Radio Station lineup by channel type: Folklore

Folklore radio stations covers the music, customs, and traditions of a particular ethnic or cultural group in many countries. These shared cultural beliefs bind a culture together, offering a sense of kinship and belonging. The free streaming broadcasts on WorldTVRadio Tuner online makes your computer a window into the traditions of many nations. See life through the eyes of an Arab studying the Koran in Algeria or experience the rhythm of Russian Folk songs, all without leaving your home. If there is a particular folk story or folk music you want to record, then the Standalone edition will let you pause the program and burn a copy. WorldTVRadio Tuner provides listeners with rich and in depth programs related to Russian, Arabic, Tamil, Czech, Albanian, Spanish, Persian, Armenian, Portuguese, Papiamento, Pashto, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Hindi, Algerian, Bosnian, German, Macedonian, Slovenian, Thai, Hebrew, Malay, and Irish folklore. Many of these programs are webcasts in native languages, including 101 Russian Songs in Russian, Aahaa Radio 91.9 FM in Tamil, ABRadio Radio Folk in Czech, Bang Banda in Spanish, Cotonete Brasileira in Portuguese, Mellesleg FM Magyar Mulatos in Hungarian, Nederlands Trots Radio in Dutch, Nimbooda Radio in Hindu, and Radio Musicana Classic Arabic Channel in Arabic. Others are broadcast directly from the radio stations of major cities.

For example, Arabic speakers can listen to Folklore programs from Kuwait city, Albanian speakers from Tirana, Persian speakers from Kabul, and Greek speakers from Athens. WorldTVTuner offers many stations broadcasting Folklore programming either directly from national radio stations or from webcasts. Whatever your interest in Folklore, youíre likely to find it on this unique internet streaming service. Try it for free today. Simply click a station and press the ìlaunchî button for a wide variety of Folklore stations.

Folklore stations on worldtvradio lineup::

Radio stations currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name CountryLanguageSpeedCityVisits
Internet radio currently available through worldtvradio
101 Russian SongsRussianFolklore32Webcast333
87.9 FMArabicFolklore20Kuwait City1
Aahaa Radio 91.9 FMTamilFolklore128Webcast761
ABRadio Radio FolkCzechFolklore64Webcast53
Al Arabiya 98.9 FMArabicFolklore64Dubai401
Al KhaleejiyaArabicFolklore64Dubai176
AlbaChat RadioAlbanianFolklore24Tirana1
AM 1170 La Radio de mi PaisSpanishFolklore24Hurlingham0
AM 970 Radio GenesisSpanishFolklore20Buenos Aires80
Arman Radio 98.1 FMPersianFolklore232Kabul430
Armenian RabisArmenianFolklore24Yerevan72
Awaaz 104.4 FMArabicFolklore20Dubai135
AYP 99.5 FM Radio Armenienne de ParisArmenianFolklore20Paris54
Bang BandaSpanishFolklore24Webcast4
Bang Bang RancheritaSpanishFolklore24Webcast1
Batanga CumbiaSpanishFolklore24US, Webcast94
Batanga FlamencoSpanishFolklore24US, Webcast70
Batanga MariachiSpanishFolklore24US, Webcast83
Batanga TexicanSpanishFolklore24US, Webcast15
Cotonete BrasileiraPortugueseFolklore96Webcast58
Creta Planet RadioGreekFolklore32Webcast27
Crioyo 3 CrioyoPapiamentuFolklore32Oranjestad31
Cybc1 - Proto ProgrammaGreekFolklore16Nicosia29
De Pashto RadioPashtoFolklore128Webcast122
DR Radio FolkDanishFolklore32Copenhagen19
Elliniko ParadosiakoGreekFolklore65Webcast33
Emision Digital FlamencoSpanishFolklore128Webcast108
ERA 2 1386 AMGreekFolklore17Athens22
ERT 3 102 FMGreekFolklore20Thessaloniki14
FM 107.5 Radiocentro NorteSpanishFolklore22Buenos Aires38
FM 90.1 FM NoventaSpanishFolklore16Buenos Aires1
Folk Radio NazdraveBulgarianFolklore64Sofia62
Formula MexicanaSpanishFolklore24Webcast234
Fun RadioGermanFolklore128Koln60
Hairenik RadioArmenianFolklore56Yerevan36
Kiwi 93.8 FMEnglishFolklore32Auckland15
KPOA Island Sounds 93.5 FMEnglishFolklore32HI, Kahului37
Kriti 87.5 FMGreekFolklore32Athens17
Kritikos 88.7 FMGreekFolklore32Heraklion12
La Voz de la Raza 1200 AMSpanishFolklore20Bogota182
Lampsi 92.3 FMGreekFolklore32Athens12
Live Ireland Radio 1EnglishFolklore56Dublin55
LRJ 343 FM 99.5 Radio Cruz del EjeSpanishFolklore20Cruz del eje15
LRJ 889 FM 102.9 Estacion del RioSpanishFolklore20Cordoba15
Mega Creta 103.1 FMGreekFolklore32Heraklion16
Mellesleg FM Magyar MulatosHungarianFolklore192Webcast74
Metro 90.3 FMGreekFolklore22Esterea Ellada1
Mousiko Kanali 101.3 FMGreekFolklore64Rethymno16
NativeRadioEnglishFolklore128US, Webcast57
Nederlands Trots RadioDutchFolklore96Webcast1
Nimbooda RadioHindiFolklore192Webcast391
Notas del LlanoSpanishFolklore32Webcast2
NRK Alltid FolkemusikkNorwegianFolklore51Oslo23
NRK Alltid NyheterNorwegianFolklore51Oslo4
Polskie Radio JedynkaPolishFolklore16Warsaw740
Publiradio 99.2 FMItalianFolklore20Taranto29
Radio AbeokutaEnglishFolklore24Lagos0
Radio AFGPashtoFolklore24Kabul199
Radio Algerie Chaine 1AlgerianFolklore20Algiers915
Radio Algerie Chaine 2AlgerianFolklore20Algiers1042
Radio Antena Sur 90.3 FMSpanishFolklore48Huancayo122
Radio Ariana 95.3 FMPashtoFolklore24Kabul167
Radio AtdheuAlbanianFolklore24Tirana208
Radio BN 91.6 FMBosnianFolklore64Doboj1
Radio BotequinPortugueseFolklore20Webcast0
Radio CobraDutchFolklore128Webcast9
Radio DardaniaAlbanianFolklore24Tirana0
Radio Delta FMArabicFolklore21Beirut159
Radio DRS MusigwalleGermanFolklore48Zurich91
Radio Elite 92.7 FMPortugueseFolklore32Pato Branco29
Radio Emme 106.0 FMGermanFolklore64Langnau9
Radio Eviva 95.2 FMGermanFolklore64Zurich21
Radio Faros 91.8 FMGreekFolklore32Chania21
Radio FM BoliviaSpanishFolklore24Webcast89
Radio ImpulsCzechFolklore32Celoplosne Vysilani24
Radio Inter MakMacedonianFolklore48Skopje0
Radio Kardama 102 FMGreekFolklore32Kardamas0
Radio Kriti 101.5 FMGreekFolklore20Heraklio30
Radio Lijepa NasaCroatianFolklore64Lijepa Nasa71
Radio Mosaique 94.9 FMFrenchFolklore16Tunis673
Radio Musicana Alternative ChannelArabicFolklore64Webcast185
Radio Musicana Classic Arabic ChannelArabicFolklore24Webcast231
Radio Nacional de Chile 1640 AMSpanishFolklore128Santiago6
Radio Odisseia 104.9 FMPortugueseFolklore32Serafina Correa31
Radio OdmevSlovenianFolklore80Cerkno7
Radio Planalto 105.9 FMPortugueseFolklore32Passo Fundo21
Radio Pontos 100.7 FMGreekFolklore22Alexandroupoli16
Radio San Borja 91.1 FMSpanishFolklore24Lima149
Radio Santafe 1070 AMSpanishFolklore32Bogota200
Radio Sfera 102.2 FMGreekFolklore32Athens107
Radio Soleil D'HaitiEnglishFolklore20NY, New York136
Radio Teen TaalHindiFolklore128Webcast319
Radio Thailand LoeiThaiFolklore16Bangkok27
Radio Thailand NBLThaiFolklore24Bangkok21
Radio Uno 1340 AMSpanishFolklore24Bogota300
Radio Vaselina 99.1 FMBulgarianFolklore56Sofia3
Radio YasooHebrewFolklore48Tel Aviv45
Radiom Palmwine Igbo ChannelEnglishFolklore24Lagos0
Radiom Palmwine RPW Mixed ChannelEnglishFolklore24Lagos0
Radiom Palmwine RPW Yoruba ChannelEnglishFolklore24Lagos0
Radyo AymegaTurkishFolklore24Aydin42
Rana FMPashtoFolklore128Kabul135
Rangkaian Nasional 92.3 FMMalayFolklore128Bandar Seri Begawan20
Revolucion 96.7 FMSpanishFolklore128Puerto Cabello85
RTE Raidio na GaeltachtaIrishFolklore32Dublin29
Sawt El Ghad 96.7 FMArabicFolklore32Beirut187
Sawt El MousikaArabicFolklore20Beirut233
Soma FM Boot LiquorEnglishFolklore128US, Webcast18
Studio 5 89.7 FMGreekFolklore32Thessaloniki0
Studio 7 99.7 FMGreekFolklore32Macedonia4
Studio A 102.4 FMGreekFolklore32Chania3
TeluguOne RadioHindiFolklore32Webcast159
TeluguOne Radio AustraliaHindiFolklore56Webcast82
TeluguOne Radio GMTHindiFolklore56Webcast109
TeluguOne Radio USA-EasternHindiFolklore32Webcast145
TeluguOne Radio USA-PacificHindiFolklore56Webcast139
Top Iliria RadioAlbanianFolklore64Tirana119
Tunisian National RadioArabicFolklore16Tunis202
WDYN Independent RadioEnglishFolklore32NY, Rochester25
Web Radio Bra FMPortugueseFolklore64Webcast26
Web Radio Numa BoaPortugueseFolklore24Webcast0
Web Radio Som SertanejoPortugueseFolklore40Webcast1
WHAL Tejano HD2SpanishFolklore32TN, Memphis12
XECJU La Explosiva 590 AMSpanishFolklore24Puerto Vallarta59
XEDKT Radio Ranchito 1340 AMSpanishFolklore32Guadalajara138
XEDSL Radio La FormidableSpanishFolklore20CA, Los Angeles21
XEDU La Que le Gusta a Usted 860 AMSpanishFolklore32Durango61
XEGNK Mariachi Stereo 1370 AMSpanishFolklore20Nuevo Laredo94
XEGYS Superbanda 1170 AMSpanishFolklore32Caborca64
XEKOK La Poderosa 750 AMSpanishFolklore12Acapulco98
XEMU LA Rancherita del Aire 580 AMSpanishFolklore8Piedras Negras97
XEQVR La Nena 770 AMSpanishFolklore16Veracruz38
XERPA Radio Ranchito 1240 AMSpanishFolklore16Morelia82
XERRR La Invasora 1270 AMSpanishFolklore48Poza Rica66
XESA La Mexicana 1260 AMSpanishFolklore24Culiacan66
XESDD La Tremenda 1030 AMSpanishFolklore48Tijuana46
XEWE WE La Estacion Familiar 1420 AMSpanishFolklore32Irapuato35
XEXXX Fiesta Mexicana 840 AMSpanishFolklore24Tamazula192
XEZB Radio Oro La Tremenda 1120 AMSpanishFolklore24Oaxaca0
XHANV Fiesta Mexicana 90.9 FMSpanishFolklore24Autlan de Navarro71
XHBIO Fiesta Mexicana 92.3 FMSpanishFolklore24Guadalajara63
XHCU La Tremenda 104.5 FMSpanishFolklore22Cuernavaca52
XHDGO La super Grupera 103.7 FMSpanishFolklore64Durango135
XHECO Ke Buena 90.5 FMSpanishFolklore32Tecoman216
XHOO Fiesta Mexicana 102.3 FMSpanishFolklore32Leon Gto77
XHOT La Maquina 97.7 FMSpanishFolklore32Xalapa69
XHPA Stereo Mexicana 93.7 FMSpanishFolklore20Acapulco58
XHRPL LA Poderosa 93.9 FMSpanishFolklore24Leon Gto70
XHTIM La Mejor 97.7 FMSpanishFolklore11Tijuana110
XHVJS Ke Buena 103.3 FMSpanishFolklore16Ciudad Obregon162
Yerevan Nights RadioArmenianFolklore96Yerevan40

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