFull Service32Salto do Lontra9
Radio Istocno SarajevoSerbianFull Service64Sarajevo41
Radio Jade 87.8 FMGermanFull Service128Wilhelmshaven2
Radio Juriti 870 AMPortugueseFull Service20Paracatu9
Radio Kalloni 95.8 FMGreekFull Service50Kalloni3
Radio Karpenisi 97.5 FMGreekFull Service32Karpenisi6
Radio KiskeyaFrenchFull Service20Port-au-Prince86
Radio KoktelSerbianFull Service64Webcast34
Radio Kosova 91.9 FMAlbanianFull Service40Prishtine135
Radio LausitzGermanFull Service64Lausitz8
Radio LeipzigGermanFull Service64Leipzig15
Radio Leverkusen 107.6 FMGermanFull Service96Leverkusen6
Radio Mara Ritmo 900 AMSpanishFull Service16Maracaibo126
Radio MaranathaFrenchFull Service16Cotonou35
Radio Melodia 99.3 FMSpanishFull Service16La Paz80
Radio Mesologgiou 92 FMGreekFull Service32Mesologgi2
Radio MiresGreekFull Service128Heraklion3
Radio MostarSerbianFull Service28Mostar38
Radio Mundo Melhor 850 AMPortugueseFull Service19Governador Valadares13
Radio Neandertal 97.6 FMGermanFull Service96Mettmann8
Radio Niki 96.4 FMGreekFull Service22Filiatra1
Radio Oberhausen 106.2 FMGermanFull Service80Oberhausen12
Radio Olanchito 92.9 FMSpanishFull Service48Olanchito70
Radio Perla 1590 AMSpanishFull Service48Perla de Ulua35
Radio PrimaveraGermanFull Service96Aschaffenburg9
Radio Punto 90.5 FMSpanishFull Service32Guatemala City84
Radio RacykaBelorusian (Byelorussian)Full Service32Minsk18
Radio Real 1310 AMSpanishFull Service32La Vega41
Radio RespublikaAzeriFull Service36Baku51
Radio Rheinwelle 92.5 FMGermanFull Service40Wiesbaden7
Radio RoksRussianFull Service24Minsk0
Radio RSG 94.3 FMGermanFull Service56Solingen4
Radio Rur 92.7 FMGermanFull Service56Koln79
Radio Santorini 106.4 FMGreekFull Service32Santorini9
Radio SauerlandGermanFull Service96Meschede8
Radio Sawa Levant 98.1 FMArabicFull Service20Amman166
Radio Sociedade 1170 AMPortugueseFull Service24Oliveira23
Radio Station BelarusMultilanguageFull Service32Minsk12
Radio Tricolor 990 AMSpanishFull Service16Barquisimeto104
Radio Venezuela 790 AMSpanishFull Service20Caracas88
Radio Venezuela Barinas 880 AMSpanishFull Service16Barinas73
Radio Venezuela Bol?var 1010 AMSpanishFull Service16Ciudad Bolivar53
Radio Venezuela Guayana 880 AMSpanishFull Service16Puerto Ordaz41
Radio Venezuela Llanera 960 AMSpanishFull Service16Acarigua113
Radio Venezuela Universal 1080 AMSpanishFull Service16Maracay54
Radio Venezuela Valencia 1220 AMSpanishFull Service16Valencia75
Radio VilafrancaCatalanFull Service128Vilafranca22
Radyonne 90.5 FMFrenchFull Service128Auxerre4
RBC del Este 1210 AMSpanishFull Service32Piriapolis21
RCF AubeFrenchFull Service24Webcast3
RCF AudeFrenchFull Service32Webcast4
RCF Charente MaritimeFrenchFull Service32Webcast7
RCF CorsicaFrenchFull Service32Webcast5
RCF Cote d AzurFrenchFull Service32Cote d Azur9
RCF Cotes d Armor 100.6 FMFrenchFull Service32Cotes d Armor5
RCF DromeFrenchFull Service64Webcast2
RCF Email LimousinFrenchFull Service64Limousin1
RCF Haute AlpesFrenchFull Service64Haute Alpes3
RCF Haute SavoieFrenchFull Service64Haute Savoie5
RCF Jerico NancyFrenchFull Service64Jerico3
RCF JuraFrenchFull Service64Jura2
RCF Le PuyFrenchFull Service64Le Puy2
RCF LiegeFrenchFull Service64Liege6
RCF LyonFrenchFull Service64Lyon11
RCF MediterraneeFrenchFull Service64Webcast8
RCF Nord Pas de CalaisFrenchFull Service64Calais2
RCF OrleansFrenchFull Service64Orleans3
RCF ParaboleFrenchFull Service64Dijon7
RCF Pays TarnaisFrenchFull Service64Tarnais0
RCF Rivages 89 FMFrenchFull Service64Brest4
RCF VivaraisFrenchFull Service64Vivarais4
ROC 97.6 FMFrenchFull Service20Lille3
RQ 910 AMSpanishFull Service32Caracas35
RTBF La PremiereFrenchFull Service128Brussels31
RTBF VivaCite ArlonFrenchFull Service24Arlon4
RTBF VivaCite BruxellesFrenchFull Service24Brussels14
RTBF VivaCite CharleroiFrenchFull Service24Charleroi8
RTBF VivaCite LiegeFrenchFull Service24Liege8
RTBF VivaCite NamurFrenchFull Service24Namur7
RTBF VivaCite VerviersFrenchFull Service24Verviers4
Russkoe RadioRussianFull Service32Moscow258
Sky 99.7 FMGreekFull Service32Ptolomaeda6
Sonorama FMSpanishFull Service32Quito126
South East RadioEnglishFull Service32Wexford16
SR 1 EuropawelleGermanFull Service48Saarbrucken14
SR 3 SaarlandwelleGermanFull Service48Saarbrucken16
Studio 98 FMGreekFull Service32Rethymno3
Super 100.8 FMGreekFull Service48Kos2
SWR 1 Baden-WurttembergGermanFull Service48Baden65
SWR 1 Rheinland-PfalzGermanFull Service48Rheinland23
SWR 2GermanFull Service40Webcast13
SWR 4 Baden-WurttembergGermanFull Service48Baden21
SWR 4 Rheinland-PfalzGermanFull Service48Rheinland24
Today 100 - 102 FMEnglishFull Service32Cork City12
VBRODutchFull Service128Brugge2
VOG Voice of Grenada 88.9 FMEnglishFull Service56Saint George's22
WCLM 1450 FMEnglishFull Service32VA, Richmond1
WDR 1GermanFull Service64Webcast22
WDR 1 DigiGermanFull Service64Webcast10
WDR Funkhouse EuropaGermanFull Service64Webcast14
WIZN 106.7 FMEnglishFull Service32VT, Burlington1
WKM 91.5 FMSpanishFull Service20Oruro17
WLR 95.1 FMEnglishFull Service20Waterford City9
XECT Morena 1190 AMSpanishFull Service23Monterrey50

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